“I make no secret of the fact that I would rather lie on a sofa than sweep beneath it.”

Today is cloudy and damp. It is supposed to be a warm day with the temperature reaching the mid 60’s, but it had better clear up quickly as it is a threatening sky. When Gracie and I went out, I waited for her and by the time I got inside I was chilly.

Gracie and I had a bad night. Falling asleep was difficult so I gave up trying around 2:30 and turned on the TV. It was 4 on my last time check before I finally fell into the arms of Morpheus. Poor Gracie was restless, and it was my fault.

When I was a kid, the Saturday night menu never changed. We always had hot dogs, baked beans, and brown bread. I never ate the beans, but I did eat the brown bread and loved the hot dogs. The brown bread came in a can. I used to butter it. Sometimes my mother fried it a bit. That was my favorite way to eat brown bread. I think it tasted better warm than cold. A while back, I bought a can of brown bread. I figure I was overwhelmed with nostalgia. When I opened the can of bread, I easily remembered the indentations circling it. I always thought they were a design. I toasted the bread then buttered it. I was shocked to find I didn’t like the taste all that much. I guess my memories have been tempered by time.

My dirty clothes have been sitting in front of the cellar door for over a week. When I was working, I did my laundry every Sunday. I lived by a weekend schedule. Now that I have all the time in the world, I do it when the mood hits me or when I am out of clean underwear. It’s the same with going to the dump which was another Sunday chore. I went the other day. I could smell the bag in my trunk. It was either leave all my windows open or go on an unscheduled dump run. Gracie was thrilled with my choice and so was I. The car smelled much better in a day or two with the windows cracked open.

I figure I inherited doing weekend chores from my father. Saturday was his big day. It was get a haircut or trim day, pick-up and leave his white shirts at the Chinaman’s, as my dad called the laundry, and drop in to say hello to friends like Pullo the druggist. When my dad retired, his schedule fell all to pieces. He didn’t need to get shirts cleaned. He let his hair get just a bit longer, and he didn’t go uptown anywhere near as often. I figure retirement means throwing out any schedule.

This morning I have a couple of errands. Tonight is Darci Rose’s tenth birthday dinner. She is a Westie who thinks of me as Aunt Kat or at least I think so. I need to buy her birthday presents.

The sun is coming out. Let’s hear a halleluiah!

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6 Comments on ““I make no secret of the fact that I would rather lie on a sofa than sweep beneath it.””

  1. Bob Says:

    When I was a kid Saturday was chore day for my father. My dad always did the yard work himself on Saturday mornings. Our home in Dallas had a large lawn on a lot a hundred feet wide and fifty feet deep with only a couple of trees. In those days my father used yard work to keep in shape. He also took a lot of pride in a well kept lawn. 🙂

    In the 1950s men went to the barbershop every two weeks. Barbers used to use a straight razor to shave around your ears and the back of your neck. Crew cuts and flat tops were popular and the sound of electric clippers were heard continuously on Saturdays. The anti war movement in the 60s and 70s made longer hair popular and the stigma of military style haircuts killed the old fashioned barbershop.

    Yesterday, I got my monthly haircut at one of the chain unisex hair salons where they are prohibited from shaving with a razor because they are not barbers but hair stylists. There are a few barbershops still in business around town but they charge at least twice as much money for a haircut and they still offer shaves. Maybe next month I will treat myself to an old fashioned haircut.

    Today is muggy and cloudy as we await the possibility of severe thunderstorms this afternoon ahead of the cold front. Right now the temperature is in the mid 80s with a high dew point which will provide the energy for the storms with a potential for up to baseball size hail and tornadoes.

    • katry Says:

      My father also used Saturday for yard work. He’d bring out his old grass cutter and cut the grass in his own sort of design. I loved the sound of the blades when he mowed.

      My brother always got what we called a whiffle which is like the first army haircut in boot camp. The boys I knew in high school didn’t get flat tops. They just had regular hair cuts.

      We still have a barber shop. The third generation is now the barber. A lot of guys though do go to the salon. There is no law against shaving the back of the neck here. Just add the name salon and you can charge so much more.

      We have the high 60’s, but a cold front is due here too. It will go down to the 40’s. No rain expected until some time next week. We have had plenty lately. I don’t remember the last time we had hail.

      • flyboybob Says:

        My dad had a push type rotary power mower and he always cut the lawn in the same back and forth pattern. He also used an electric edger to make a sharp edge between the grass and the curb.

        The place where I get my haircut is a chain called ‘Great Clips’ and they only hire stylists. In Texas a hair stylist’s license doesn’t allow shaving with a razor. The barbers still have a lot of power in the state legislature to make sure that only barbers can offer shaves. I’m amazed at how many young bald men are shaving all the hair on their heads including the remaining fringe and look like billiard balls.

        There are a couple of other men’s haircutting chains such as ‘Sport Clips’. A haircut at these places is $15 without any extras. I get the senior discount which is the same price if I include a two dollar tip.

      • katry Says:

        My dad loved his push mower. He was so particular about the pattern of cutting that he wouldn’t let anyone else cut his lawn. I remember how proud he was of that lawn.

        I wonder the same about the shaved heads. One of my nephews has done it. His head looks a bit like a melon. He was losing his hair and thought no hair was better than some hair.

        My friend Tony goes to that barber I mentioned. I think Rays Barber Shop is the only one still around. He has a small barber pole outside the shop.

        My haircut the other day was at a chain called Pro Cuts. They do men’s hair as well. The cost was 15.00. She did a great job.

  2. olof1 Says:

    After the adventure with the deer the weather changed and we had sunshine for big parts of the day. It never was especially warm though. The sky looks clear now so I guess we’ll get a cold night but they say we’ll have sunshine tomorrow 🙂

    I’ve never bought a bread in a can but I know there are a few brown breads that are sort of boiled in cans, pumpernickel is one of them I think and I do like that one but that one tastes a lot.

    I don’t think we had any special chore day in my family when I grew up but I do have one now, Sunday except during vacation, then I do my chores when ever I feel like it 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’d take the cold if I could have a bit of sun. Today turned into a lovely day with a sunny afternoon and warm weather. Tomorrow will drop down to the 50’s.

      I suppose there are other canned bread, but we only ate one kind.


      I never had a chore day when I was a kid. We actually didn’t have any chores though my brother was supposed to empty the kitchen basket into the barrel.

      Have a great day!!

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