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  1. Jack Layton quote

    • katry Says:

      I realize this was a promo for their aLbum, but it was a really fun video to watch and to hear. All those early songs were glorious to hear on the radio.

  2. Bob Says:

    Looks like Atlantic City before Christi closed the beaches. I’m curious why Christi is a Dallas Cowboy fan. He was shown on TV sucking up to Jerry Jones in his personal skybox.

    • Bob,
      Maybe it was his usual behavior. Look at him and Trump. He was Trump’s toady.

      • Bob Says:

        Years ago we went to Haddenfield NJ to visit my sister in law and brother in law and their kids. Haddenfield is near Philadelphia and we went to the Italian neighborhood on the South side. We choose a restaurant for an early dinner and the owner was thrilled that we were from Dallas. It turned out he was a rabid Dallas Cowboy fan. Who would guess that we would pick the only Italian restaurant in South Phily rum by a Dallas Cowboy fan.

      • Bob,
        That’s further proof that the world is far smaller than we think. I actually ran into someone I know in London.

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