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  1. katry Says:

    Robert Brault quote

  2. flyboybob Says:

    Our first TV was a Crosley 10 inch screen table top model. It had several knobs on the front including focus, a radio type channel selector, volume with off and it included FM radio.

    • katry Says:

      I don’t remember our first TV, but I do remember the console with the doors which covered the TV. The console was huge and the TV small.

      • Bob Says:

        You and I are the first generation to have TV our entire lives. We have changed the way information is distributed from print to video. The lack of reading by our’s and subsequent generations allowed Trump to win the highest office in the land. We live in the land of sound bites.

        When the Texas Rangers arrived in Arlington Texas in 1972 I coved them for a small AM daytime radio station. We in the electronic media were prohibited from sitting in the main press box because that seating was controlled by The Baseball Writers of America which required you to write for a newspaper. By 1974 the wall came down and radio and TV reporters could move from the auxiliary press box to the main box.

      • katry Says:

        I disagree with your saying our generation doesn’t read. All my friends are readers as are my sisters who are younger than I. I know the kids I taught were not readers so that starts after us.

        Trump was elected by supporters less educated who earn less than the average republican. They wanted a change. Trump was not a politician and that spoke to many of them. They are now finding out they were duped.

  3. minicapt Says:


    • katry Says:

      I don’t remember having a screen that big when I was a kid. The console was always way bigger than the TV inside it. We used to sit on the floor a few feet away from the screen. It drove my mother crazy.

      • Bob Says:

        I remember we had a 21 inch Zenith TV in the late 1950s with a remote control that would change the channel with some kind of sound that occurred when you pressed the button.

      • katry Says:

        I think we had much smaller screens when I was young. I don’t remember the first bigger screen. I do remember our first color TV which did have a big screen.

  4. GnuFOOL Says:

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