“St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The day is sunny and beautiful though still chilly. I was out on the deck watching Gracie. She ran with wild abandonment through the backyard. I could hear the crunch of the dead leaves and small branches as she ran. I got cold and went back inside. She stayed out a bit longer. It must have been exhausting as she and Maddie are taking their early afternoon naps.

St. Patrick has always been my favorite saint. I went to St. Patrick’s grammar school, belonged to St. Patrick’s parish, and when I was 10, I started marching in St. Patrick’s Shamrocks, a drill team. I was in the juniors and only had practice Saturday mornings at the armory just beyond Stoneham Square. The armory was a wonderful old brick building. On the first floor were military banners and flags and, in one room, a pool table. Upstairs was a large open room where we practiced. It was smaller than the fields for the summer competitions so we learned our maneuver in pieces which were put together once we got outside on the field. We practiced twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays and, once the season started, some Sunday mornings before we left for the competitions. We also marched in parades, including the St. Patrick’s Day parade in South Boston. We were naturals as we had a shamrock in the middle of our uniform blouses and between the skirt and blouse was a sash with one bit of yellow, a shamrock. Our colors were green and white. The crowds watching the parade were huge. We got lots of applause.

My parents always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Some years they’d have a party, and the house would be filled with people. There was always lots of singing at every one of my parents’ parties especially on St. Patrick’s Day. The kitchen was the party hub. I can still picture my dad and my uncle Jack standing together by the table with an arm on each other’s shoulders as they sang When Irish Eyes are smiling. Their voices were filled with such joy and exuberance. That memory from so long ago is one of my favorites.

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10 Comments on ““St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    No St. Patrick’s Day celebrations here so we have to take World Sleep Day instead. Unfortunately no World Sleep Day parties either.

  2. William Sandford Says:

    Not many replies so far. Everyone must be out at the bars.
    Looks like snow for you tomorrow.
    Yesterday I was at Town elections from 7-7. We signed up atotal of 6 new voters. My name was on the ballot for Supervisors of the Checklist. I don’t know the results yet. Maybe I lost to a write-up candidate.

    • katry Says:

      It looks like Sunday for snow. That gives me time to move south.

      Did you vet those new voters? Did any of them have an accent? Were they wearing sombreros?

      I figure you won in a landslide.

      • William Sandford Says:

        I checked the parking lot and a lot of cars had MA plates.

        I wouldn’t mind if a write-in candidate won. The term is 6 years and town and primary elections are long and boring. The election in Nov. was non-stop signing up of new voters, maybe over 100, which shows how controversial it was. I do get paid $7/hr, so we can put the Hamburg back in the Hamburger Helper soon.
        Tonight is our Trinidadian supper. Stay tuned.

      • katry Says:

        Did you catch the buses?

        It is easy money!! How nice you are so involved in your local politics.

        So many voters for your hamlet. Are you sure they weren’t swarthy?

        Have a great dinner!!!

  3. Bob Says:

    My father died on St.Patrick day fifteen years ago. So every St. Patrick day I raise a glass of beer, preferably a Guinness stout, to my father’s memory. Tonight I drank a Sam Adams. We have absolutely no Irish blood in our family but it’s still fun.

    Is St.Patrick still a saint? I recall watching the Tonight Show when Johnny asked Ed what he was going to do now that the Pope had de-sainted him. Ed Mc Mahon’s response was that he would drink to Mr. Patrick. 🙂 The wonderful thing about holidays like St. Patrick day is that no one cares if he rid Ireland of snakes, there were never any snakes, or made the three leaf clover famous, it’s a day to celebrate your heritage. Do the Protestant Irish wear orange three leaf clovers? 🙂

    Happy St. Patrick day to all my friends regardless if you are Irish or just wish you were.

    • katry Says:

      It is fun, and it’s a wonderful way to remember your dad. Mine died 24 years ago on March 14th. He was waked on St. Patrick’s Day. My mother put a green carnation on his lapel. The priest came in wearing a green collar. He said he was a bit hesitant as he was afraid the family wouldn’t like it, but then he saw the flower.

      He was never canonized. I found this, “There was no formal process for canonization in place when Patrick died. He was proclaimed a saint by popular acclaim, probably with the approval of a bishop. The official process for canonization did not come until about the 12th century.”

      I agree. It is a time to celebrate my heritage. My mother’s maiden name was Gallagher!

      Happy St. Pat’s Day to you!!!

  4. olof1 Says:

    No saints to celebrate and no parades in this country but if we had had one yesterday they would have blown away in the strong winds we had 🙂

    Happy St. Patricks Day!


    • katry Says:

      The big parade is tomorrow in South Boston, home to many of Irish -Americans. I even lived there until I was 5.

      Lots of saints. I bet they’d let you have a couple or just make up your own.

      Happy weekend!!

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