“Poured a cup of hot sepia coffee in a wisteria flowered mug, dandelion sunshine spilling through the periwinkle sky.”

Gracie is home. A multitude of tests gave me nothing new. She has a heart flutter, but she has been taking meds for that. That she was dehydrated was the only concrete diagnosis. She is still skittish about the backstairs and wouldn’t go down them this morning so I took her out front. I’m going to try and get her down the other outside stairs which aren’t as steep.

I have decided not to lift 68 pounds again.

We are at the midpoint of winter. Behind us is only a little snow and too warm for winter temperatures. Ahead of us is February with the reputation of often being the snowiest month. It has already started out a cold month. My windshield has been covered with ice every morning. I notice it when I get the papers. In the old days, I would have been out scraping, but not anymore. It just melts.

I used to like to color. I always got a new box of Crayola crayons to start school and another new box in my Christmas stocking and sometimes one in my Easter basket. Crayons almost never got thrown away. I used to keep mine in a cigar box. The crayons were all sizes from almost brand new to stubs with barely enough room for fingers and no paper left to identify the crayon color. They became just blue or green or red and lost fancy names like Venetian Red, Cerulean Blue or Pine Tree. We didn’t have sharpeners for our crayons back then so the tips would blunt and could only be used in big areas. I never used the white. You couldn’t see it, only feel it. Faces got left uncolored. My finished works got more sophisticated as I got older. My young stuff was mostly in the lines and I used basic colors, nothing fancy. My older coloring,ย whenย I was 9 or 10, was shaded, nuanced. I’d spent time choosing just the right colors as if my pictures were works of art. My mother always put them on the fridge.

When I was in Ghana, in one of my Christmas boxes, was a paint by number. It was one of my favorite gifts. I took time finishing it as I wanted the fun of it to last. When it was done, I hung it on the wall. It was a vase and flowers, a still life masterpiece.


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10 Comments on ““Poured a cup of hot sepia coffee in a wisteria flowered mug, dandelion sunshine spilling through the periwinkle sky.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I’m watching the clock – I arrived home to the news that the Prince will be blasting in to our world around 7:30 – it wasn’t scheduled but his arrival is always expected and enjoyed. We have Pumpa – Prince stuff that has been deferred

    Did Gracie rock the dump run ? Maggie the Westie is celebrating her 14th

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I’m so glad to know The Prince is coming. You have been missing him. That it is a surprise is even better.

      Gracie rocked the dump today. She was also glad for a stop to buy our Sunday game fixings as I always buy her a biscuit from there.

      Gracie won’t go down the back stairs where she fell. I have tried by standing in front of her, but she runs off back into the house. I have had to take her out front. I’m hoping she’ll get over this.

  2. Bob Says:

    Glad to hear that Gracie is back home.

    Today was more typical of winter here in North Texas. Partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 50s. February is usually our coolest and most likely to get frozen precipitation. Does anyone remember Super Bowl 45 in Jerry’s world in the snow. The city of Dallas was so embarrassed they went out and bought a couple of snow plows. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Although you are a Pat’s fan I think this is Atlanta’s year. However, on any given Sunday anything can happen. I look forward to the commercials and the halftime show. The game itself is usually anti-climatic.

    With today’s high tech computer toys the big box of crayons creative but is old fashioned.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Bob.
      It was so quiet when she wasn’t here, I kept expecting her to come around the corner from the living room.

      There was nothing conclusive. They found the heart flutter for which she is already taking medication. The residue is she won’t go down the back stairs where she fell She is obviously scared. I have been taking her out front on the leash. I’ll try in the daytime to encourage her down the stairs.

      Our nights are going to be quite cold. The days will be in the 40’s. No show on the horizon.

      Atlanta is favored to win, but I won’t count the Pats out quite yet.

      Kids still love to color with crayons. My sister’s grandchildren sit on the floor to color.

  3. olof1 Says:

    I’m so glad that Gracie is ok! Still I always find it annoying when they don’t find anything when something like that happens, I’m just as stressed if it happens again and know nothing that can help the dog.

    We’ll get snow today and next week will be colder so it will stay too, I was hoping we wouldn’t have to get any more of it since the roads now are really good. I guess I really can’t complain since it’s only in the beginning of February.

    The crayola crayons could at least be sharpened with a knife even though lots of precious crayon got lost that way. Later on when I got the pastel crayons, which are softer and sort of fat in its texture, that was impossible ๐Ÿ™‚ I still liked those crayons better though.

    The paint by numbers they sell over here usually have very dull colors, they look as if they have been hanging in the sun for ages even if they just are painted ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Still it was fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      That is so true. On one hand I am glad they found nothing but on the other hand she did lose the use of one leg and nearly fell off the bed. I paid $2500.00 for her care and the tests. She is so worth the money, but I wish there was something to show for it.

      It is quite cold today, and that will be the weather for most of the week. I don’t know about snow, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

      I still have a pack of crayons hanging around just in case I need them.

      The colors were pretty bright on my paint by number but that was a long time ago. I don’t even know if they are still sold.

      Have a wonderful day!

      • olof1 Says:

        They do sell them here but with just as dull colors ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if Gracie might have a back problem, Erna, Viran and Orvar lost the control of their legs because of that but the medicine they got helped really good.

      • katry Says:

        They did X-rays but found nothing with her back. I’m even wondering if I saw what I saw. She was on the edge of the bed so maybe that’s why she fell. I just don’t know.

        Her medicine is for her heart, and she has been taking it a long while so I don’t think that’s to blame.

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