Summer is the season of inferior sledding.”

With the back door open, I can feel the cold coming in through the dog door. I think Gracie will have to ring her bells to go outside as I’m shutting the inside door. She’s already been out three or four times, once just to bark, so I figure I won’t be jumping up and down to let her out. Snow is coming tomorrow. A winter weather advisory is in place for the cape. The snow should start after midnight so I’ll be waking up to a white world. We’re expecting 2-4 inches from this storm then more on Sunday. This is the first snow of the season for us.

When I was a kid, the TV didn’t have a rolling list of no school announcements. We listened for the horn from the fire station. I don’t remember what the pattern of beeps was, but back then, we all knew and we waited then cheered after we’d heard it. We were all familiar with that horn. It blew every day at noon and for any fires. In the town phone book was a list of what the beeps meant, where in town the fire was. We all used to stop to listen and count.

Snow is never a burden to a kid. The more snow that falls the better the sledding. My street was never plowed all the way down to the road so the hill made for a great ride. The cars going up and down the hill helped. Their tires would tamp down the snow. The sun would sometimes melt the top layer which would freeze at night when it always got colder.  The first rides down were at blazing speeds on the ice cover. Sledders at the bottom would warn us if a car was coming on the cross street below the hill. We’d use our feet as brakes or, as a last resort, we’d throw ourselves off the sleds. No one ever got hit, but I think it was mostly luck because we hated stopping our sleds. They’d whiz over the cross road into a field where the higher snow would finally stop us.

We’d sled all day long. Our mittens got soaked. Our boots always had snow inside them because we’d walk through the high snow on the field to get back to the hill. Our cheeks got red and so did our legs under our ski pants. Late in the afternoon mothers started yelling out front doors for us to come inside. We’d sneak one more ride pretending we hadn’t heard them. When the yelling got a bit louder and more strident, we’d walk to the backyard, jam our sleds upright in the snow then slide down the snow covered stairs to the cellar. We’d leave our wet clothes on the lines so they’d dry overnight. We wanted to be ready for the next day and the ice on the hill.

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8 Comments on “Summer is the season of inferior sledding.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    WE already have snow here and at the moment it is colder than -0,4F. It will drop during the night so I wonder how cold it will be. It’ll stay for two days I think and then it’ll be warmer again. I think it will be too cold for the hunters to go out tomorrow so I’m hoping for a long walk on the bog.

    We could sled down the road outside the apartment building but the best places were in the big park I lived next door to. There were several places we could go to, it all depended on how many people that were out. We never had much snow though but when it came the nasty cold winds from the ocean drove us inside, playing canasta and drinking tea 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I am not looking forward to weather like yours though it is coming. It will go as low as 10˚ or 12˚ in the next few nights. I guess I shouldn’t complain as it has been rather warm.

      I wouldn’t be walking on such cold days. Gracie is at the age where she gets tired more quickly and long walks tire her.

      Kids around here go to golf courses. Because we are at sea level, there are very few hills worth sledding down. The golf course has quite a good one, and I see kids sledding there as soon as a ground cover falls.

      Stay warm and have a great evening!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Sunny and cold here, tonight we’ll reach 20°F, that’s really cold for us gulfstream spoilt folks. No snow as usual but at least we’ve had it for a day. I miss the snow. My old sled in the cellar too.

    • katry Says:

      We haven’t had snow. It is not usual that we get the storm and Boston and points north don’t. Ski country is thrilled with the amount of snow they have.

      I did love my sled!

  3. Bob Says:

    The Canadian air mass moving south will give us a temperature of 20F degrees tomorrow morning. The counties to the north along the Red River are expecting some snow but here in the DFW area we might get a few flurries. Tomorrow the high temperature might get to above freezing.

    When I was about five my parents bought me a sled.similar to the one in the picture. We were living in Brooklyn N.Y. where it actually snowed regularly. My father took me to Highland Park where there were some hills so I could go down on the sled. My mother bundled me up in at least three layers of clothes and a snow suit with a hood, my mittens were attached to my sleeves and I had rubber boots over my shoes. If I had an oxygen tank I could have walked on the moon in that outfit. The next year we moved to Texas and the sled never came out of the closet again.

    Every kid looks forward to snow days. Although they were rare we even had them here in Dallas. An unexpected holiday from the classroom is always welcome to any kid. Unfortunately, my niece and nephew never had the opportunity to enjoy a snow day because they lived in Tampa Florida. Maybe the got hurricane days. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      We are in a cold pattern at least through the weekend. It will be down to the teens by the weekend. That is the coldest weather so far this winter.

      I recognize your outfit. Mine was similar except my mittens weren’t clipped, and I wore a hat instead of a hood. I remember the boots with the shoes. It wasn’t easy to get them on and far more difficult to get them off. I remember pulling and pulling over my shoes. Getting them off again often meant pulling my feet out of the shoes then pulling the shoes out of the boots.

      We lived on a hill so sledding was close. Down here there are few hills so the kids usually go sledding on the hills at the golf course.

      We didn’t have to make up snow days when I was a kid, but they do now. School must be in session 180 days so snow days are added at the end.

      • Bob Says:

        Just saw the latest forecast. They are predicting a low of 15F degrees by Saturday morning. However, the warm up will start on Sunday and looking at 70F by the middle of next week.

      • katry Says:

        Now that is really cold! We are looking at a warm up as well-50’s by the middle of next week.

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