“Yes, I deserve a spring–I owe nobody nothing.”

The sun decided to make an appearance yesterday, and it was warm enough for appetizers on the deck. Today is a bright sunny day with a beautiful light blue sky, but the weatherman warned us about being deceived as clouds are just waiting in the wings and today will be in the mid-50’s. Tonight will be sweatshirt weather in the 40’s. My sister in Colorado got a foot of snow the other day. She sent pictures of the trees by her deck so laden with wet snow they had bent over and were touching the deck. It had been in the 30’s. I’ve decided I won’t complain about the weather here.

Peapod came this morning. My larder overflows. I remember when I was a kid, my mother and father went grocery shopping on Friday nights. My mother couldn’t drive so she was stuck with my father who went up and down the aisles with her and drove her crazy about the cost of what she was buying. He wanted cheaper. She ignored him.

We used to attack the kid food as if we were locusts so my mother would stow away the desserts she was saving for our lunches, and we were threatened with bodily harm if we dared eat them. The cookies were the first to go. There were always Oreos. Sometimes there were the original Fig Newtons which I really liked. You could dunk Oreos in milk but Fig Newtons were just to eat, no dunking. Saltines were always around. They were for soup and for peanut butter or just butter. I remember putting so many Saltines in my soup bowl no liquid was left. If I needed a snack, I’d have Saltines with peanut butter and marshmallow. At kids’ parties, one game was to fill your mouth with Saltines then try to whistle. Saltines were an all-purpose cracker.

I haven’t eaten beets in years because when I tasted them a long time back, I didn’t care for their taste, but I’m thinking of giving beets another try. Maybe I’ll start with baby beets. Somehow that seems right.

I need Skip, my factotum, to open the deck for summer. I know it can still get chilly, but the sun warms the deck in the afternoon, and I want to take full advantage. Life is sweet and is the sweetest in summer.

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4 Comments on ““Yes, I deserve a spring–I owe nobody nothing.””

  1. Bob Says:

    When I was a teenager in NYC neither my aunt nor my uncle could drive. My cousin, who is two years older than me, got his drivers liscence at sixteen so that he could take my aunt and sometimes my uncle to the large Waldbaum’s super market on Saturadys. They came homework with bags and bags filled to the brim contains everything she needed for the week. If she ran out or forgot something she would send me or my cousin to the small supermarket a couple of blocks from the house.

    My sister and I would help to unpack the bags to see what goodies she had purchased. Oreos were and still are my favorite cookie. My favorite cracker then and now are Ritz. I can eat them plain, with peanut butter or plain butter.

    Today it’s windy and cooler with a partly cloudy sky. It not only snowed in Denver but as far south as Amarillo Texas. Freak Spring snowstorms are common in that part of the country. One Thursday before Good Friday I flew an up and back trip to Denver. When I left Dallas the weather was forecast to be in the mid 50s in Denver with a chance of thunderstorms. I checked the weather passing Amarilloand the weather and the forecast remained the same. I was just ready to begin my descent from 35,000 ft. when Dever Center asked if I had the current weather for Centenial airport. When he read me the weather my jaw dropped. They were getting a blizzard and the visibility was too low to land. I asked to go to my planned alternate, Stapleton international and they told me I would have to hold for two hours because they only had one runway open. We diverted to Colorado Springs and had to spend the night.

    That night the cold front spawned several tornadoes in Texas. Last night the cold front spawned three tornados in East Texas that killed six people.

    • katry Says:

      My mother was the same way. During the week we got sent to either the white store or the red store usually for bread and once in a while for milk.

      I also love Ritz. It is the best topping for a fish or shrimp casserole. I never put butter on my Ritz, peanut butter yes.

      We never have sudden storms this time of year. I remember a snowstorm in March but not ever in April. My sister said they got a foot of snow. She does have the strangest weather. It will be freezing and snowy and two days later in the 70’s. She has already had a week of weather in the 80’s.

      It is already getting colder.

  2. olof1 Says:

    I can’t complain even if I wanted to, yesterday turned out quite nice and warm and this morning, even though chilly, is just what I need. Sunshine and a clear blue sky. It is really warm in the sunshine so I can have the kitchen door open but it is still rather cold in the shadows, it was way below 32 last night and it isn’t much warmer now to be honest 🙂

    We rarely had cookies or things like that at home when I grew up, lost of fruit but never cookies. If we actually would have it at home it would be gone within seconds 🙂

    Albin is complaining right now, he is half sleeping on the sunny spot by the kitchen door (I closed it for a few minutes) and even though he likes to sleep there he would rather have me to open the door so he can sleep on the lawn instead 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Your weather and mine are somewhat similar. We have spring days then we have end of winter days. Mother Nature hasn’t yet made up her mind. It does get tiresome.

      We had apples, oranges and bananas, go to foods when the cookies were done. I still buy bananas and oranges. They are favorites as is pineapple.

      Dogs do get so demanding. Gracie is on the couch, but has developed another problem. She pees while sleeping. My friend’s dog had the same issue and the vet gave her pills so I’ll have to call mine. It never seems to end!

      Have a great day!!

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