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  1. katry Says:

    Tom Robbins quote

    • katry Says:

      I had this picture wrong. I thought the woman had a washing tub and a wringer. That it is an iron made perfect sense once I knew what it was.

      • J Says:

        Hi Kat
        Thanks for the image. My mother had a GE rotary iron (in a white metal cabinet). She ironed altar linens with it; also bed sheets, tablecloths, etc. She could even do shirts with it. As I remember she showed me how to feed stock into it, controlling take-up into the rotary iron with a knee pedal inside the cabinet.
        Hadn’t thought of it in years!

      • katry Says:

        Hey J,
        My mother had a regular iron. If she had an earlier model, I don’t remember. I do remember how much it steamed.

        I’m trying to envision your mother’s machine. A rotary iron with a knee pedal defies my imagination.

      • J Says:

        Here it is …. GE AR20 Rotary Iron. Lived on the back porch for years, then moved down to the cellar.

      • katry Says:

        That is one huge houseware piece. It would have to go into our cellar as there would have been no room upstairs. Does the whole thing fold up into the cabinet? I can see why you’d need help figuring it out. Your mother taught you how to load the clothes. I totally understand the loading part being a bit complicated.

    • katry Says:

      I always thought he started everything including his show with Thanks for the Memories. Even the commercials were funny. The audience loved him.

      I knew all of the stars he mentioned in his monologue, but I suspect many of them are unknown, too long a time.

      This is a great find!!

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