“After enlightenment, the laundry.”

Today is a lovely fall day. The air is clear. The sun is sharp and bright. It is in the low 60’s and will stay that way until tonight when it will drop into the 50’s. Last night was downright cold. I took Gracie out around eleven and wished I had worn a sweatshirt. I kept urging her to hurry. She didn’t. She sniffed all over until she found her right spot.

I love my mornings. Lately I have been waking up late, but I still take the time to enjoy the start of my day. The pattern never changes. Gracie and I go out to get the papers then I take her to the backyard. She is quick to finish so we go inside. I put the coffee on then tend to Gracie and Maddie. The cat is loud and demanding. I fill her dry food dish then give her a can of cat food, always meat, never fish. Gracie is next. I fill her dry food, ready her medications then give her a can of dog food with the meds hidden beneath. It is then I can grab a cup of coffee and start reading the papers. I never hurry despite Maddie’s exhortations.

I wish I were handy, but I have inherited my father’s ineptitude when it comes to working with my hands. He was the man who sawed himself out of a tree. My mother and I watched from the window. We could have warned him but he wasn’t all that far off the ground. He so destroyed the toilet when he was fixing it, though fixing is loosely used here, that the plumber was amazed and wanted to know who did the destruction. He cut all of his fingers when fixing a fan. My father never gave up trying to be a Mr. Fixit. My mother kept a list of repairmen and their numbers. She knew she’d need it.

My laundry is done. It was quite the task. The first load didn’t spin. I had to wring out the wettest clothes, but the dryer did its job. I put in the second load anyway. I wanted no dirty laundry left. When I went to move the second load to the dryer, I was surprised to find them spun. I figured the first load had to have been uneven, and I didn’t hear the warning. I was thrilled.

I think it is a sad commentary that I can find laundry thrilling. Ho Hum!

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8 Comments on ““After enlightenment, the laundry.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I might be the slowest “ironer” (if that is a word) known to man (or woan) . In front of the footie, with any number of distractions, I parade at a very sedate pace up and down a Fred Perry Shirt and seem relatively pleased at a 4 or 5 count per hour.

    I really don’t mind the mundane, I rise around 5:15 each morning, muddle through updated messages on my digital world stuff, play words with friends and then take on the dishwasher and anything that needs attention. The breakfast table has to be laid, Mrs MDH expects orange juice in bed and the terrier needs out.

    And so the pattern of my life plugs along

    Tomorrow morning, after woofing with Uncle Paulie in Ashtead, I shall watch at 7:30 am Tottenham Hotspur play the terriers of Huddersfield. It will set my mood. Patio furniture is scheduled to return to the basement and THE Detroit Lions play he odious Vikings at 1.00 on Sunday

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I haven’t ironed in ages. I used to wait until I had 6 or 7 dresses and shirts then would set it up the board in my den and watch TV as I ironed. My nephew, who is in his middle 30’s, was in kindergarten taking a readiness test. The only item he couldn’t identify was an iron.

      I don’t mind the mundane except when that is all there is. When I worked, I was up at 5:15 and gone nay 6:20. I had a regimen, and it worked well. Maggie and your wife have you well trained.

      I haven’t yet asked Skip to shut down the deck. After the last few days, I might hang around on it for a few days.

      It sounds like a busy weekend with a bit of fun and a bit of work.

  2. Bob Says:

    My weekdays are highly regimented. I get up just as my alarm goes off at six, shower/shave/dress and drink coffee by seven to walk out the door to drive to work. I took today off to use up some vacation time left from last year and went on the weekend schedule. I like having a schedule. I can’t imagine being retired because my life would fall apart with a schedule.

    Like your father I am not good with tools. My wife will try to fix anything around the house rather than call a repairman. I know my limitations and avoid the frustration. 🙂

    Today is dreary with light rain and cool seventy degree temperature. The week end should be beautiful with sunny skies and a high in the upper 70s. October and April are the nicest times to live in north Texas.

    • katry Says:

      I had a work day morning schedule as well. I got up at 5:15, checked the TV news and had some coffee. The papers were there on time so I had to rely on TV news. I was out by 6:20.

      I have a leisurely bit of a morning schedule now, and I enjoy it. You can establish your own schedule if you retire. I did, and it works.

      I can fix a few things, but I have my own group of fixers for electricity, plumbing and every day stuff.

      We had a day which stayed around 65˚. It was a beautiful day. Tonight will be cooler. September and October are th e best months on the Cape.

  3. olof1 Says:

    I’ve never really been handy either. I can easily do something if someone has shown me how to do it and it’ll stick in my mind if I ever have to do it again. I can however never understand how something can be fixed by myself 🙂

    I’m sitting here in my kitchen watching how the sun slowly will rise behind some thin clouds. We’ll take a walk as soon as it pass the horison but there are still a few minutes left before it does. The sky has at the moment a sickly yellkowish-pinkish color 🙂 I think it would fit well in a bad scifi movie about something nasty that will spread through the air in the sky 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I am great at putting things together from kits and stuff, but that’s it. I can fix small things with glue or a nail, but I’m stuck beyond those.

      That’s fun! I also think about science fiction and monsters and aliens when I see strange stuff like that sky.

      Feel better!

  4. splendidone Says:

    Getting up early always makes my day so much better- why do I fight it so?

    • katry Says:

      I spend so many-years getting up at 5:15 that I figure I am owed late starts to my day. It was an easy adjustment.

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