“I am alive, and drunk on sunlight.”

Okay, I am distraught. My post was just about finished. It was being saved. All of a sudden Safari shut down, and with it went my post. The saving never happened. Trust me when I tell you the post was spectacular, Pulitzer worthy. Now it is floating in limbo, words without structure, a story without an ending.

It mentioned pizza and a peanut butter cupcake, a new record for the number of errands in a single day and the highlights of my trip to the hardware store. The weather too was mentioned. I used the word glorious twice. I know that may seem repetitious, but the weather the last two days deserved the accolade.

I described the new, sort of snake, I bought at the hardware store. It is yellow plastic, pretty in a way for a tool, especially a snake. My upstairs sink and tub take forever to drain so something is blocking the water. The man at the hardware store highly recommended my new tool. He even gave a quick demonstration as to how to use it. He told me the results could be gross. I am glad I am not a plumber.

This morning I was busy with cleaning some weird spots like the cat’s dish, the dust on the cable box, and the dog’s area. I watered the plants. I watched MSNBC for a while but decided enough was enough. I’m watching The Longest Day.

Later I have to plant a few flowers in the front garden. I did ask my landscaper, but I suspect he forgot. There are only five of them so they shouldn’t take long. Afterward, I can boast I planted my garden.

I was taking Gracie to the backyard yesterday when a car stopped almost in the front of my house. I didn’t recognize the vehicle or the woman who got out of it. She waved. I said hi the way you say it to strangers, with a bit of question in the saying. She asked if the little library was mine and then gave me a thumbs up when I said it was. She told me her daughter had come upon it on one of her walks so the two of them have been by a few times. I was thrilled to learn that my little library has had visitors. She took a few books. I replenished the supply so the library is full again for the next passerby.

Today is cool and sunny. The air is clear and the sunlight is sharp. The day is glorious. I know, I know: that’s three times, but I did say I was distraught.

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2 Comments on ““I am alive, and drunk on sunlight.””

  1. William Sandford Says:

    Last night on WCVB Chronicle there was a segment about little libraries. They said there were more than 40 thousand Nationwide. I’m wondering who counted them.
    Rain tomorrow. We’re going to visit our 102-year-old friend. She’ll be 103 in a few weeks.
    BBC had a report about two Ghanaian men who walked from the U.S. to Canada last winter. One lost all his fingers except his thumbs. Hard to eat fufu without fingers.

    • katry Says:

      I am amazed at the number of little libraries. I know people have stopped here as there are books there I never added. I have registered mine on the Little Library site so maybe that is how they knew the number.

      Wow, I can’t imagine being that old. I’m having trouble turning 70 this summer. I hope she has a wonderful day.

      You’re right. Maybe they attach a scoop to his thumb and he loads it with fufu by pushing to the side of the bowl. That is a horrible injury for a Ghanaian.

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