“Few women and fewer men have enough character to be idle.”

Drab is the perfect description for the today. It rained during the night, and the clouds and the dampness have hung around, but the day is warm enough to keep the cold at bay, at least for today when the high will be 54˚. Starting tomorrow the cold weather is moving in mostly at night. The days will be in the 40’s while the nights will dip to the 30’s. The sun will make an appearance on Wednesday.

I was up until after 3 this morning so I slept in and Gracie joined me. When I woke up, my legs were off the couch as Gracie had moved to the middle, and I had no room so I compensated. The vet called this morning and will keep Gracie on pain pills as they seem to help. I scheduled Gracie for her first acupuncture session. The vet explained it is mostly exploratory to see if Gracie will co-operative. Good luck to the both of us on that one.

Okay, I have dropped to a new low. I am watching Killdozer. The machinery is possessed by an alien presence. It starts itself and chases its victims, a crew building an airstrip on an uninhabited island. First, it destroyed the only way of communicating off island, a two-way radio. After that, the killing rampage began. So far we have two down and four to go. The movie has familiar faces. The big star is Clint Walker who was Cheyenne Bodie in the western series Cheyenne during the heyday of TV westerns. Carl Betz, Donna Reed’s husband, is still alive as is James Wainwright, the sort of actor whose face you recognize but not his name. Robert Urich was the first to die. The dozer does stuff like hide in the bushes at night, bulldoze tents and supplies, chase a man to death and follow the crew riding in their jeeps. It  is a canny opponent.

I already can tell today will be a nothing day, a day when I hang around in my cozy clothes, eat whatever I don’t have to cook, watch comically bad science fiction and  probably join the animals in taking an afternoon nap. To me that sounds glorious.

I love that I have the option of doing nothing. Before I retired I was a bit nervous about filling my days. Since then I have come to realize that filling the day has all sorts of meanings, including doing nothing. Time passes no matter what.

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  1. flyboybob Says:

    Today is also cloudy but warmer and right now it’s a balmy 75 degrees. I took today off as a vacation day. I’m still trying to use up my vacation time from 2016. They will only allow us to roll one year’s worth into next year. I still have more than a week’s vacation left.

    Everyone is out of the house and the quiet is driving me nuts. 🙂 I found out this morning that my aunt passed away at 94. She was the last of what’s been called the ‘Greatest Generation’ left in our family. She outlived all of seven of her siblings. Now only the baby boomers are left.

    Hopefully, Gracie will allow acupuncture and hopefully it will help.

    The fun of ‘Black Friday’ is being destroyed by advertisements for the lowest black Friday prices available this week. I have always suggested that Christmas and Chanukah be returned to their religious meanings without all the hoopla over gifts. However, New Year’s Day should be the holiday for gift giving. All the sales would run after Christmas and it would be one short buying season…LOL

    I just read an article predicting the death of stores such as Kmart, Sears, Toys are Us and Bed Bath and Beyond. Amazon and other online stores are just killing big box retail and the malls. However, I think that high end brick and mortar merchants will always be around because people are not going to buy a Rolex watch or a Porsche on line. I will probably be dead when AI takes over all the jobs. Self driving cars, which are predicted to be available by 2025, will eliminate all the trucking jobs. Intellegent machines will replace almost every other career. In 2011 Watson, IBMs super computer beat everyone on the TV show Jeopardy. Now Watson is being used to help physicians diagnose patients. Stephen Hawkins predicts that AI might mean the end of mankind. A good plot for a dystopian science fiction movie. 🙂

    I really need to go back to work…LOL

    • katry Says:

      Wow, 75˚ is the height of the summer for us. You picked a great day to take-off from work. Still having so many days ought not to be wasted. Just have fun or do nothing, whatever strikes your fancy.

      I remember when all the old aunties died, my grandparents’ families then it was my mother’s generation though happily some of my uncles are still around, in their mid 80’s but still here.

      I’d love New Year for gift-giving for my family. The rest of the world can do Christmas and Chanukah while I buy everything on sale after the holidays. I don’t want wide scale acceptance.

      Mankind has been first making itself obsolete little by little but now more and more. You’re right, many of the less complicated jobs will be gone. Mankind’s doing will be its undoing.

  2. Hedley Says:


    Brilliant result – World Cup here you come

    • olof1 Says:

      Thank You Hedley 🙂
      The world is stunned 🙂 🙂 I just really hope, very much! that they won’t ask Zlatan to play in the world cup. Finally they don’t build the team around just one person who only will do anything if the ball land in front of his foot 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Birgit Says:

    Unfortunately it’s not a do nothing day though I’m still tired from the weekend.
    I’m glad to see that Sweden has joined the KTCC World Cup 🙂

    • katry Says:

      It was a decidedly nothing day. I even took a couple of naps. The day stayed damp and raw.

      Welcome to Sweden!

  4. olof1 Says:

    The roads weren’t as bad as I had fearedf, I think they might have been out salting even thge smaller roads today. The car only slid on two places and naturally those places were cross roads 🙂 🙂

    I did recognize a few actors in that movie but I must admit that rhis one didn’t make me feel like it was a must see 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sweden is now ready to play the soccer world cup 🙂 0-0 yesterday so since our boys made one goal here at home it was they who went on to play the world cup 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I hate the car sliding. I know how to react and all, but it is till a loss of control for a bit.

      The movie was bad, but there wasn’t much on so I was desperate. I saw it through to the end.

      I’ll be rooting for Sweden. Ask you know the US got knocked off early. It caused quite a problem here.

      Have a great afternoon and stay warm!

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