“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

The sky is cloudy, gray. A small breeze just about ruffles a leaf or two, brown ones left on the branches. It is a bit colder than yesterday but not so bad that I’d need to bundle going out. I have a list of errands, but I haven’t ventured beyond the yard for the last few days. I’m either becoming a hermit or I’m practicing for hibernation.

I actually vacuumed the kitchen yesterday and hope to do the rest of downstairs today. I can’t even remember the last time I vacuumed. I do some spot cleaning between visits from my cleaning couple, things like using my sweatshirt cuff to dust and a wet paper towel under my feet to wipe the kitchen floor, but I don’t vacuum or rather I didn’t vacuum.

I have started writing down what I want to bake for Christmas. One sister always gets fudge and date-nut bread. I add a few other cookies but those first two are more than enough for her. My sister in Colorado always wants my English toffee. I don’t make it every year, but I used to because my mother loved it. The orange cookies are on Clare’s list. They remind her in a way of her mother’s orange cake. I also usually make a new cookie each year, but I haven’t decided which one yet.

I’m Hallmarking it today. It is a perfect day to stay home and watch Christmas movies with happy endings. Last night I watched Alistair Sim find Christmas in his heart. I never tire of him as Scrooge. One of my other favorites is called Scrooge and stars Seymour Hicks. It was released in the US in 1926. It opens with Charles Dickens pacing his library and hoping for inspiration. He writes A Christmas Carol. This movie presents a graphic picture of London with its beggars and lines for food. Scrooge falls asleep with his money around him. But watching Alistair Sim is the real beginning of the Christmas season for me. Let the bells jingle and the carolers sing. It’s time to start getting ready for Christmas.

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10 Comments on ““It’s the most wonderful time of the year!””

  1. Bob Says:

    Bah Humbug. It’s a wonderful time for retailers both brick and mortar and internet. It’s a wonderful time of the year for Christmas tree dealers and ornamental lights. The airlines carry the most people during the holidays thus creating massive crowds at security checkpoints. The roads are crowded along with the mall parking lots. All,of this hoopla is to celebrate the winter solstice because Jesus was really born in the spring and not December. The minor Jewish holiday, Chaunukah celebrates a military victory over the Assyrian Greeks that saved Judaism to allow Jesus to be born Jewish a few hundred years later under Roman rule. Christianity began as a reformation of Judaism and was changed by Paul after the death of Jesus into a melding of monotheism with paganism that Romans Could buy. Removing the requirement for adult circumcision from Jewish practice certainly helped spread the new religion before anesthetics. 🙂

    On the other hand it’s a time to celebrate that the light always follows the darkness. Lighting candles and other lights helps us get through the longest night of the year. The season helps renew relations between family members and between friends and acquaintances. Hoping for peace on earth and good will between all mankind is something we express during this time but never seem to achieve. Our current administration exemplifies that prejudice, hatefulness and conflict always win. Without the holiday season January would not seem so dreary as compared to December.

    The cold front will arrive Sunday night bringing us a taste of winter. Until then it’s partly cloudy skies with a high temperature around eighty degrees.

    • katry Says:

      I’m sorry you have such a horrible view of Christmas. I haven’t ever looked at it with same jaundiced eyes you have. I’d hope the stores make money as this is the time of year on which they count on for profit. I’m thinking whether it was the spring or winter doesn’t really matter. It is the birth which matters to Christians all over the world.

      I love your second paragraph. My Christmas is filled with traditions many of which came from my mother and her mother. I have started some as well which are now celebrated with a second generation, my grand niece and nephews. Their parents carry on the piñata on Christmas Eve, the new pajamas, started by my mother and continued by me and passed on to my niece and nephews, and the gingerbread houses I started when my 39 year old nephew was 3. Now his kids and my niece’s kids get one from me to put together and decorate. My tree has ornaments my mother sent which had been on her trees when we were young. So much good is wrapped by Christmas.

      It is still cloudy and there is a damp chill now. I’m glad to be warm and cozy inside my house.

