“Nothing burns like the cold.”

Today is a busy day. Peapod is due to arrive so I’ll have to put my groceries away, and my house will be getting cleaned this afternoon. I just have to lift my feet for the vacuum and the mop.

The Polar Vortex has appeared again. I always think it sounds like the title of a low budget scifi movie, but it isn’t. Tonight we will get down to single digits and there is a high wind warning for down here. Winds will be 25 to 35 mph with gusts between 55 and 65 mph. Bitterly cold wind chills are expected overnight. The warning also says there is a danger of power failures. If that happens, we’ll freeze to death (note: overly dramatic).

My tree is just about finished. It needs a few ornaments in the middle, in a spot with few branches, and it needs to be moved. I couldn’t move it, too heavy for me. When Lee comes to clean, I’ll have him move it to the corner then I’ll finish decorating. Last night I sat in the living room looking at my tree. It’s beautiful.

Many ornaments on the tree are memories. My mother needle-pointed my sisters and me ornaments with our initials. Mine is K for kings, the three kings. One Christmas I cross-stitched ornaments for everyone’s gift. My mother collected sheep so a few of her ornaments had sheep. I have them now. Pinocchio was bought in Florence, in a small toy shop my mother and I found. There is a stitched ornament from Hungry, a harp from Ireland my friends gave me, molas from Panama we got at the San Blas Islands, beaded ornaments from Ghana, a wooden angel also from Ghana and a small red and green Bolga basket I hang at the end of a branch so it doesn’t get lost. My mother gave us ornaments from our childhood for our trees. A few are mssing paint but most are in wonderful shape for being old. I love putting them on the tree.

My house is almost decorated. Gracie’s crate is getting some lights this year. A small plastic Santa is on the counter in the bathroom as sort of a night light. My kitchen has the pepper lights. Gracie has a holiday collar. I love festive!

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10 Comments on ““Nothing burns like the cold.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    My Jeep yelled 2f as I wandered through Pontiac this morning. Wind Chill is -11f said the over chirpy Brandon the weatherman.

    The commute is stretching, my outside snow blowing and dog maintenance time is thoroughly unpleasant and they are promising another 10″ of snow tomorrow through Saturday when Mrs MDH and I are supposed to be down The Fisher for “Beautiful – Carole King the Musical”

    Our home is Christmas ready, I need to wrap gifts, and my son has suddenly announced that he and his wife are flying home from Orlando for 10 days – this was unexpected and awfully nice

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      That is stay in your house and keep warm weather. It is not fit for man nor beast. We too will have similar cold with bone-chilling winds. Luckily, we won’t have snow!

      I hope the weather cooperates enough for you to see the musical. Maybe the snow will be early and the road clear for you to leave.

      My house is now Christmas ready. I have gifts for my friends to wrap, but I have this and next week to do that. My boxes arrived in Colorado, my sister has been enjoying her fudge and I have done my grocery shopping.

      How wonderful you’ll have your son home for Christmas.

  2. GnuFOOL Says:

    GnuFOOL-ism 101
    “Protect your WITS , everything else gets Taxed”

  3. lilydarkl Says:

    Everything sounds divine. Send us a picture of you tree if you can. I hope there won’t be thought police.
    RIght now Cookie is the only one who can read my thoughts.
    Happy Holidays.
    Lori and the Crew.

    • katry Says:

      I’ll take a picture and post it on Facebook. Now that the tree is in its actual spot, I see where I need to put on a few more ornaments. I’ll just have to haul them upstairs.

      The house is nearly perfect for Christmas.

  4. Bob Says:

    The Polar Vortex will be visiting us Sunday morning. The prognosis is for a high temperature of 75 degrees on Saturday afternoon and 21 degrees early Sunday morning. We used to call those cold fronts an Alberta Clipper.

    The only downside of the holiday season is the horrible letdown on January third when we have to go back to work with the coldest part of winter still ahead. No lights, no parties and nothing to look forward until Spring. All the lights will be extinguished and the curb sides will be littered with sad looking Christmas trees laying on their sides waiting to be picked up by the park department trucks to be turned into mulch. Woman get a little bit of fun in February from Valentine’s day followed by that great American holiday, President’s day. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      It is here already. Tonight will be single digits. Tomorrow it will get to 19˚. The wind is tremendous tonight.

      I do hate it when all the lights go out. I leave mine on until little Christmas. We don’t have trash pickup so we have to take our trees to the dump. They keep some intact to use them to protect the sand dunes at the ocean. Others are mulched so the park department can use the mulch throughout the town.

  5. sprite Says:

    Our tree is like yours — a combination of ornaments from my youth, ones made by me and by family members, gifts from friends, and souvenirs of travels to exotic places. I had so many ornaments that when Rudi joined our family, my mother started giving him his own ornaments so he wouldn’t feel left out.

    Of course, it makes it hard at my tree-trimming party because people think we’re done when there are (comparatively) only a few ornaments on the tree. They look dumbstruck when I explain there are still hundreds more to go on. But when it’s done, it makes me so happy to see…

    • katry Says:

      I have so many ornaments still downstairs, but my back screamed so I stopped carrying bins up and down the stairs. I may try again tomorrow.

      I love all the ornaments. They mean so much. I laughed at your mother giving ornaments to Rudi. It is wonderful for both of them.

      I love just sitting and looking

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