I Was Only Telling A Lie: James Taylor

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6 Comments on “I Was Only Telling A Lie: James Taylor”

  1. Birgit Says:

    … and one to remember Maggie Roche
    Not exactly a song about lying but with the following line this song might be close enough to match today’s topic.
    “If you are a sexist pig
    then i have got to dislike you
    for the rest of my life”

    • katry Says:

      That line, sadly enough, is perfect. I hate losing Maggie Roche.

      Yesterday we got to hear Trump at the C.I.A. lying that he respects the intelligent community and has their back. Anything written to the contrary is from the lying press. This is the man who called “intelligence” (quotation marks his) agencies Nazis just a few weeks back.

      Then we have Kellyanne Conway calling remarks by Trump and his press secretary alternative truth.

      Spice, press secretary extraordinaire, said. “It was the largest crowd ever to watch any inauguration. Period.”

  2. lilydark Says:

    I’ve never heard Taylor sing this song. It is fitting. I didn’t watch Trumpf, I slept right thru it.
    I feel so bad about Maggie Roche. Her sisters mention that she was often hurt by this world, and that she was such a kind, sensitive woman. There are hints about it, but nothing I can piece together.
    Think I’ll listen to the link Birgit posted. The lyrics “If you are a sexist pig
    then i have got to dislike you
    for the rest of my life” also fit .

    Lori and the troubled gang.

    • katry Says:

      I didn’t watch his inauguration and I watched the C.I.A. speech on YouTube. I refuse to watch him live. If he is on the news, I mute the TV.

      I also feel bad about Maggie Roche. I hadn’t heard about her being hurt by the world. That’s a horrible thing.

      We can make Birgit’s song our Anti-Trump anthem.

      Kat and the Kids

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