“Music replays the past memories, awaken our forgotten worlds and make our minds travel.”

The deep freeze continues. It is 16˚ and snowy weather is predicted. The sky is grayish white, and the air is still. I have to go out later for the one thing I didn’t know I needed the other day when I shopped, toilet paper, an item as essential as food and water.

My car needed only the oil change. Everything else checked out just fine though I was told to keep an eye on my tires.

In Ghana this time of year I loved the weather. Today in Bolgatanga it was 88˚ but tonight it will be only 68˚, and that’s the way it will continue for the rest of the week, even getting as low as 63˚ at night. That’s one thing I didn’t expect in Ghana, cold weather. I had no clothes to keep me warm. My students every morning were dressed in sweaters on sweaters and layers after layers. I had bare arms and sock-less feet, but I had steaming coffee in a huge mug to get me started, and the mornings warmed quickly.

I watched a movie today which partly took place in Jordan. One scene was of the city of Amman in the early morning light of dawn, and the only sound is the call to prayer. I stayed right near a mosque during my Peace Corps live-in, a three week stay with a family. I was in a town called Bawku which is heavily Moslem. A small mosque was on the street below my room. The pre-dawn call to prayer was live, not recorded. I heard it every morning and still remember so well the beauty of that song. The single voice was clear and powerful. It became familiar. I’d lie there listening then at the end of the song I’d fall back to sleep.

In Marrakesh I also heard the songs to prayers every day coming from a mosque not that far from my riad and also from the Koutoubia Mosque, the largest one in the city which towers over everything. Its minaret is sort of a landmark for the city. I was usually out walking around when I’d hear the afternoon calls. The voice was recorded, but it sounded over everything else and was rhythmic and lovely.

I know smells become familiar and trigger memories. The aroma of burning wood   always brings me back to Ghana, especially the mornings, when breakfast was being cooked over the fire. When I was in Morocco and heard the songs to prayer, I was reminded of Ghana, and that small mosque and the beauty of the single voice singing. It seems sounds too carry memories.

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4 Comments on ““Music replays the past memories, awaken our forgotten worlds and make our minds travel.””

  1. flyboybob Says:

    Right now the sky is cloudy with a little drizzle but the temperature is in the mid 40s. Tomorrow morning the high will be 40 degrees in the morning and then the Arctic front arrives and the temperature will drop all day.

    One time I was in the Dubai airport waiting on a flight on Emirates Airlines to London. The terminal building was crowded with travelers from all over the world as Dubai is Emirates’ hub. The terminal building is about a mile in length with the gates on either side of a long duty free shopping mall. There are short walkways between the mall every couple of gates. I was sitting in one of the walkways across from the prayer room. There are numerous prayer rooms in the terminal and in the hotels in Dubai. Suddenly, the call to the afternoon prayer came over the loud speakers. I turned my attention to see how many of the travelers, especially the ones dressed in the typical Saudi garb of headdresses and robes would enter the prayer room. Not one person entered the prayer room. Then, I remembered that Muslims have a special dispensation in the Koran that frees them from the requirement to pray when they are duty free shopping. 🙂

    I say good riddance to 2017. I’m hoping for a better 2018 but I’m not holding my breath. The only way that the Republicans and 45 can prevent a huge budget deficit from the reduction in revenue from the tax law passed this month is to attack ‘entitlement’ programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security itself. Somehow they will disguise this heartless and terrible attack under the ruse of putting the long term financial basis of these programs under better financial footing. Look out seniors and those who are disabled because your congressman and senators are going to shove the big pink one up your orifice where the sun doesn’t shine and you won’t even get kissed. The outcome of elections have consequences and the results of 2016 are just now being felt.

    • katry Says:

      The sky hasn’t changed and the snow has yet to start. I have to get dressed and on the way to finish my errands. I din’t want the snow to start before I go.

      I saw Moslems praying everywhere. When I was traveling to Bawku one time, the lorry stopped for prayers as most men carried their prayer rugs when traveling. They’d wash their hands and feet then pray. In Bolga last trip people just prayed on the sidewalks even though the mosque was across the street. They didn’t need a prayer room or a mosque to pray. I found the Moslems to be devout.

      I too dread the next year and the republican agenda, but Trump’s base seems to buy everything, all the excuses and the rhetoric. They go along with just about everything. Sadly they won’t wake up until they are personally and financially hurt and then it is too late.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Only 68 🙂 That was what we had during the day most of last summer 🙂 🙂 In May however it was much warmer, well over 80 for a couple of weeks but May is counted as a spring month here 🙂 Then I finally bought a fan and the cold weather arrived 🙂 🙂

    It has snowed quite a lot here today but it is above 32 so it might actually melt away already before tomorrow morning.

    Especially smells can bring back memories for me, things I might not have been thinking of for decades 🙂 It’s fun how the mind works sometimes 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      We also had a cool summer except for one week in August which was an official heatwave. May is always cold here on the cape. Warm up isn’t until late June.

      Nothing melting here. It is too cold. Even the dusting from the other day is still on the ground.

      The powers that be do say smell is the strongest trigger of memories, and I agree.

      Have a wonderful evening!

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