“‘Twas Easter-Sunday. The full-blossomed trees Filled all the air with fragrance and with joy.”

Happy Easter!!

Alexa woke me up at 7:15 this morning so I could go down the street and decorate the tree beside my friends’ deck. It is a tradition. I draped garlands, old cards and egg shaped ornaments all over the tree then left quickly. I hate getting caught. I’ll go back down to my friends’ house later for baskets then we’ll leave for dinner.

It is a glorious Easter Sunday, sunny and warm, perfect for showing off new clothes and whirling dresses. The pictures will all be outside in front of budding trees, flowering bushes and the bright bulb flowers like the dafs and hyacinths.

When I was a kid, we wore our new clothes to church then over to my grandparents’ house in East Boston. My grandparents always had special Easter treats for all of us like candy and small baskets. I have one very distinct memory of an Easter Sunday with them in East Boston. My grandparents lived in an apartment before they moved a couple of streets away to a house. The apartment was the one on the second floor. My great-grandfather was still alive and living with my grandparents. He used to sit on a rocking chair in the room with the big gas heater. He’d yell and spit. We used to run as fast as we could to get by him to get to the TV room. I remember all of that, and I remember the Easter he snatched my basket away from me. I don’t remember the snatching, but I remember the horror, and I remember running to the kitchen crying to tell my mother what happened. My grandmother came to the rescue and got my basket back. I stayed in the kitchen for the rest of the visit.

When I was down the street this morning, I noticed the house across the street had eggs all over the grass and under trees. Later I heard the kids hunting and one yelling that he’d found more eggs. I figured he’d gotten to the lawn which had tons of eggs scattered  all over, no hunting skills required. The eggs were all colored plastic unlike the eggs of my day which were real, hard-boiled colored by hand eggs. Sometimes the count of found eggs was less than the count of hidden eggs. That’s why outside hunting was always best.

I hope you have the loveliest of Sundays and a wonderful Easter.

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13 Comments on ““‘Twas Easter-Sunday. The full-blossomed trees Filled all the air with fragrance and with joy.””

  1. Bob Says:

    As a true chocoholic my parents indulged us with chocolate eggs and bunnies regardless that we were Jewish. Chocolate crosses all religious and cultural lines. 🙂 My 1950s parents didn’t want us to miss out on any fun so we hung up stockings on the mantle on Christmas Eve and ate candy eggs on Easter. We were raised in a gastronomicly ecumenical household.

    I still love the Cadbury chocolate eggs filled with caramel. The current chocolate bunnies are hollow inside while the one’s when I was kid were solid milk chocolate. Inflation has struck the chocolate bunny industry. Higher prices and less chocolate. 🙂

    Today is cloudy with a good chance of rain this evening. Our hot water has been out since last night so I’m not inclined to take cold shower and get dressed. Hopefully they will get it repaired by tomorrow morning when I have to go to work.

    • katry Says:

      I figure chocolate has no denomination. I haven’t ever received a chocolate cross. That just seems wrong somehow. I like your parents. They made sure you enjoyed the customs of the holidays.

      I’m with you and the caramel. I find the original eggs too sweet. I always buy good chocolate from the candy store. The rabbits I give are all solid.

      It was almost summer warm here today. It was short sleeve weather until late afternoon when it started to get chilly.

  2. Birgit Says:

    R.I.P. leftover chocolate Santa, one more day for both chocolate bunnies. Fortunately we have two Easter holidays.
    Kat, enjoy your meal and time with friends and
    Happy Easter / Passover / Eggs&Chocolate-Day to all of you!

    • katry Says:

      Wow, I don’t think any chocolate of mine has gotten older than a couple of days after Christmas.

      I have eggs and rabbits just waiting to be munched.

      Dinner was perfect.

      Happy Easter et al!!

  3. Hedley Says:

    The Easter Vigil took us close to midnight. When was the last time we were up this late I asked Mrs MDH – New Years Eve she responded which was completely not exactly true as we were fast asleep by 10.

    It was an extraordinary celebration down the St John Fisher Chapel, everyone was there, my kids their spouses and the Prince. So many friends in the congregation, who chose to be there.

    I took my son and wife to the airport this morning and they are back in Orlando. I have never got used to the idea that they have gone and formed their own families. So these weekends are treasured and won’t be forgotten.

    We caught up on the AR this afternoon, as a result I have zero interest in going to Tanzania, I was bummed the cop and fire lady went out and wondered how you could lose a passport. I am glad the AR is back.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Mrs. MDH was just hoping that you’d made it to the magical hour of midnight. I, on the other hand, would wish for earlier bedtimes for myself. I get involved in something and the time gets away from me. 1 is my usual bedtime.

      I love that the whole family celebrated together at the chapel. I don’t remember all of us going together to mass. I’m figuring we must have but I just don’t remember.

      My parents always loved it when I’d go visit or my sister would fly in from Colorado, and I loved to visit. My other sister lived close and was there every day for lunch from work.

      I am also glad the AR is back. I was not happy it missed the fall schedule.

  4. olof1 Says:

    I can’t complain about yesterday, the weather predicvtions were way off so we got lots of sunshine and almost 50F 🙂 Right now however when looking out the window I see tiny little snowflakes falling and I’m not happy about it. I do hope that’ve gotten it just as wrong today as they did yesterday with their predictions, I really enjoyed that warmth and sunshine 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It was so warm today that I wore short sleeves. It is still 61˚ and is raining. Tomorrow should be as warm as today was. I’d have screamed if it snowed on Easter!

      Have a great day!!

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I smiled to read about your Easter morning escapade. 🙂
    No decorations on my lawn. Well, just what the real bunnies leave behind. The dogs think it’s treats. :/

    My brother, sister-in-law and I pooled our mutual gift certificates from Christmas and had Easter dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant. Shumai, lo mein, sushi and mai tai’s are not very traditional but were very tasty. And the company was very enjoyable.

    The day was warm and sunny and perfect in every way.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      No decorations on my lawn either, not even surprises left by bunnies. There are a few in the neighborhood but I haven’t seen them up this way in a while.

      I figure whatever you choose to eat is just fine. Thanksgiving has turkey, but all the other holidays are up for grab.

      It was perfect here as well.

  6. Erin Apostolos Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I love reading that story about our Great-Grandfather stealing your Easter Basket. My mother told me that he had Alzheimer’s. They used to have to lock him in the house or he’d escape. In working on our genealogy, it runs in the family. His uncle was at Danvers’ State due to “senility.” In his younger days he was a dapper man, a barber cutting hair for the men at the State House. The few photos I’ve seen of him he is in a nice suit, wearing a fedora. I think the family kept him at home throughout his illness. I’ve tried to find his death certificate but haven’t been successful yet. Not sure which name he was using and exactly when he died. Do you have any estimates of death?

    • katry Says:

      I don’t remember him other than as my basket thief. I knew he wasn’t okay given his swearing and spitting. I thought his name was Rogers, but I can’t be sure.

      I haven’t ever seen a picture of him. That he was a barber sounds familiar to me. I don’t know anything about his death.

      • Erin Apostolos Says:

        He went by John Perry Rogers, but his real name was Joao Perrirea Rodrigues. When I went to MA Vital Records to find his death, I tried looking under Rogers and Rodrigues. I didn’t find him. I think I found him in the Boston Directories through 1954 or 55. I’ll keep working on it!

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