Fare Thee Well: Joan Baez

Joan Baez is 76 today. I remember buying my first Joan Baez album when I was in the eight grade. It was simply called Joan Baez. That was more than enough for me.

All the songs on that album were traditional, and she sang them with a purity of sound which has always been Joan Baez. She was accompanied only by her guitar. I played that album over and over. I still remember the words to all the songs.

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8 Comments on “Fare Thee Well: Joan Baez”

  1. Hedley Says:

    Strange as it may seem, given the mountains of vinyl and CDs, I have never owned a Joan Baez album. Nor have I seen her in concert. I guess my Bob-o-phile tendencies stopped right there.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I don’t think that strange at all. Your tastes are varied, but I’m thinking not that many folk singers, except, of course, for Bob!

  2. sprite Says:

    Whenever I see you’ve posted only a single artist, I quickly Google them to see if it’s their birthday or if they’re dead. So glad it’s the former this time!

  3. Birgit Says:

    77 today. Whatever. Young at heart! I saw her 75th New York birthday concert just a few days ago on TV.
    Happy Birthday, Joan Baez!

    My mother had the Blessed Are album and I got hooked on her music when I saw some live songs on TV, luckily I recorded it. Mid 1970’s, I was born too late. Meanwhile I saw her several times and have most of her records, she opened my world to the beautiful American folk music which became my musical home though some other music was added in the course of time. It’s probably Joan Baez’ fault that I became a leftish politically engaged long-haired hippie 😉

    I’m late, Guitar Open Stage next town was today, friends played and sang. I gave up playing guitar years ago, my classical guitar teacher retired and the folk/blues group broke up, a matter of time.

    • katry Says:

      I almost posted Forever Young but went with Fare Thee Well instead. 77, I am floored.

      The why escapes me, but I got into folk music when I was young. I tend to think it was Peter, Paul and Mary. I know I loved Dylan from the beginning. It was through PP&M’s music that I started to listen to earlier groups like The Weavers. That first Baez album got me hooked on traditional music.

      When I was in Ghana, I had cassettes with me including Joni, PP&M and CSN&Y. They were the best things I brought.

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