“In summer the empire of insects spreads.”

The morning is just perfect. The air still has a bit of the night’s chill. The sunlight is sharp.  The sky has a few clouds but is still mostly blue. It will get warm today, into the low 80’s, but tonight will be sleeping weather, in the low 60’s.

Gracie had another good night. She also slept in her crate again. That gave me the whole couch so I could stretch my legs. Right now she is having her morning nap on the couch. She’s already eaten a small can of food. Last night she finished the pills for dizziness so I have to call to see if she can get a refill.

I was about to toast a couple of pieces of rye bread when I remember I had bought a cinnamon roll yesterday. I was delighted. Those bakery rolls are a favorite of mine and they’re filled with goodness.

I love the quiet of my house. It keeps me settled, centered. Most things I need are here in the den. I have books, magazines and the TV. In the basket under the table are what’s left of the corn chips. The fridge with the guac is just a bit down the hall. The bathroom is close. Alexa is here and is ever willing to entertain me with music and stories. This is just the perfect room to while away the hours.

Gracie needed to go out, and I have to take her so she doesn’t have to go down the stairs. It is hot out already. I’m thinking the sun is best seen from inside the cool house.

The deck got cleared of leaves and poop yesterday, but it is again filled with the black caterpillar poop. After I water the deck plants later, I’ll clear it off, and then I’ll do the same thing tomorrow. When I was taking Gracie out the front door a few minutes ago, I saw what appeared to be a long, green caterpillar with more legs than it needed working its way up the pine tree. Naturally, I went to check. It happened to be a small piece of a fur tree with the needles appearing like legs. I was glad, but I was also a bit disappointed.  My world is filled with black caterpillars right now so a long green one would have been a nice surprise.

Bugs don’t bother me though I do hate meal moths and miller moths. In times past I didn’t protect my flour, dog food, cereal or dry mixes so they were alive with larvae and pupae, future moths, which I hate at any stage. I tossed all the infected food and bought containers which closed too tightly for an infestation. The meal moths disappeared, but not the miller moths. They are still here. They are audacious and will fly at my head as if to taunt me. I try to grab them as they fly, and I’m pretty good at it, but there are too many of them for me. I just have to hold on a bit longer as they’ll disappear soon.

In Ghana, I accepted bugs in my flour and even some dying in my soup. I’d just pick the bug out and keep eating. I had totally different standards for bugs in those days. Even now when I go back, the old rules still apply. It is only here, at home, that I am a ruthless hunter of insects. it’s time to bring back those disgusting, long sheets of sticky paper. Die, insect, die.

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6 Comments on ““In summer the empire of insects spreads.””

  1. flyboybob Says:

    A pair of famous jokes: A customer in a restaurant calls over the waiter and says, “What’s that fly doing in my soup?” and the waiter replies, “Looks like the back stroke to me”. Rim shot! Another man says to the same waiter, “There’s a fly in my soup!” the waiter replies, “So how much soup can a fly eat?”. Second rim shot.

    I hate bugs. I’m not discriminatory as to which ones I hate the most. I realize that bees are required to pollenate our fruit trees and other food plants, but keep them all outside. I prefer to call them all vermin which is a very expressive word. When I owned my own home I applauded when the exterminator came.

    Poor people in the third world will take protein in any form including various insects. I live in the first world and insects belong outside of the house and not a part of my diet.

    I’m glad to hear that Gracie is doing better.

    Today the sun is shinning and temperature should top out at a moderate 87 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      I remember those jokes and how much they used to make me laugh. I’m still partial to the backstroke fly.

      Bugs are just part of living outside. I sometimes get bitten by mosquitos so I keep anti-itch cream around. Flies seem to gravitate to the screen doors so I let them go. The moths are here only May and June, but the spiders will be here in August. That’s when I see all the baby ones and think of Charlotte’s Web. They eat bugs so I don’t mind them.

      Ghanaians eat termites.

      It isn’t just third world countries which eat insects. Add Japan to the list and The Netherlands, and here where you can find them inside novelty foods. Also in the US, “But if you’ve ever worn red lipstick or eaten red candy as a snack, you’ve likely ingested the insects used to produce that red dye, called cochineal.”

      Thanks about Gracie!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I loathe miller moths and meal worms.
    My mother was very bad about storing dry goods like flour and oatmeal. Our house was loaded with meal worms and miller moths. Drove me batty. When my mother had to go in to long term care, I threw out every box of cereal, flour, sugar, salt, oatmeal and pasta I could find. I threw out any containers as well. I scrubbed all the places she had kept those things and swatted anything I saw flying around in the house. I bought a small bag of flour and one of sugar and put them in the freezer. No boxes of cereal or pasta hang around for more than a week or two.
    There haven’t been either of those two pests in the house for over 8 years.

    Today was lovely in the morning. Bright blue sky with big feathery clouds. It clouded up later on but I was knitting with friends and having too many laughs to care.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I haven’t seen any meal worms. The stuff they’d eat is in containers like Tupperware which they can’t get into or stored in the oven. I do have the damn miller moths but there are few of them now.

      I didn’t notice clouds. It was quite sunny and warm when I did my errands. It is still a bit warm. I turned on the AC as the house got hot by late afternoon.

      Gracie seems to be doing okay. She’s hungry and hasn’t gotten dizzy. I hope she is on the mend for good.

      Have a wonderful day!

  3. Coleen Says:

    Lovely day here..

    Brings to mind the old joke: What’s the NJ state bird? The mosquito.

    Glad Gracie is doing better…

    Waving (NOT in a futile attempt to swat any flies, but to say hi),


    • katry Says:

      Hi Coleen,
      I like that joke! I’m always teasing my friends from Jersey.

      That’s me waving as well-no flies here either.

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