“No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.”

Today we have fake weather, similar to fake news. I looked out the window and saw a blue sky and a sunlit day. No wind was blowing. I was thinking warm and pleasant. I was thinking the deck and sun on my face, but I was wrong, lulled into believing the view outside my window. I can’t even get to the deck. It is covered in snow, in deep snow. Outside is freezing, only 16˚. The high will be 24˚.

I haven’t gone stir crazy, but I’m still watching the worst movie I think I’ve ever seen, one called Land of Doom. There isn’t a single actor in the cast. I’m figuring the leads, both female and male, have mundane jobs and took time off to make this movie hoping for the best. I have no idea of the actual plot. Marauders on motorcycles destroy villages, kill the men and rape the women. Our leads get caught, kick their way out of the capture and move on only to be caught again. The cast seems huge, but most of the time their faces are hidden so the same people can be used time and time again in different roles. The society is primitive, but there are plenty of motorcycles with full tanks of gas. There are also flies. They walk on the food and on the faces of the cast. I’d be swatting, but the cast doesn’t seem to care. Unless this is the only movie left on Earth, don’t watch it.

The living room is clean. I swept and vacuumed yesterday. I put the furniture back. I just haven’t cleared the couch. That will be first. It is up and down the cellar stairs for me today.

Gracie slid on the driveway last night. The stairs were clear of snow, and I had put de-icer on them so each step was down to the wood and safe for walking. Gracie made it to the tar then slid, her back legs splayed. She looked like Bambi on the ice. I kept watching and she walked just fine through the snow to the backyard. I then threw de-icer on the driveway, and it was clear of ice this morning. I also threw de-icer on the front step. I don’t want to tempt the fates.

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4 Comments on ““No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I remember reading somewhere that you get used to flies walking on your skin if you live in one those fly-ridden places. The only ones you swat at are the ones near your eyes, nostrils or mouth. I don’t know. I worked in a big barn and there were parts of it that had lots of flies. I never got used to them crawling on me. Maybe the actors in your film had insensitivity training. 🙂

    It was lovely and sunny and colder than midnight on Pluto up here, too. I took the dogs out first thing this morning and neither of them did anything. Piki Dog spent the time trying to scrape his sweater off and Rocky spent his time alternating the paw he was holding up off the snow. I gave up. We’ve been out several times since then and they’ve managed to accomplish most of their duties out there. They did get me to walk them around the outside of the house in the deep snow. It was a good thing because I had neglected to lock the cellar door after I put the snowblower away.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I never got used to the flies when I lived in Africa. They would walk all over babies’ faces, and I hated it. I’d try to scare them away, but they always came back. They seldom were around me, but I had to protect my food. Once USAID left a cartoon at my school which was shown on a Saturday entertainment night. It was about covering food from flies. First, the flies landed on nightsoil (feces) them landed on food. My students loved the cartoon more than they noticed the message.

      Gracie slid down the stairs. I put more de-icer on them but it lasted only so long. I just got home from friends and Gracie went out only to slide down three or four stairs. Luckily she kept her footing, but he scared me nonetheless.

      It is currently 7˚.

      Enjoy the morning!

  2. Bob Says:

    Yesterday the temperature was 25 degrees below normal and tomorrow we will be 25 degrees above normal. What we have here is a very bad movie called “Global Warming Deniers”. The deniers are the bad guys who pollute the atmosphere in the pursuit of profits. The oil, gas and coal interests are applauding because every member of the Trump team nor the Republican led Congress doesn’t believe global warming is a man made problem but a Chinese plot. 🙂 The good guys keep trying to convince the other kings and princes of the world that the Trump team means business and will fight to kill all global warming protocols. The big fight will come as various Trump hotels and golf courses near the ocean begin to be flooded with salt water at high tides. Trump himself is standing knee deep in sea water on the 18th green tweeting that Meryl Streep is a terrible actress.

    Hopefully for our children the good guys finally win this horrible movie.

    • katry Says:

      Last night was 7˚. The snow made it seemed much colder as if I thought that could be possible. That snowstorm was more snow than we had in any storm last year. Tomorrow will be in the 50’s. Rain is coming. Every day things melt then every afternoon they freeze. My front step is a danger zone despite how often I throw on de-icer. Other than this last week, this winter has been warmer and more snowless than the last 10 or 15 years. To deny global warmer is a tragedy happening as we watch!

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