“Laziness is the first step towards efficiency.”

or mThere isn’t any sun again. I’ve lost track of how many days. I get up and see clouds out the window; I go to get the papers and feel the cold and damp. The wind is slight so that’s a good thing. Only the edges of the brown leaves flutter and none fall to the ground.

Gracie has a vet appointment at 12:00, an old dog appointment which just means a second physical to make sure all is well. She also needs one shot and to have her nails clipped. It will be expensive. It always is.

Maddie howled me awake this morning. It was late so she probably had lost her patience and wanted her treats and some loving, in that order. Now she is standing beside me getting her neck scratched, and she is purring. If I dare stop, she nudges me with her head.

The laundry is back downstairs in front of the cellar door. Last time it sat here nearly a week. I finally got sick of seeing it. I could have thrown it downstairs, but that would have been far too lazy even for me.

I went through all the catalogues I had yesterday only to get more in the mail. They are never ending.

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was how to fix the dog door. The plastic fell again. I’m thinking a plastic strip over the holes would keep the screws attached. The big holes would disappear. I think I have just what I need in the cellar. That is now today’s other chore. Changing the bed is tops on the list.

Winter makes me lazy. The summer invites me outside and the spring demands attention. Fall catches my eyes with all its color, and I don’t want to miss it. Those colors never last long enough. In winter I’d much rather stay home. Being outside has little appeal. I don’t have to get dressed but can stay in my laze around the house clothes. Any chores can keep. I figure if I dust, I’ll only have to dust again so why bother. The house is neat, and that’s enough.

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8 Comments on ““Laziness is the first step towards efficiency.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Albin has thankfully stayed quiet at nights lately but last night all the dogs stole my blanket so I woke up freezing 🙂 It is so nice to fall asleep again when it is warm and cozy 🙂

    Don’t You have those plastic plug things one put in a too big screw hole? They are usually quite brighjt red, blue or green, I think it has to do with size what color they have. I always have some here at home just in case so I haven’t had to use any in years now :-.)

    Sunny and bitterly cold here in the morning and a few degrees above
    F on my way home, the roads were anything but fun to drive on now in the evening. They say we’ll get snow on Thursday and I’m not happy.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      That’s too funny about the dogs.

      Gracie has a blanket on the couch but she prefers to use it as a pillow.

      I don’t have any of those plug things. I don’t know what they are. Tomorrow I’ll head to the hardware store to see if they can help me. My other idea is to attach plastic across the holes then put in the screws.

      It is still raining here and has been all day. It will probably rain tomorrow too.

      Enjoy your evening!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    When my bathroom door became unhinged, I couldn’t fix it because the screw holes were too big for the screws. I filled the holes with Elmer’s Glue, spread glue on the screw threads and screwed them in. I stuck some folded up newspaper under the door to keep it in place for 24 hours so the glue could dry. Works great. I probably won’t be able to get the screws out, should I need to, but I’ll cross that bridge then.

    Today was hair cut day for me. After getting my hair professionally cut and styled, I tromped around the salon owner’s fabulous garden, in the rain, without a hat or umbrella, and took photographs. But my hair still looked good. 🙂 He does a great job.

    It rained all day. The dogs refused to go out so I had to boot them out the door. In between they camped out on the couch, crowding me into one small corner, as usual. But they keep me warm. 🙂

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      The screw holes aren’t too big but rather the holes where the screws go to hold the door to the frame are. Two of the holes, the ones in the middle, are the right size but the two on each side are too big, and the screws slip out of the plastic but stay screwed to the frame.

      I have used wooden matches with Elmer’s Glue to fill a hole where the cabinet hinge goes. It does help keep the screw in the hole.

      It wasn’t raining when I brought Gracie to the vet’s but it was raining rather heavily when we got outside. I didn’t even have on a sweatshirt, just a flannel shirt. I had to have blood drawn but luckily there was a space right next to the building. After that I decided to go home.

      Gracie doesn’t mind going out but she is out for quite a short time.She too sleeps on the couch but at her own end. I am too warm for her.

      Have a great evening!

  3. Bob Says:

    I’m the least handy man in history. I have to keep repeating righty tighty and lefty loosey. My wife is much better at fixing things around the house and I’m good at taking estimates. 🙂

    After the thunderstorms yesterday morning, today started out crisp and clear with a low of 50 degrees and a high of 70 degrees. The leaves are just starting to turn. The average date for our first freeze here is November 22nd. I guess global warming has delayed the first freeze. Oh, I forgot our new President elect says global warming is bunk. Who can argue with the guy who won the popular vote if you discount all those illegal ballots. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I’m with you in the righty tighty and lefty loosey. I do try to fix things and am somewhat successful. I am so stubborn I keep trying until I get it or am perfectly sure I can’t.

      Our leaves are on the ground, a bed of brown. We have had only one or two freezes. The nights are in the high 30’s. Today it was 40˚.

      You can’t argue or disagree or you’re on the list. He is a bit like Nixon who also kept an enemies list.

      • Bob Says:

        In 1952, then Vice Presidential candidate Nixon gave his famous checkers speech where he proclaimed that he was not a crook. Unfortunately, it turned out he was not only a cook but could curse like a sailor. Trump is Nixon on steroids with a Twitter account and without the congressional experience that tricky Dicky had. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Trump lacks congressional experience and has not surrounded himself with qualified men or women for the positions for which he as hired them. They will spew Trump rhetoric.

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