“Colder by the hour, more dead with every breath.”

This morning I just didn’t want to get out of bed. It was 9:15 when I first woke up. Considering how late I went to bed, I figured it was too early to get up so I snuggled under the covers and went back to sleep. I slept until 10. Maddie started howling. Gracie was snoring. I decided the bed was too warm and I was too comfy so I went back to sleep. It was easy. I slept another hour so it was close to 11 when I dragged myself out of bed. I have no guilt at sleeping the morning away. I have no obligations, no errands and no chores though I could do a laundry, but I won’t.

Last night I want the Patriots beat the Texans. It wasn’t the Pats best game as Brady was intercepted and sacked, but my Pats prevailed. The game started late, 8:15, and ended late so my friends and I decided to make it an evening. First, we ate Chinese and played Phase 10, our favorite game. I happened to win. Clare and I alternate winning. Tony hasn’t won since last March. We’re planning a gala for his anniversary of one year without a win. He isn’t looking forward to the festivities.

It was cold last night, 24˚, so today at 34˚ feels warmer. The low this evening will be 19˚. When I lived in Ghana, it was hot and dry in January. It was harmattan. Dust blew over everything. The sun was obscured. Rain was months away. My candle melted without being lit. The water was often turned off. I took bucket baths, and I had to take a few before I got the knack. I got good at it.

During Peace Corps staging, a time when we all came together for nearly a week before leaving for Ghana, I was asked if I minded going to the north. My response was to ask why the question. What was it about the north? The psychologist asking the question didn’t know the answer. I told him I didn’t care where in Ghana I was to be posted. That settled it. I went to the far north, the Upper Region. I even knew before I left staging I was going to be in Bolgatanga. The remote posting areas were filled first. That was Bolga. That was the place with a long dry season when days reached 100˚ or more. I think of that this time of year, the coldest time of year here in New England, but if I were given a choice between the two, the hot, hot dry days or the freezing days and nights, I’d chose the cold. I couldn’t escape the heat, but I can always bundle up to escape the cold.

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14 Comments on ““Colder by the hour, more dead with every breath.””

    • katry Says:

      I was surprised at how many songs have this same title. I like this song, but I also liked The Everlys. I also like the Stevie Wonder.

  1. flyboybob Says:

    Another drizzly day with the temperature coming up towards 60 degrees. A cold front is expected later today which will give us a line of thunderstorms with a slight chance of severe. Wait, that’s not January type weather, it’s springtime weather. Mother nature must really be confused because in Oklahoma and the rest of the Midwest the same system that is giving us drizzle is giving them ice. Oh, mother nature is not confused she’s just choking from all the Co2 we have been pumping into the upper atmosphere causing the global warming.

    I can think of better cruises such as in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean but now cruise ships can travel from Montreal to Nome Alaska through the ‘Northwest Passage’ that explorers have been searching for since the New World was discovered.

    In about an hour the Cowboys and the Packers will play indoors at Jerry’s world with the dome closed. The winner will play the Falcons for the right to play the AFC champion in Super Bowel 51. It was 50 years today that the first Super Bowl was played between the Packers and the KC Chiefs. It wasn’t called Super Bowl in 1967 but the NFL AFL Championship Game. It was played in the LA Colosseum. The Packers under Vince Lombardy won the first two Super Bowls. That’s why the trophy is named for him. Lombardy came from the NY Giants where he and Tom Landry coached. Lombardy took over the head coach for the Packers and Landry for the expansion Dallas Cowboys.

    One cold night in Green Bay Lombardi crawled into bed and his wife exclaimed, ‘God your feet are cold’ to which Lombardi responded, ‘In bed you can call me Vince’. It’s a great story regardless of the truth. Today President elect Trump doesn’t care about the truth so why should anyone else. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      I may be complaining but today is about an average day for January. The nights, though, do get really cold. I have no reason to be out, and for that I am glad.

      I remembering reading the book The Northwest Passage and seeing the movie, excellent movie.

      I remember that first Super Bowl. I also remember the legend Vince Lombardi and his Packers. I am hoping the Pats keep moving along. It would be a great Super Bowl if the Pats played the Cowboys. They are the two best teams in football so the game has the potential of being terrific.

      It is a great Vince story.

      • Bob Says:

        On December 31st. 1967 I was driving back from NYC with some friends from college after a Christmas vacation trip. The Cowboys were playing the Packers at Lambeau field for the NFL Champioship in sub zero weather for the right to play in Super Bowl II. We listened to the game on the radio as we drove through downtown Indianapolis where the temperature on a bank clock read -7 F degrees. It was so cold that the condensation from our breath froze on the inside of the car windows. 🙂

        Green Bay went on to win Super Bowl II as well as the first and that’s why the trophy is named for Vince Lombardi and not Tom Landry.

      • katry Says:

        I haven’t ever driven when it is that cold. I can’t even imagine condensation freezing.

        I never watched those first two championships, the first two Super Bowls. It took me a while to get interested in football.

        Here is a good article on the naming of the trophy:


  2. lilydark Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Just wanted to check in. It’s cold for us here, in not so sunny CA., but you would laugh about how we think what cold is.
    I put on the heat, but Cookie kitty wanted the window open,in my bedroom and whatever she wants she gets.
    We have had a few big rainstorms, but luckily I didn’t lose power.
    A week ago I had the pleasure of seeing John Mccutheon perform, and he did make fun of what the bay area considers dangerous weather conditions.
    Take Care,
    Lori and her crew.

    • katry Says:

      I also chuckle at Bob’s cold weather in Texas at 50˚. That deck weather here.

      I’d be amazed if rain showers brought down lines. Around here the ice on the lines adds so many pounds the lines snap; however, we don’t have ice. Rain, though, is coming.

      I laugh at cars on the road trying to drive through the snow and ice.

      Our best,
      Me, Maddie and Gracie

  3. olof1 Says:

    I didn’t want to go up at all this morning. 7,9F outside and it was so nice and warm in the bed. The car was covered in thick ice and snow so it took some time to scrape itr all off. Now we’ll get warrmer weather again and I will not complain about it 🙂

    My workfriend watch the Pats every time they play but last night he fell asleep ion front of the tv just before they started, I’ve never seen him so awake at work on a Monday morning during football season before 🙂

    Even though it is easier to flee fromthe cold I still prefer the warm weather even if it means I won’t sleep well. If any problem comes along, like say the car needs to be repaired it is so much easier to take that during hot days than cold. Everything seems so much worse if it is cold outside 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I used to hate having to scrape the car windshield when I used to work. That meant getting outside earlier so I could get to work at the right time.

      We will have rain tomorrow then it will also get warmer the days after that. My standards are different in the winter. 40˚ is warm.

      The Pats played Saturday so that was probably why he was so wide awake. Next Sunday, though, they will be playing again.

      I survive the heat because I have a full house air-conditioner. I have had one upstairs for the longest time. The third floor stays hot in summer and cold in winter. It is certainly cheaper in the summer than the winter-no furnace running!

      Enjoy the day!!

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