“And never resist a perfect moment.”

Today is bright with sunshine. The sky is mostly blue. The breeze is slight, so slight only the brown leaves are ruffling. It’s a pretty day, but it’s a cold day, wintry cold. It is around 34˚.  I have nowhere I have to go today. I haven’t even gotten dressed and probably won’t. I got Gracie down the steps to the yard earlier. She does well with me beside her. She is actually going by herself. I’m just a safety net.

Yesterday we went to the dump. I had two weeks worth of recyclables and trash. It was so cold at the dump it took my breath away. An Arctic wind was blowing across the whole dump. Every stop meant freezing wind. I was quick to finish, to go back into the warm car.

In my life, I have had some perfect days and nights. I can’t tell you why as the days were all different. The feelings, though, were the same. I felt joyful in a way, happy to be alive. I was aware of everything around me. I could have been Maria twirling on the mountain.

The night in Ireland, in Youghal, is one perfect night. We ate in a small room with a peat fire burning. The aroma was wonderful. We walked upstairs and each step sloped to the middle. My room had a bed with layers of quilts and blankets. The bathroom had saloon doors which left the toilet exposed to the world. The tub was claw-footed. I took a hot bath then ran to get dressed and under the covers as there was no heat. It was early spring cold. I nestled and began to read my Peter Whimsy mystery and eat some of my fruit and nut Cadbury chocolate bar. I realized in that very moment I didn’t need anything else. What I had exactly then was perfect.

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6 Comments on ““And never resist a perfect moment.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Maggie the Westie is struggling with old age. We are confronted with constant whining, “forgetting” her bathroom habits and problems with eyes, back legs and hearing.

    Todays visit to the vet was the normal $300 and the diagnosis that the dog has dementia. Doggie Dementia ? How on earth am I supposed to deal with that ? More blood work, a new prescription, the problems of an older dog continue. She is 14 now and we do our best. Last night she was throwing her bowls around at 10 pm so we went in to the garden and she wandered around for 20 minutes with very little intent other than to wander.

    Once she was a road warrior, demanding that I took her riding on the weekends. Maggie will be my last dog, I don’t want to do this again.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I fear this is the beginning for Gracie. She is an old dog by boxer age. She is healthy, according to the emergency vet we saw, but she can’t jump like she used to and stairs are perilous.

      Doggie dementia is also new to me.

      Gracie’s well dog visit is coming. She also had one 6 months ago, her old dog quick checkup. She is still a happy girl.

      I toss that back and forth in my head. Do I get another dog? I can’t imagine not having the company of a dog.

      • Hedley Says:

        I dunno Kat, this last year has been extremely difficult for the Terrier. I think that we are averaging about $1,000 a month in treatments which reflects her ongoing and expanding problems.

        I love having a hound but I am not sure that I can take on the general idea of being elderly (more so than now) with an old dog to worry about

      • Bob Says:

        Sometimes it’s more humane to have the vet put the dog to sleep rather than to drag on the inevitable. The last dog that I took to the vet was a 12 year old Greyhound who couldn’t get up by himself to go to the bathroom and to eat.

        I hope that should I become so mentally and physically incapacitated that I’m unable to know where I am, or able to eat, or go to the bathroom, or know who I am that someone will be humane enough to put me out of my misery. 🙂

        Clearing skies with another 80 degree day. I hope winter weather is over for this year.

      • katry Says:

        Gracie only takes a half a pill a day. She is generally healthy except for the steps and her back leg. I just got back from taking her down the outside steps.

        I also think of my age and training the puppy.

      • katry Says:

        I would never let any animals of mine suffer. It was heartbreaking, but I had to bring Fern to the vet’s. I understand that is part of my responsibility for having a pet.

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