“fuzzy black lines hiccuped across the screen.”

All the hoopla is over. It is time to put Christmas away, my project for the week. I also need to grocery shop. Alexa is keeping my list. I added coffee filters and trash bags this morning.

Tomorrow Gracie and I are going to the dump. It’s back to the mundane. All the anticipation is gone. January is a boring month.

Being stuck in the house was always a winter woe when I was little. It was either too cold or too wet or too snowy to go out. We’d play games until we got bored then we’d watch TV for a while. We’d play in the cellar. The bottom of the banister was a horse to me. I’d use old blankets to make a saddle to put over the wood. I’d concoct a story of me as the sheriff or the marshall, and I’d ride that horse until I’d captured the bad guy. I was every character, and I’d use different voices. My lowest voice was the bad guy’s. He always got caught.

My favorite way to spend time was lying in bed reading my new Christmas book. I was cozy under the blankets. The headboard lamp was warm. It lit the pages perfectly. I was by myself. I heard nothing. I had been captured by my book.

Even now, so many years later, I find books the best way to while away time. I don’t read in bed much anymore as I tend to fall asleep; instead, I get cozy here in the den on the couch with an afghan keeping me warm and Gracie asleep by my feet. It is always time well spent.

Today I watched Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford who always wears a suit and his fedora. It is in black and white and dates from the mid-1950’s. In this episode, the Highway Patrol is hunting an escaped mental patient with homicidal tendencies and abnormally strong hands. He is a frustrated violin player whose hand jumps so he can no longer play. That is often what triggers his rage: any mention of his hand or music. He just killed a man who mentioned the shaking hand. 21-50 to headquarters. Body found! 10-4!

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  1. Hedley Says:

    Bruce and Elvis, great musical picks today Kat,

    Around Thanksgiving, I picked up the live Tunnel of Love tour triple CD from Bruce Live (official not a bootleg) for $17. It was a discount day and I couldn’t resist as Mrs MDH and I had seen the show at the Joe Louis in 1988 just a few days before the recording. It has been played and is suitably fabgear. As you know we saw Bruce in Paris during the summer when his appearance at the Bercy was coincidently during our visit for the soccer. It “refreshed” my interest in his music.

    I am feeling the enslaught of the January depression. The Lions will make a brief playoff appearance next Sunday and I will transfer my support to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Prince’s Uncle. Why not #72 in this year’s Super Bowl ?

    I am in the mood for vintage TV and fired up “Kind hearts and Coronets” which goes quite well as we recently saw “A Gentlemans Guide to Murder” .

    Right, time for a nap or take the terrier out….

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Thank you!

      I don’t know why I buy so little music. I used to buy lots of albums, but then I got into downloading individual songs. I got an iTunes gift certificate so I’ll be shopping there.

      It is amazing that you found such a bargain at $17.00. I would have bought it as well, especially if I had seen the show. Mrs. MDH is a wonder. She is ever willing to go to concerts and shows.

      My allegiance will be with the Pats in two weeks when they next play. Number 12 is still working from his anger at Goodell. Mr. Brady has been amazing, throwing only 2 interceptions this whole season, a shorter season for him thanks to Roger. If they fail, I don’t know which team I’ll root for to win.

      Kind Hearts and Coronets is one of my favorite films.

      I took a nap!!

  2. Bob Says:

    I have been a couch potato since I have been off work since the 24th. and I’m ready to return to work tomorrow. The weather today is beautiful after a line of thunderstorms passed through early this morning the temperature is now 72 degrees. Winter returns on Wednesday.

    I just watched the St. Louis Blues defeate the Chicago Blackhawks out doors in St. Louis. I’m not a big hockey fan but the Chicago goalie Cory Crawford is the nephew of our customer service person in our Toronto training center. Last year she had his jersey hanging in her office and I asked her why she had a Blachawk jersey. Of course I looked really dumb as she explained he her nephew and was the goalie on the winning Stanley Cup Blackhawk team.

    I can’t read in bed either because of the same reason as you, nodding off to sleep. Staying awake while watching boring TV or reading in bed is becoming harder and harder. I’m hoping to nod off one day and painlessly pass away. I used to say the best way to go was to be shot by a jealous husband when he catches me in bed with is 32 year old wife when I’m 102. Naw, with my luck I would live through the pain of the shooting and become a quadriplegic.

    • katry Says:

      I haven’t done much since the weekend started. I did manage two loads of wash which usually sit in front of the cellar door a while. I have also started to put Christmas away so I haven’t been totally idle.

      If I were asked to name one Boston Bruin, I couldn’t. I could name the whole Red Sox, many of the Patriots and also many Celtics. I went to a college which had a great hockey program, but I never got interested in pro hockey.

      I sometimes watch my iPad in bed, and I seem to stay awake longer with that than a book. I figure the best way to go is in my sleep.

  3. Birgit Says:

    First snow today 🙂
    Back home from my 2nd trip now, nothing on TV or radio, too lazy to do anything serious, time to check my feed reader and listen to some music (like Ella and Tom Waits on KTCC) and podcasts I’ve missed last week.

    • katry Says:

      We haven’t yet had snow though they have had plenty in Northern Mass and New Hampshire. I don’t care if we ever get it!

      Nothing on TV here either. I do have some DVR’d stuff I can watch, and there is always Netflix.

      Enjoy the evening!

  4. olof1 Says:

    No more reading books in bed as I like You tend to fall asleep 🙂 but boks are and have always been the best way to spend time.

    When I had started school I usually was at my best friend all day long. We often played cards or other games and had several tea breaks with either a boún and a few cookies or cheese sandwiches with a slice of bellpepper on top 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I love being grabbed by the pages of a good book. I can read all day and well into the night. Sometimes I have read all night without realizing it.

      My school friends all lived right near me when I was very young. We all branched out when we were older. Most times I just played around the house after school in the winter.

      Enjoy your evening!!

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