“It takes a special kind of personality to enjoy watching the grass grow.”

It has been a busy morning. The first ring of the bell was two Mormons hoping to chat. I thanked them and sent them on their way. The second bell was four of the neighborhood boys. They wanted me to know a dead bird was in my little library. They had opened the door to check out the books, and the bird fell out. They also told me there was a hole in the back the woodpecker had made to get in, but obviously not to get out. I went to investigate. It had to have been recent as two weeks ago the library was just fine, no holes, no dead birds. The boys moved the bird out of sight. I went back inside and got Gorilla tape and cleaning stuff as well as a few new books. I scrubbed the inside shelves and cleaned away the bird poop and a few feathers, covered the hole from the inside and the outside with the tape then added and arranged the books. I found a Book of Mormon. I wonder how that got there?

Today is pretty. It is sunny despite wispy clouds, but the sun is only a backdrop. It gives light but little heat. The morning is cool, only 65˚, and it won’t get much warmer. It’s a good day to do errands.

I could hear the lawnmower working from house to house this morning. They did my neighbor next door, who is the landscaper, my neighbor across the street, my lawn and two more down the street. They also used the hedger and the leaf blower to finish each yard. I could tell what was going on from the sounds of the different motors.

I was reminded of my dad and all the neighborhood dads on Saturdays when the lawns were cut and the yards cleaned. They used push mowers and hand clippers. My father loved mowing his lawn and never did convert to a power mower. I gave him rechargeable clippers one year for Father’s Day, and he used them. He even liked them. That was my dad taking this first step into a modern era.

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4 Comments on ““It takes a special kind of personality to enjoy watching the grass grow.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Hi Kat!

    It rained mor or less all day yesterday so I did very little, I did however do half of the laundry and I’m doing the rest right now. They said we would have sunshine all day today so I guess You’re not surprised when I say it ismostly cloudy and a few drops of rain has been falling as well 🙂 🙂 Still, compared to the rest of the week this is amazingly good weather 🙂

    It is odd that the bird didn’t manage to get out again, much like the cows I had in my garden the other week 🙂 but birds should understand that it coiuld go outside again through the hole it came in through. That birdwould have been a disaster if it just had managed to go inside the nest but then never understand how to go outside again 🙂 🙂

    I’ve realised that the grass in my lawn never will dry up so I’ll buy a trimmer on my way home from work next Friday. If i only can make it shorter once the mower will be able to keep it under controll for the rest of the year I hope 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      I get a chuckle when the weather says 50% chance of rain, and it is pouring. I usually check local news more than national as local tends to be correct or close to what is really happening.

      I too was surprised it didn’t get out the hole as it is a good size round hole like in a bird house. Maybe it wasn’t well. It’s difficult to know, the poor bird.

      My grass is still growing so it still needs cutting. They clear the sides of the lawn with a hedge clipper, a gas driven one. My lawn has a couple of places needing to be reseeded. I rather like not doing the work myself. I used to do it all, but now I just write a check.

      Have a great Sunday!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    When I was living in Big Spring Texas in 1981, I had a roommate who was stringing along a couple of Mormon missionaries. They would come to our apartment and he would go along with their ideas while he was sleeping with a married woman twice his age, drank beer everyday and was just pulling their chain while stringing them along. When they came to the house I had to hide in the bathroom because I couldn’t keep from laughing out loud at his responses. Living in a small West Texas town can be so boring that stringing along a couple of missionaries was good entertainment. 🙂

    Yesterday, my wife drove us to a house in our neighborhood that had a little library on their front lawn. I had never heard of such a thing and now it has come up twice. A wonderful idea and it doesn’t require a library card.

    My sister in Tampa left a message yesterday morning that she and her boyfriend have moved to a shelter in the local middle school. She couldn’t find anyone to board up the windows in her house. I hope she has something to come back to later in the week. At least she will be safe.

    I haven’t seen a reel type lawn mower in a very long time. Most of the lawns in our area are huge and using a push type mower would be impractical.

    Today is another clear and cool day. Cool meaning a high of only the mid 80s. However, summer will return during the later part of the week with temperatures back in the mid 90s.

    • katry Says:

      Our town libraries put up two little library at two different beaches. They got a lot of traffic. I added books to fill the shelves. I am almost out so I’ll be shopping at the used book store especially for some kids’ books which I don’t have.

      I haven’t seen push mowers either. The guy down the street has a middle size lawn and uses a sit on mower. He looks silly. My dad would never use a power mower. He thought they didn’t do as good a cut as his mower.

      I hope your sister’s house has withstood the wind.

      I just took Gracie out, and it is still chilly. I wore my sweatshirt.

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