“All was silent as before, all silent save the dripping rain.”

Last night was a restless dog night. I have been a light sleeper since Gracie has been sick so I hear her moving around and usually turn on the light to check on her. Last night I turned on the light at 2 as I heard her having a problem settling in her crate. She finally gave up on the crate and got on the couch with me. I couldn’t sleep so I checked my e-mail and turned on the TV. By the time I went back to sleep, it was close to 4. Gracie meanwhile had returned to her crate. This morning I woke at 9. Gracie slept. I just sat for a while. I turned on the news and still sat. Gracie still slept. At 10 I roused myself from my stupor, made coffee and took Gracie outside while I got the papers. She is now sleeping on the couch. I am still awake.

The wind and rain are gone but the dampness and the clouds are still here. The paper says partial sun today. Being a bit literal, I’m figuring only a bit of the sun will appear. Parts of it will be missing. I’m thinking all of the sun will be missing given the weather right now.

When I was a kid, a wet Saturday was the worst. Too much rain meant staying inside the house trying to find stuff to keep me occupied. At noon, there was always Creature Double Feature. I figure that’s where I got my love for old black and white science fiction movies. I’d read if I could find a quiet place in our small house filled with too many people. I could play in the cellar and ride my bike in a circle around the stairs, but that got old quickly. Sometimes my mother would let us out, more for her sanity than anything else. If it was still matinee season, we’d convince my dad to drive my brother and me uptown to the movie theater. My dad always said yes. He was only too glad to be rid of us. That was about it for a rainy Saturday.

When I was kid, I used to eat sardines. I’d open the can with the attached metal key, slide the flap thing into the key and then roll back the top with the key hoping to get the can open. Sometimes I’d lose the lid when the can was only partially opened. That meant digging out the sardines in pieces. I’d eat the sardines, whole or in pieces, on Saltine crackers. The idea of eating sardines grosses me out now. They look disgusting arranged in rows in the tins.

I have no idea what today will bring. I don’t know if I’ll muster the energy to do the laundry. The only certainty is I’m going to take a nap.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    I’m on call to work this weekend just in case someone gets sick now when they’ve started the weekend shift at work, so I blame that for not doing a thing here at home πŸ™‚ I should have startyed with the laundry but blamed the on call thing πŸ™‚

    Grey and dull here today but no wiund and reasonable warm so it was quite nice outside anyway. I’m very tired though because I too slept badly during the night. I think it was because I fell asleep too early yesterday evening. I can’t watch tv right now, they’ve changed all the freequenses and I won’t get a good signal so I can find where all the channels are now πŸ™‚ Instead I’ve been reading a lot and I just re watched Ender’s game. I knew I liked it a lot the first time and didn’t like it any less this time. I really should find the books.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      That partial sun never showed up. It is still dark and damp. I did take that nap, and I feel a lot better. Gracie, of course, is still napping as is Maddie. I figure that’s what my old animals do best.

      I read a lot last week and finished a couple of books. I just read another as well. TV is pretty much reruns until this coming week when the new season starts so reading has been the best way to spend the time.

      I also liked Ender’s Game.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Birgit Says:

    National election here tomorrow and I won’t like the outcome. It looks like we will get four more years of bad and dangerous politics by Merkel’s party plus the new right-wing extremist party will be strong and part of the national parliament. A lot of things went intentionally dangerously wrong in this country.
    Beware of Germany, we’ve already got several laws that could turn this country into a totalitarian surveillance state which is also willing to spend much more money on military armament. The Nato-2%-goal would make this country the dominating military power in Europe, Trump demanded implementation and Merkel’s party willingly obeys.
    Sounds crazy? Who doesn’t love Merkel who can talk nicely without saying anything? Environment destruction is just one of our problems but this article by the Guardian describes the system quite properly:
    Enough about politics, have a nice nap and enjoy your Saturday!

    • katry Says:

      It is the same, even worse, here. Trump is dismantling everything Obama did. His has taken us out of the Paris Accord, is still trying to kill Obamacare, has changed the rules on campus sexual crimes making it more difficult for defendants, wants the top tax bracket to pay less in taxes and is looking at selling off state parks, especially the new ones Obama created. He is now name calling the Korean name caller and has threatened to destroy North Korea. There is so much more, but I would run out of room. He is a hateful, ignorant, misogynist. The worst is how much he lies and sadly many believe him. You and I are facing perilous futures.

      Trump promised to restart the coal industry. He caters to his financial cronies at the expense of this country, its welfare and its future.

      That was a scary article. but in many places you could substitute Trump for Merkel.

      It was a great nap!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’m the restless sleeper in the house. πŸ™‚ The dogs have to sleep around my tossing and turning. Sometimes they have to sleep through me playing computer games in the middle of the night. They’re pretty good at it though.

    I used to eat sardines, too. My favorite was a sandwich of sardines, Miracle Whip and very thinly sliced onions on white bread. I’m glad they’ve mostly gotten away from the cans with the keys although the pull top cans have a tendency to spurt sardine juice all over one’s hand sometimes.

    This morning it did look like the sun was not going to succeed in showing its face around here today. As late as 9 AM it was very dreary out. But the sun did win and it got rather warm later on in the day. I had the A/C on in the car this afternoon.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Gracie started moving to the crate to sleep because I kept moving my feet to try and find a comfortable place where she wasn’t. If I take off the back cushion, Gracie and I have enough room, but she doesn’t like not having the cushion.

      That sandwich doesn’t sound too bad, but I still don’t think I could eat sardines again. I’d hate sardine juice spurting all over me.

      We never got to see the sun. It stayed damp and cloudy all day. It was cold earlier, but I just opened the window here in the den.

      Have a great Sunday!

  4. Bob Says:

    We awaite the chance of rain by midweek along with real cooler weather such as high temperatures in the 70s.

    I assume sardines in the can are still available but I haven’t eaten them since I was in High School. I also remember kippered sardines packed in tomato sauce.

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