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  1. David Almond quote

    • minicapt,
      Sometimes Jerry went a bit beyond when he did movies. If he was just himself and not crazy, he was entertaining.

      The trailers back then were longer than I remember. Some of the trailers today for bad movies contain the best scenes and look as if the movie will be entertaining. It is a major let down when they are not.

    • minicapt,
      I always think of Minnesota as cold and disregard the rest of the year. I’m surprised by the heat wave.

      I noticed all of them are sleeping on a blanket on a ground, nothing soft underneath them. Also, the women look uncomfortable wearing dresses.

    • Morpfy,
      I didn’t remember them when I saw the name of the group and the title, but as soon as they started singing, I remembered them and this song.

      I didn’t remember the girl drummer though I should have as it was so uncommon.

      The mid- 60’s were suits and slightly long hair, over the ears.

    • Morpfy,
      Thanks! I suspect that by the time I’m finished listening I’ll hear songs I don’t know, some I do know and many I can sing along with.

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