  2. olof1 Says:

    It started rather nice here with frost and almost sunshine. The sun had some problems reaching above the clouds around the mountain but it did look as if it would for a few minutes until the clouds won for the day.

    Nothing much christmassy here on tv and I guess it won’t start properly until a few days before christmas. One radio station start their annual month with only christmas music so I’ll be listening to that channel to and from work every day 🙂

    I doubt that I’ll bake anything, I think I’ll buy a few cookies instead since it’s only me eating them here.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The clouds won the day here as well. It is colder than it was this morning. I’ll need a jacket when I sit outside waiting for Gracie.

      Three stations have started Christmas music on the radio, and I listen and sing along. I don’t mind it coming so early as we don’t have all that much time to enjoy it.

      I give away cookies so I make them ( I also save some for myself!). When my parents were alive, I made so much more as my dad loved his sweets and company dropped by during the season. 3 usual items are on my list. but I’m not done yet.

      Have a great evening!

  3. The early film version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ that featured Alistair Sim is the one true version of the tale, insofar as this humble viewer is concerned. The Ghost Of Christmas Future sequence, with its lone leafless tree on a barren landscape enshrouded by fog, was as scary as any horror film when I watched at a very young age.

    Nice to hear about your run-up to Christmas on the Cape, a place to which I hope to return one day. I’ve lived in California for a 1/4 century by this point, and the season still doesn’t seem authentic out here.

    • katry Says:

      I totally agree about Alistair Sim’s A Christmas Carol being the best. I watch it every year, sometimes twice.

      During the future sequence, that landscape you mentioned helps Scrooge transform. He becomes a man who feels sorrow and pain, a man who seeks redemption and, best of all, a man who chooses joy and generosity. That’s my favorite part of the whole movie.

  4. Hedley Says:

    I am waiting for the Michael Buble Christmas special.

    Today brings the first weekend of Advent and we celebrate, Gaudete Sunday is ahead, I have my little book of seasonal readings and the joy of the season is upon us.

    I am smitten by “Godless” on Netflix, I am avoiding a binge although it is a temptation. Is it the best thing I have seen this year ? Better even than The Night Manager ? Maybe

    Services are at 5:30 tonight, we will swing though Oakland University to pick up Thomas. It’s Advent.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I am watching Christmas cooking shows hoping for some inspiration as this is my year for Christmas dinner. I have done nothing yet to decorate the outside or the inside of the house so today is my last day of slothness, to coin a word.

      I have binged a few times but the moss grew over my shoes so I stopped. The problem is that I really do want to watch all of them and the temptation is too great.

      My former high school (graduate of and principal of) won their Super Bowl today 37-7. It had to be exciting as Bob Kraft donated Gillette Field for all the high school games.

      I have nothing planned for this evening!

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Alistair Sim is definitely the benchmark performance for Scrooge. It’s my favorite version even though they left out the line about Merry Christmas sayers being staked through the heart with a holly sprig. 😀

    Piki Dog sprained his knee. We saw the vet Wednesday night and he gave Piki a shot of painkiller and some pills to take for the next 10 days. Well by this morning he was a sorry mess. The pills did not agree with him. He threw up last night’s dinner, refused to eat anything at all and he was lurching around like a drunkard. His eyes look really loopy, too. Off to the vet again. He got a blood test and some IV fluids and no more of that painkiller. We’ll have to deal with the sprained knee later. He’s not looking loopy anymore and is eating soupy chicken and rice to soothe his upset stomach. Rocky is pleased about that because, of course, he will get some too.

    Today was damp and cold and sunless. I worked on a knitted gift and made soupy chicken and rice. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      I’m surprised that isn’t in the Sim version. I don’t think I noticed it missing as I do like that line. Imagine death by holly.

      The poor baby!! That goes for you too as you had to clean-up. It is amazing that chicken soup works for most creatures. I never heard of a sprained knee on a dog. but then I think Gracie has a cold so the poor dogs are prone to more illnesses than I realized.

      The weather was the same down here. I didn’t do much all day, and the vacuum is still standing in the living room waiting. It would be a bit ironic if the vacuum gathered dust.

      Have a great evening!

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