“I couldn’t shed the cold; it clung to every bit of me.”

I walked out of the house to get the papers and was totally taken aback at how cold it was. It was sunny then but the sun was just a backdrop providing some light but no heat. Since then the sun has been replaced by whitish clouds. Snow will be coming later but only an inch or two. I’m staying home today where I’ll be warm and comfortable.

When I was a kid, winter usually meant staying inside after school. I’d do my homework and then watch TV. The only exercise I had was walking to and from school. We, the four of us, must have driven my mother crazy. My brother and I would tease our younger sisters. He and I would sit on the couch on each side of one sister and point at her. That drove her crazy and she’d yell to my mother about us. We’d yell back and say we weren’t even touching her, but my mother knew. She’d tell us to stop.

I didn’t my bike out much in the winter. Mostly I walked everywhere. Some Saturdays I’d ride with my father when he did his errands. My favorite stop was at the Chinaman’s as everyone in town called it. The shop was where my dad left his white shirts each week to be cleaned. Behind the counter on shelves were bundles of cleaned shirts wrapped in brown paper tied with string. The laundry was always steamy from the big ironing machine by the window. I used to watch the Chinaman iron.

On Sunday, if I was up and dressed early enough I could ride with my father to church. He was an usher at the eight o’clock mass. He’d give me a dime to put in the basket. I always sat in a pew where he collected the money. The ushers never sat. They just stood in the back entryway and talked in whispers until it was time for the money offerings.

One of the best parts of being retired is staying home on the coldest of days, a day like to day.

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10 Comments on ““I couldn’t shed the cold; it clung to every bit of me.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    It is much the same temperatures here all the time now, just below or above 32 but there’s no wind, rain or snow so I won’t complain about it. They predicted January and February to be much colder than normal here this year and so far they haven’t even been remotely close to being rtight 🙂

    I was the youngest and five years younger than my closest sibling in age, so no one bothered me 🙂 On the contrary, they always kept an eye towards my direction so nothing bad would happen to me 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It is down to 28˚ now and will be colder tonight. It has just started to snow.

      We have had a mostly warm January though this last day may change the average temperature.

      My brother and I were close in age, 16 months difference. My sisters are close in age so it was like two against two.

  2. Hedley Says:

    im6 could not wait to alert me that Bob is rolling out “Triplicate” a 3 CD , 30 song collection of standards. Foolishly I sampled one track and lasted about 60 seconds. Awful, just plain horrible.

    And so I wait patiently for the bootleg series to deliver BOTT or the born again music. Either would serve me well (super subliminal there) . I have finally broken in to the 66 Live box set and started the long march through the 36 discs. I played 4 discs back to back and then slumped down in front of Black Sails.

    I do like Bob but I like my Bob to be Bob and not a crooning Bob.

    • Birgit Says:

      Kat, link to a new Dylan cover from the 3 disc-set Hedley mentioned, just in case im6 hasn’t already sent it:
      Let’s see it positive, we can save money 🙂

      Hedley, good luck, just 32 CDs left!
      Please tell us when you discover any 1966 concert highlights.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I can’t even imagine Bob singing standards. It just doesn’t compute.

      It will be a long trek through all those discs. That you lasted through 4 of them deserves admiration. I seldom binge music.

      I’m right with you in wanting Bob to be Bob.

      • Hedley Says:

        Birgit and Kat – the discs are split between acoustic Bob and plugged in Bob and the sources are erratic in terms of sound quality and completeness of songs.

        OK, got to be distracted as Tottenham are about to play at Sunderland and I have the game ready to go on my PC and on my iphone. Hopefully work doesn’t get in the way

      • katry Says:

        I would hate for work to get in the way of Tottenham. What an inconvenience.

        I’d not be happy with inconsistent quality.

  3. Bob Says:

    Yet another warm clear beautiful day here in North Texas. Today’s high is expected to reach at least 77 F degrees. Because today is the last day of January I’m holding my breath waiting for February to be a winter disaster at least once.

    My job as the older brother of the family was and still is to aggravate my younger sister to the maximum extent possible. Even though she is in her mid sixties I enjoy giving her as much hell as I can and she makes it easy. She’s a big Trump supporter and posts these horrible anti Obama videos from some right wing loony-toon websites. During the campaign I answered her outlandish comments until my spouse told me to stop. Her latest post was a comment to Trump’s immigration ban because our grand parents were screened at Ellis Island before they were allowed to enter the US. Of course she forgets that the current refugees and visitors from those majority Muslim countries have all been vetted before they got onto the airplane. No one vetted our grandparents when they left Eastern Europe until they reached NY.

    I wonder if Trump called his temporary Attorney General to the Whitehouse to tell her in person, ‘You’re fired’. He’s been practicing on TV to say that for years…LOL 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I know you like the heat this time of year, but that’s summer weather for me. Your summers are just far too hot to be enjoyed. We always get snow in February.

      That’s true about Ellis. Most refugees did not have papers for entering the US. They arrived and went through health and immigration then. Even ones who were sick were hospitalized there and were allowed to enter when they got better.

      Many now were vetted over two years before they were given visas to enter legally.

      Your last paragraph gave me a good laugh!

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