“Laziness is the first step towards efficiency.”

Gracie and I slept so late it was mirror to the nose time. After I finally woke up, I didn’t rush but rather took my time completing the usual morning tasks. Feeding Gracie came right after setting the coffee to brew. The papers took a while to read, and I had to do the crossword puzzles. Despite the hour being closer to lunch, I didn’t skip breakfast: toast with my second cup of coffee.

I have designated today sloth day.  I’m not even dressed. All the sales don’t even tempt to go out, but I will shop tomorrow on small business Saturday as I still need a few gifts. Last night I went through a clowder of catalogues (I choose clowder because I like the alliteration) and found a few smaller presents I’ll order on line tomorrow. My list is short. I’m getting close to the end.

Dinner yesterday was wonderful. My plate was so filled I couldn’t eat it all and had to take home a doggie bag.  There was turkey, of course, gravy, mashed and sweet potatoes, green beans, stuffing and cranberry sauce.; however, despite this groaning plate, I did find room for  dessert: creme brûlée. My logic was it is a light dessert, easily managed. I ate every bit. Now I am looking forward to tonight’s dinner: leftovers.

The restaurant was filled. The whole time we were there not a single table stayed empty for more than a couple of minutes. We sat one tier up from the windows and had a panoramic view of the ocean, close to the shore and calm with no white caps, and we watched the spectacular setting of an orange-red sun bright with light as it disappeared below the breakwater. It was a perfect ending to a lovely day with friends, dinner and leftovers.

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4 Comments on ““Laziness is the first step towards efficiency.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Although my wife threatened to go to Boston Market, instead she bought a turkey roll, a ham and prepared several side dishes. The turkey roll contains enough dark meat to satisfy my taste. We avoided the stores and went out for Chinese food at a restaurant where we were in the small minority among the other Asian customers. While we ate the chef prepared hand made noodles. He twisted and beat the dough creating the long thin strands exactly the way I watched them prepare the noodles in China. On the way home we stopped at the local Hispanic grocery store to pick up some carnitas and flour tortillas. The leftovers from yesterday will have to wait in the fridge.

    As we head toward the holidays the buying frenzy is booming. On line sales on mobile devices hit 3.5 billion according to the TV news. Amazon taking a large share of the sales along with brick and mortar store online outlets. Glad to hear that you keep shopping at small stores tomorrow because without your business they may completely disappear.

    • katry Says:

      You had quite the international day. I would have loved all those foods. The restaurant we went to was filled. I was surprised how many people go out for Thanksgiving dinner. The dinner special had plenty of everything. I had leftovers today. They were delicious.

      I noticed how many hams were on sale. Come to find out it is an alternative meat. Turkey doesn’t rule in every house. I think of ham more as an Easter meat.

      I bought stuff on line yesterday and a couple of things today. I have some shops I want to hit tomorrow. Most have unique gifts you won’t find in larger, mall type stores. Those are the presents I like to give. I like to give Edward Gorey Christmas cards. His house is in Yarmouth so I’ll check to see if it open tomorrow and has cards I haven’t used before. They are such fun.

  2. olof1 Says:

    They’ve started Black Friday sales over here too but lots of them drag it out for a whole week. I didn’t buy anything on sale but I did buy me a pair of sheep skin slippers, You know the ones with the fur still on and inside the slipper. I found them at the super market when I was there grocery shopping.

    My christmas cards have arrived and the first ones will be shipped on Monday. Long time since I was in such good time but this year it was easy to chose the motive 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      People lined up hours waiting for stores to open. I just didn’t want anything so badly that I lined up at 2 or 3.

      You can find sales here all week, but I guess the stored do give you more. They are trying to get people to stores to shop rather than on line.

      I have to buy mine, maybe this afternoon if I can get out to the Edward Gorey house.

      Have a great Saturday!!

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