Never Gonna Be Alone: Nickelback

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4 Comments on “Never Gonna Be Alone: Nickelback”

  1. alexankarr1 Says:

    Nickelback! I love ‘Rockstar’, and not just because Richard Ayoade appears in the video.

    • Alex,
      I was late to finding Nickelback. Their music isn’t played on the oldies station, of course. My cousin loves them, and that’s how I found them.

      Richard Ayoade is a funny guy!

      • alexankarr1 Says:

        Got to offer props to Chad Kroeger too, rocking that ‘tache and that hair back in the day, way before faux-hipsters made face-fuzz compulsory.

      • Alex,
        The hair, the stache and beard go back to my day and music in the 60’s.

        I’m with you in not liking the face-fuzz.

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