Because the Night: Patti Smith Group

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4 Comments on “Because the Night: Patti Smith Group”

  1. Hedley Says:

    Bruce wrote it, or Patti wrote it, or they both wrote it, or Patti stole it or Bruce gifted it to her. Was Patti in the studio next to Bruce ? Anyways Patty got the 45 out and enjoyed a hit.

    I first heard Bruce’s version on “Piece de Resistance” , somewhere around 1979, a blistering 10 minute version. P de R is probably my favorite Bruce bootleg

    Patty moved to Grosse Pointe to raise her children with Fred. Bruce is, well still Bruce, a poster from the Hammersmith 75 shows is framed in my study. We last saw Bruce Springsteen at the Bercy last July on the River tour and yes he ripped in to Because the Night

    A really fun pick Kat – thanks

    (Tottenham Hotspur are on ESPN at 8 tonight against Roma)

    • My Dear Hedley,
      I haven’t heard Bruce’s version, but I will hunt it down on YouTube.

      You have had an amazing music history given whom you’ve seen, whom you grew up near and whom you have wonderful information about. I am a bit envious. Did I write a bit?

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