“I call this season fake weather. The sun is shining but it cold like the north pole outside.”

It is 2:15, and because I’m wide-awake, I figure I can get started.

My computer is cold to the touch. My nose too is cold as the house is chilly. The setting on the thermostat automatically turns down the heat at night. I just haven’t gotten up to warm the house, but I’m getting close. Neither Maddie nor Gracie cares one whit about the chill as both are asleep. Before I go to bed, I’ll have to disturb Gracie by moving her so I can have enough room. She tends to stretch out on the couch and take far more room than is her due.

My dance card is empty until Thanksgiving. I still need to catalog the gifts I’ve gotten so far as I expect to send boxes to Colorado around the end of the first week in December which is coming closer and closer so I need to get busy cataloging. My Christmas preparations are on the move. I ordered gingerbread houses for my grandniece and grandnephews in Colorado. It is a tradition that started when my oldest nephew was 3. He is now in his thirties and is the father of two. He gets to watch them decorate. My niece’s two boys get the other house to decorate, to showcase their artistic talents, just as their mother did.

The house is warming. When my fingers started to get cold, I gave in and turned on the heat.

There is one house that at Christmas outdoes all the other houses. They have every surface, tree or bush covered with lights. There is even a TV out front which always has a Christmas movie playing. I went pass the street the other day and noticed the house is ready. I figure Thanksgiving may be the big reveal night, to use a little HGTV term.

Tonight I watched mostly Hallmark. They were actually two movies I hadn’t ever see before, and they starred two different female leads than their usual. The happy endings, however, were unchanged.

Well, I’m finally getting a bit tired. It is late, after three, or maybe it is the start of early, hard to know. I have to take the dog out one more time. I hope she’ll be quick.


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4 Comments on ““I call this season fake weather. The sun is shining but it cold like the north pole outside.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    My cottage is very chilly at the moment. Albin was barking at something (he has the most silly bark, very high pitched and he sounds like a chihuahua 🙂 🙂 ) It was the beekeepers that were walking by and they stopped to have a chat for a while. I stood there in the entrance with the door open. I have no idea for how long but now it’s really cold here. I’ve started a fire in the stove so its heat will spread all around the cottage soon enough.

    We are still rather lousy in decorating our homes with lights but we’re slowly getting there. I need new lights and plan to buy them this Friday but my closest neighbors have put up more lights than ever before (well that sounds as if their homes is covered in lights but it is mostly some lights on the garage and over some thujas 🙂 ). I doubt I’ll ever see a tv outside though 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I decided way back that I would not sit and be cold in my own house. I know people who wear layers inside to save money. If my house is cold, I turn up the heat.

      Albin is a good watchdog!

      A ride to see the lights has always been part of Christmas since I was a little kid. Now, more and more houses are decorated, some lavishly. I still love seeing the lit houses.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Greetings from a nightowl. I hope you slept well.
    No signs of Christmas outside yet except for some commercial decoration downtown. I read they are currently building a viewing platform downtown where you can see the Christmas market from above. It may be interesting to see the town from above and take photos by daylight if it’s higher than our mining tower but I’m not especially interested in the Christmas market. I will look when I have to go downtown anyway.

    • katry Says:

      I did finally fall asleep around 4 and slept until 10. I’m tired so I hope for an earlier night tonight.

      There are really only a few signs of Christmas. The lot where they sell trees has been set up, and there are trees ready to be displayed for sale. I got my tree there a few times, and they give away cut off branches so I took some of those for wreaths.

      I decorate my house but in spurts over the course of a few days. The tree comes later.

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