“Every day my mother had tea. My dad has his ritual cigar. They had their evening cocktail. Those rituals were done nicely, with flair and feeling.”

Today is chilly, damp and cloudy. Last night it rained, and the ground is still wet. More rain is expected today. My dance card is empty so I’m staying close to hearth and home. I’m declaring today a sloth day. It’s a sit on the couch, watch TV, and snack day. It is comfy clothes including a sweatshirt that has seen better days. It is not fit for public viewing.

It has been a quiet news day. The front page of the Globe had only a single Trump article, and it was at the bottom of the page: “Trump girds for tax fight and Prepares to reverse Obama climate plan.”

When I’d visit my mother, she and I had rituals. We’d sit for hours at the kitchen table playing Big Boggle. We’d order take out for dinner. She paid and I picked up. On Saturday, we did some shopping. Both she and I liked off-beat places, never a mall. Sometimes we’d venture afar. One Saturday we went as far as North Conway, and we shopped and had lunch. We were gone so long my father figured we were lost, wandering aimlessly from backroad to backroad. Little did he realize that my mother and I loved backroads, even when we had no idea where we’d end up. On Saturday night, depending on the season, my father barbecued. It was always a couple of different meats, chips, a potato salad or pepper and egg. Chinese sausage was the favorite meat one year, but my mother’s marinated steak tips were perennial favorites. On Sunday morning my dad went out early for donuts. He was a plain donut guy, and he spread butter on it. He’d then start cooking breakfast. It was always eggs, bacon and toast. The eggs were easy over and the bacon crispy. I’d sit at the kitchen table to keep him company    Sometimes I was on toast duty. Sunday afternoons were for cribbage. When I won, it was the luck of the draw. When my dad won, it was expertise. I lived to skunk him.

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9 Comments on ““Every day my mother had tea. My dad has his ritual cigar. They had their evening cocktail. Those rituals were done nicely, with flair and feeling.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    And so an excellent weekend with the ten year old they call The Prince concluded. He scored “Beauty and the Beast” an 11 out of 10 and if he is happy then we are all happy.

    Chapel called us on Saturday night and the two of us helped carry the gifts to the altar. Father Mike pointed out he will soon pass me for height. Father Mike knows these things

    He (The Prince not Father Mike) has been selected for the school baseball team which is comprised primarily of 6th graders. As a 5th grader he is a sure glove at 1st and can hit the thing far enough to make others go chase it. I am hoping that his games will be on the weekend so I can take up my rightful place on the bleachers.

    My grandfather taught me cribbage, we played together and then he left us and we didn’t. I liked it, but he was much better than me.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I’m so glad you had such a wonderful weekend with The Prince. My nephew and his family saw the movie and gave it a thumbs up. My sisters are going to see it next week.

      You’re right about Father MIke.

      My sister and brother-in-law, the grandparents, seldom miss one of Ryder’s games. He is also in the fifth grade. He plays football, basketball and soccer. His basketball team won the championship after overtime. His favorite is football.

      My father and I were competitive. I could beat him and he me, but if I won, we’d have to play until he did.

  2. Bob Says:

    My dad had a Sunday brunch ritual when I was living with him while I was going to college. He would buy a dozen bagels and make a lox, onion egg dish. He would butter the bottom and sides of a frying pan, beat the lox prices, chopped onion and egg mixture in a blender until the eggs where frothy. He would pour the mixture into the heated pan and cover it with a tight lid and cook it on a low heat. The eggs would rise and he would then cut it into slices like a pie. The bagels were toasted and smeared with cream cheese.

    I just read that Trump has appointed his son in law Jared Kushner to be in charge of everything else. Trump can now spend his time being the commander in chief of two areas of his expertise, golf and tweeting. 🙂


    Sunny and cool today. Cool is the low 70s. Big storms rumbled through Denton and Colin counties last night dropping baseball size hail in some areas.

    • katry Says:

      Okay other than the lox, that sounds delicious. I wouldn’t have thought of using bagels. Even after cooking it, you still have to toast the bagels?

      He didn’t tweet today. Rumor has it his staff as stopped him for a while, but they did that before, and he still tweeted.

      I am watching Rachel Maddow, and she is connecting Jared Kushner to Russian bankers and to Putin’s favorite bank and banker.

      • Bob Says:

        The bagels are not part of the dish, they are just eaten as a side dish, it might be good with bacon instead of lox. Everything is better with bacon.

      • katry Says:

        Thanks, Bob! I would have put the bagels on the bottom and sides of the pan.

        You’re right about bacon.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Okay, Trump news, I know I shouldn’t comment on that but let’s see…
    Four main German news feeds I follow – Tuesday 24 hours – US topics:
    Disunited Republicans, Kushner’s new task , Kushner Russia investigation, healthcare Republicans, health care with Democrats, USA vs. UN, climate plan, steel protectionism, US criticizes Russian arrests, Californian governor, Dow Jones and a funny one: our chancellor invited Ivanka T. to the G20-summit, topic women’s influence in world business. (Did you hear me groaning?)
    You’re right, same here, not so many clear Trump news. Btw, do you follow news about Turkey in the States, a possible blue-print for some people how to reconstruct a state?
    We’ve had a nice sunny spring day here.

    • Birgit Says:

      Oops, Monday’s news. Tuesday greetings.

    • katry Says:

      Turkey does appear periodically in the papers and on TV. On the reconstruction of a state, the papers are citing Hitler as the perfect example and publish the steps he used. They are familiar.

      I watch a lot of MSNBC. After the election, I decided I was done with Trump so I would not watch television news. The Trumpcare bill and Russian connections drew me back.

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