“Chocolate symbolizes, as does no other food, luxury, comfort, sensuality, gratification, and love.”

Last night was a long one. I wasn’t at all tired so I watched a movie, Sink the Bismarck. At around 2:00 I turned off the lights. At around 3, Gracie’s panting got my attention. I have learned to move fast and get her out the door when she pants. I didn’t even stop for my sweatshirt, and it was cold. Gracie decided to walk around the yard to find the perfect spot. Finally, she squatted and the two of us went back inside to bed or at least I thought that’s where we were headed, but Gracie stood right beside and stared. When I didn’t move, I got the paw. She wanted to eat so I fed her. Gracie has me totally trained. Well, we went back to bed, but at 8:00 the panting began so out we went. When we got inside, I went back to sleep and slept until after 11. Gracie did too. When we woke up, we finished the usual morning routine. Gracie and Maddie are back asleep. They live stressful lives.

I have hit the wall, not the famous yet to be built wall, but the news wall. When I turned on MSNBC, I swear it was a repeat. I heard about another Moore victim, Trump’s triumphant trip to the Far East, in Trump’s words, of course, the best trip ever by a US president and the tax bill. That was it. I would have screamed, but I didn’t want to wake Maddie and Gracie. I turned to YouTube and am now watching a Yeti like creature, the Snowbeast, mauling and killing skiers. I find it more optimist than the news. At least you know where you stand with a murderous beast, not so with the tax plan.

I stayed inside yesterday but have no choice today. I have to go out. I need a few groceries and I have to stop at the pharmacy.

Today is bleak and rainy. It was raining at 3AM so I knew what to expect. Luckily, it is warm, in the 50’s. We are in a weather pattern of cold nights, warm days and no sun. I just can’t conjure energy amid the clouds. I need to treat myself out of this weather induced funk, but I’m sure how yet. I just know it will include chocolate.

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6 Comments on ““Chocolate symbolizes, as does no other food, luxury, comfort, sensuality, gratification, and love.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Frosty and cold here this morning and now it’s warmish and drizzling. I do prefer the weather vwe’re havingh tonight 🙂

    I woke up several time during last night, have no idea why but every timne I did Albin thought it was time to go up 🙂 🙂 I could hear how disappointed he was when I refused to get up 🙂

    Nothing much has happened here otherwise and I hope it will be the same during the weekend because I’m on-call for the last time this Sunday and I’ve made sure to let them know how much money they’ll lose by staying at home 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      You did get that frosting of snow, better you than us. It has started to rain again.I can hear it so the rain isn’t light rain.

      With Gracie’s leg issues, she doesn’t go out the way she used to. I have to take her out every time so when she pants, I listen, even at 3 AM.

      I have my usual game night on Sunday, nothing else planned. I guess it will be a quiet weekend for me. I’m okay with that!

      Have a great evening!!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Schizophrenic TV/radio news here, two main topics, the UN climate summit in Bonn/Germany and the coalition negotiations to form a new 4-party government. Merkel’s party and the smaller two conservative parties try to block any reasonable measures to reach our climate goals and to renew our economy as if they are living in a different world. Yes, mainly Trump-like politics here while the world fights for a livable future.
    Speaking of the UN climate conference, it looks like your official US climate delegation at least tries to behave and your unofficial pro-climate delegation is doing quite a good job.
    I was in Bonn to rally against our massive and unnecessary use of coal though I know I won’t really help. At least it was a nice trip. Yup, I’m frustrated. Maybe I also should also watch Yeti movies. Oh wait, bad idea, climate change will also endanger yetis. I need chocolate now.

    • katry Says:

      I have to turn the sound off every time Trump speaks. Most of it is grandiose: he is the the ultimate of everything (at least according to him). If not that, it is a lie or him being obsequious to rulers like Duterte. I can’t listen any more.

      I was glad the unofficial delegation went to the summit. I know California was thinking of going as well. It has a higher GNP than many countries so the state figures it can be its own country. Trump’s Florida property could be awash sometime in the future. I wish it were sooner so I can hear him blame it all on the democrats.

      Use clean coal. Trump says that its is the future of coal. A late night TV host mimicked Trump using a brush to clean the coal.

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