“If one mouse is a spark…then ten thousand are a conflagration.”

I should be outside singing Oh What a Beautiful Morning. I see the scene somewhat like the opening of The Sound of Music: me singing about the morning as I walk and twirl down the street.

The sun is bright, almost shiny. The sky is breathtakingly blue. There is a strong breeze keeping the morning cool and the heat at bay. The high today will be 78˚, quite warm for May on Cape Cod. The low will be a seasonal 52˚.

When I brought Gracie to the yard, it was 7:15, and the morning was alive with sound. The birds were singing all around me. I heard the lawn mower cutting grass in the backyard next door. The air was sweet with the aroma of that cut grass. The dog across the street was barking. Gracie stopped to listen then continued to the backyard. I could hear her walking on the top layer of dead leaves. She finished then ran to the steps and up onto the deck. She used the dog door to come into the house then waited for her treat. She has new biscuits: a combo of peanut butter and carob. She loves her biscuits.

My house got cleaned yesterday, and my furnace and air conditioning unit were also cleaned. The guy who cleaned my furnace said there was a lot of mice poop. That’s it, the end! I’ve had enough of those wee varmints so I called an exterminator who will come next week. Of all things, the events in Watership Down did pop into my head.

I have an empty dance card for the next few days though I do have one errand today. It will be a quick out and back. I’m in the mood for a lazy day. I think it’s the sun’s fault.

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6 Comments on ““If one mouse is a spark…then ten thousand are a conflagration.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Just as hot here today as it was yesterday but today we also have high humidity 🙂 I refuse to complain because it’ll en tomorrow night and it’s dowhill from then.

    I do like Watership Down! The book, not the film. Don’t worry, the mice will walk a long distance to a new house they’ll invade 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      We have dry heat, but it is just too hot for this early in the season. New heat records were set in Boston the last couple of days.

      I didn’t even know there was a Watership Down film. I also liked the book. I have high hopes of all the mice moving on!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    Actually, Oh, What a Beautiful Morning was the opening number in Oklahoma.:-0 The time of the year when our high temperatures of 78 degrees are over unless we get a rare cold front in May or early June. Last night the prognosis was for possible severe thunderstorms but we never even got a drop of rain. The low pressure center over Colorado that gave Denver a late snowfall prevented the dry line from moving far enough east to cause thunderstorms to form in the DFW are. Today is cloudy with another chance of severe storms if the dry line moves further east.

    When I owned my first house we used to get roof rats in the attic during the hot summer months. Our exterminator would put poison packets up there which would not only cause the demise of the rats, but would petrify their bodies so that they didn’t get caught dying inside the walls as they tried to escape and then cause bad odors as their bodies decayed. 🙁

    Living in a condo allows me to let the management company take care of those problems. Home ownership can be both a curse and blessing. It’s a curse when you have to make and pay for repairs and a blessing at tax time as long as you can deduct your mortgage interest and taxes from your income tax. 🙂 Removing those deductions are among the many proposals from our Republican friends in the House of Representatives allow them to give the huge tax cut to the wealthy by killing Obamacare and making it revenue neutral. I guess that’s one way to make America great again for some folks. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I knew it was from Oklahoma. I was just saying the morning was so nice I could be on the hills singing the way Maria did when The Sound of Music opened.

      The hot days end today, and the chilly days will be back tomorrow. The last three days were an aberration.

      I know this floor and the cellar have mice, and I want them gone. Cape Cod houses are notorious for having mice.

      I have no mortgage as I paid off the house a while back. I did love taking the interest off on my income tax. Now I have very little in tax returns.

      I know that Trump favors the wealthy. I don’t get that his support base doesn’t get that. They still see him as the savior of the common man. They are in for a shock.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    We must be living parallel lives. It’s not mice, in my case, but I have had it with the red spawn living in the dead air space above my bathroom. I’ve blocked all the entries I can find and still he persists. Last night a friend was talking about her pest guy so I got his number. Today, walking around the outside of my house, I discovered that the red spawn is not the only freeloader. There’s a starling living in a space underneath the gutter. Some English sparrows appear to be living behind the siding on the second floor. And there was a chipmunk suspiciously close to an entrance that the red spawn was using. They all need to go. Soon.

    It’s hot up here. Not as hot as yesterday but still hotter than it should be. Even the dogs are just laying about in front of the fan. Me too.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I am amazed by the varied population living under your roof. I found mouse poop in a cabinet in the kitchen. That was it for me! The guy is coming next week.

      You were warmer than I was, as usual in the spring. It has just started raining. I can hear it and smell it in the air. Harvey on channel 5 said we’d have a short shower, and he was right. It is just enough to wet the grass seed in the front yard.

      We will be back to the 50’s starting late tonight. Gone is that unseasonable warmth. I’m just fine with that.

      Have a great evening-you and all your renters!

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