“I can make another list because the choice is mine. A list of what to do. So I won’t be listless ever again.”

My eye survived the laser though it felt as if something irritating were in it, something I couldn’t remove. I also had a headache, a common after-effect I was told. I took some Tylenol and had a nap. Both helped. Everything now is just fine. My other eye is scheduled for Tuesday.

My neighbor is putting in a new septic tank. His giant truck is parked in my driveway so Gracie and I had to maneuver around it to get into the yard. While I was doing that, I was attacked by a wild rose bush. My usual morning on the deck with my coffee and newspapers had to be cancelled. I could smell the old septic. All my doors and windows are shut and the AC is on, all to thwart the aroma of septic.

Yesterday was a glorious day, cool enough will lots of sun and no humidity. I did a few errands, and when I got home, I filled the bird feeders. All of those exertions made me tired enough to need a nap though I confess I could have done nothing all day and still have needed a nap.

When I lived in Bolga, in Ghana, the post office and most kiosks closed every day between the hours of one and three. My students had a mandatory rest period. It was Ghana’s siesta time. It was also the hottest time of the day. Despite the heat, I enjoyed afternoon naps. The school compound was quiet for the first time since very early morning, and the heat made me drowsy. I learned the value of an afternoon nap.

Yesterday I had three sticky sheets on my table filled with schedules and things to do. Today there are none. I finished all the items on the lists. There is now a hole, a space needing filling. I love lists. They keep me organized and sort of compel me to accomplish something. If it is on paper, I pay more attention.

I don’t remember when I started to make daily lists. I do remember when I was having company for a big dinner I always made flow charts and lists. One list had all the ingredients I needed to buy and another had the names of each dish and their sources. I learned that last one the hard way when I had ingredients but didn’t remember the dishes and when, a couple of times, I forgot to serve a dish. The flow charts listed what I needed to do and when I needed to do them, things like shop on Thursday and what to start making on Friday. On the day of the event, the flow charts were explicit and intense. One would list what I did in the morning, the final preparations, while others listed the times to put in and take out stuff from the oven and at what temperatures to cook them. I used to tape the lists to a cabinet above my work space. and check off my progress. My sister made fun of my flow charts. I didn’t care.

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6 Comments on ““I can make another list because the choice is mine. A list of what to do. So I won’t be listless ever again.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Never nice to feel the smell of an old septic tank 🙂 🙂 I don’t think we need to dig up the old one when we get a new one though, they just dig it down close to the old so there will be as little problems as possible to get the pipes to the new one.

    I do write lists but I have a tendency to forget to read them when I need to 🙂 I will however write down a list for tomorrow when I’ll go to the supermarket, I’ll have it in my wallet and hopefully I’ll read it before I’m going to pay 🙂

    I think Spain is the last country in Europe that still has a siesta every day and I think they are happy that they do because this summer has been nasty hot down there, we almost always have cool summers so no use of having a siesta for that reason but I wouldn’t mind having one anyway 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      There is a new septic regulation called Title 5. If you sell your house, it has to be compliant with the new law. If you leave your property to a relative, it doesn’t need the inspection. He may be adding a second septic as he has 6 people living in the house.

      I have Alexa remember my lists then I go on-line and check to see what is on the list. I then put it to paper. The other lists change. I have one for my pills each day as the dosage changes day to day, and it is easier to see the list than to have to remember.

      Ghana got really hot in the afternoon so the rest was a good way to get out of the sun. I like naps!

      Have a great afternoon!!

  2. Birgit Says:

    I hope your eye surgery was successful this time.

    We still have a so-called midday rest which just means that you should try to be more quiet and don’t disturb your neighbors between about 1 and 3 pm but it vanishes slowly. Currently there’s a fight about shopping on Sundays again. Most shops are closed on Sunday by law but town councils can allow it on several days and our new regional government supports Sunday shopping. I like the idea of a common day off but since every aspect of our lifes gets more and more commercialized I’m afraid we will lose it.

    • katry Says:

      I hope so too as I don’t know what would happen next. Eye 2 is next Tuesday.

      I occasional grouched about it, but I always liked that stores were closed on Sunday. The only ones opened were small stores with one or two employees. The first break was the stores were opened on Sundays prior to Christmas. They opened at noon, and no alcohol could be sold. The flood gates opened a few years later and stores, all stores, could be opened all day. I think a day to sit back and just breathe is a good thing.

  3. Bob Says:

    We Americans work too hard and work too many hours without a nap. Our friends in Mexico take a break for lunch followed by a siesta and then resume their business after three o’clock until seven or eight at night. Some progressive American companies are putting in nap rooms and encouraging their employees to take a short snooze when they feel the need. A siesta shouldn’t exceed a half an hour. Too long a nap and you will go into deep sleep which will result in grogginess when awakening. All the transatlantic and transpacific flights are manned by three or four pilots depending on the block hours. Each pilot goes to the bunk area to take a nap while the other pilots fly the enroute portion. My retired American Airline international captain called it snoozing for dollars.

    Glad to hear you survived the treatment.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks on the treatment!

      No nap should extend beyond 4pm as it then affects your nighttime sleep. In Spain, the Philippines and throughout the Mediterranean and Southern Europe there are still siestas. In Ghana it is the afternoon heat which requires the siesta. It is just too hot to do just about anything.

      I’m glad the pilots get a rest. My Ghana flight was 10 and 3/4 hours long, overnight our time, so I figure a rest is important.

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