It’s Late: Ricky Nelson

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2 Comments on “It’s Late: Ricky Nelson”

  1. theOwl30 Says:

    Ahh, early rock-‘n’-roll. Ricky Nelson was the first one to be called: The Teenage Idol. It wasn’t Elvis Presley. Nelson also had a good voice, and good vocals backing him up. Other good Ricky Nelson songs are: Dinah Lee, Young World, Right By My Side, I’ve Got a Feeling, and this next one— “You Tear Me Up”. Thanks, YouTube.
    #50″s #Teens #HighSchool #Oldies #Music #RocknRoll

    • katry Says:

      I watched the Ozzie and Harriet Show before Ricky sang, but once he did, his appearance was a gift. Nothing was better than a Ricky song at his fraternity or at a dance. Not only did I appreciate his voice but also how great he looked. Just a bit of a swoon was the perfect reaction.

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