“It is a great Nostrum the composition of this Pasty,”Christmas Pye”; it is a most learned Mixture of Neats-tongues, Chickens, Eggs, Sugar, Raisins, Lemon and Orange Peel, various kinds of Spicery, etc.”

Today is yesterday without the small breeze. The clouds are white grey. No rain is expected but the air is damp. It will be in the mid-40’s most of the day. I’ll be watching the Patriots play starting at one.

This morning was the same as most mornings. Maddie and Gracie now with full bellies are back to snoozing. I woke up too late to read both newspapers, but that’s okay as I’ll read the rest tonight. I held my breath, as I usually do, when I turned on MSNBC. I’m always afraid of what I might hear and especially afraid about any news from the White House. I’m beginning to think I’m being masochistic. Nothing I read or watch gives me hope, but there is still a piece of me that won’t give up.

I  woke up around 2 because my back was killing me. It was Gracie’s fault. She had moved from the other end of the couch to my end and was leaning against me with her head resting on my legs which were bent to accommodate her. She was so asleep she didn’t stir when I moved her. I stretched my legs and got comfy. My back was none the worse for wear this morning.

My house is cluttered. Boxes and bags of papers and magazines are in the living room until I can move them to the trunk. My clean clothes haven’t yet made it upstairs, but I’m determined to move them today. The vacuum is still leaning against the couch. I’ll use it during commercials then put it back downstairs to gather dust of its own. A few dishes are on the dish towel on the counter and are probably dry so I’ll put them back into the cabinet. I will then be decluttered.

I did watch Hallmark last night though I toyed with watching Krampus, but my good mood countered my dour mood. I watched the vet fall in love with the doctor after they had known each other just a few days, but that’s the magic of Hallmark. I know the movies are schmaltzy, but I don’t care. Those movies drown out politics and help me forget what’s going on so I get to hold on as tightly as possible to Christmas and all the joy it brings, compliments of Hallmark.

I’ve been watching Christmas cooking shows; however, I doubt I’ll make many of the dishes. On The Kitchen they made shaved Brussels sprout salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and pecans. What?

Christmas dinner has never been as traditional as Thanksgiving. My mother alternated roasts like crowned pork roast, crowned beef or honeyed ham. We always had some sort of potato but not usually mashed. My favorite was roasted potatoes. The vegetables included creamed onions so my Dad wouldn’t complain and root vegetables like turnip. The table was always lovely. My mother used her Spode dishes, and her red or green tablecloth and napkins. There was always a centerpiece of flowers. We lingered at the table. I’d usually clear, put the coffee on and start washing pans and such. When I finally sat, I’d grab a cookie or two or maybe even three to eat with my coffee.

I think if you visited any of our houses on Christmas you’d see Christmas dishes, flowers and holiday tablecloths. My mother lives in all of us.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    We did actually get some sunshine for a few hours today and the sky is still clear so the night will be cold, the temperature is already dropping.

    It’s days like these I wish I had more channels to watch on my tv, they showed skiing of all kinds on most channels all day here and after that they continued with handball. I was thinking of watching a dvd but couldn’t decide what to watch 🙂

    Christmas dinner is very traditional over here, even in my family even if my mother really didn’t know how to cook. It is hard to fail with the christmas ham though, just check the thermometer every now and again and it’ll be fine 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It is still an ugly day, a chilly, damp ugly day.

      Luckily I have thousands of stations, okay an exaggeration, but I really do have lots of stations, but still, I sometimes find nothing I want to watch.

      My favorite would be the rib roast. It is even pretty to look at let alone delicious to eat. I put a stuffing in the well to add to the roast. I do like the spiral ham, but I usually have dinner with my friends, and they don’t like ham. ‘

      Have a great evening!

  2. Hedley Says:

    Kat, here is a lovely early Christmas present for you and the KTCC gang


    Neil Young has opened his music files to everyone until June of next year and you can easily navigate to listen to all and every Neil tune. a couple of minutes to register, no silly info or credit card stuff and ol’ Neil gives you a tutorial

    My My Hey Hey

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Thank you for this wonderful gift and thanks to Neil Young as well. Given his body of work, Neil Young could easily have made big bucks. I wish there were more artists of his ilk.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Christmas was usually turkey in my house though sometimes it was ham. It wasn’t other kinds of roasts until much later when I had a job and could pay for it. There weren’t Christmas dishes until much later, either. They were Lenox with the holly sprigs. I had them until fairly recently when I gave them to someone who could use service for 12.

    Shaved brussels sprouts with pomegranate vinaigrette and pecans. Hmm. Maybe if you roasted the brussels sprouts first and toasted the pecans and put the vinaigrette over them while they were still warm. Maybe.

    Piki Dog is still not well. He wasn’t eating or drinking. I did get some water into him mainly by sticking a spoonful of it between his teeth. Around noon he decided that my roast pork would be an acceptable bland diet. At this point, if he wants to eat it, I’ll let him eat some of it. He seemed to perk up a bit after the roast pork and was a bit less wobbly. I hope he is on the mend.

    My dirty laundry is still at the bottom of the cellar stairs and now there is another laundry bag almost full. Oh well.

    The weather was cloudy and damp up here. Same as yours.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      When I was young, we also had turkey at Christmas. It wasn’t until we were older that my Mother branched out to other roasts. I was in the Peace Corps when my father switched jobs and began to make money.

      My mother started collecting the Spode and we gave her some every year to add to her dishes. My sister has the dishes now and has also added pieces.

      Nothing about those Brussels sprouts is appealing to me.

      I’m sorry about Piki Dog. Gracie was like that month or so back, and we ended up at the emergency vet four nights in a row. They gave her an IV as she was dehydrated. Her own vet was horrified at how much weight Gracie had lost. It took a while but Gracie was soon able to go beyond the chicken and rice. She now eats like pig, far more than she did before she got sick so Piki Dog should be fine shortly. It takes a while for meds to be flushed from the dog’s system.

      My laundry is leaning against the cellar door where I’m sure it will sit for a while if history is any indication.

      Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. Bob Says:

    I just finished watching a 50 year retrospective of the TV show 60 Minutes. I remembered the show’s first opening in 1968 and way too many of the stories over the years.

    In our house we celebrated the first night of Chanukah with a big meal featuring braised brisket and potato pancakes, called Latkas in Yiddish. Eating deep fried food is supposed to remind us of the miracle of the small quantity of oil that lasted eight days in the re dedication of the temple in Jerusalem. I’m not a fan of Latkas which is traditional Chanukah food for European Jews. My father prided himself on his Latkas but I didn’t like them. Our middle eastern counterparts from the Ottoman Empire ate jelly donuts called sufganiyah in Hebrew. I’m a big fan of sufganiyah. After lighting the menorah we kids got chocolate coins covered in foil to gamble with while playing a traditional top game with a dreidle. The gifts came after lighting the candles. We would repeat the same ritual, with less fancy food, for eight nights and receive one present each night.

    I’m watching the 50 year anniversary of the Carol Burnett show.

    Today was repeat of yesterday with the cold weather coming tomorrow night.

    • katry Says:

      I didn’t watch it, but I also remember many of the stories. It is amazing the number of correspondents over the years.

      I love Latkes and make them for myself every now and then. I also love brisket. This is the first time I have ever heard of sufganiyah. I looked up some recipes and they seem easy to make and delicious to eat. I have a dreidel, and my friends and I looked up how to use it. I supplied the chocolate coins.

      I think it fun to look forward to a different gift every evening. I remember being overwhelmed by the gifts under the tree. We went from one to another so quickly we didn’t see them all.

      I’m also watching Carol Burnett. I never missed her show when it was on.

      • Bob Says:

        There’s a difference between a diaspora dreidle and an Israelie one. The Hebrew letters on a diaspora dreidle stand for the words, a great miracle happened there. And, the letters on an Israelie dreidle stand for a great miracle happened here.

        My parents always gave us the small presents one each night and the big present on the last night. My wife is a soft touch and our kids got the big present on the first night. You, on the other hand got them all at once and could easily miss a small gem of a gift.

      • katry Says:

        I think my is an Israeli one. I looked up the the meaning of each aside of the dreidel.

        I is true I missed one or two, but my mother was famous for finding a gift she had forgotten to put under the tree and she’d sneak it under and prompt us to look and then act surprised.

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