“The cookie-verse is infinite”

Trying to find something to watch on TV is a losing battle. I told my remote to find me science fiction movies. The choices were strange. Cinderella was one. I guess it is the talking mice and the fairy godmothers. The only scifi choices I wanted to watch I’ve already seen or they cost money. I don’t get that money piece as many of the films are old and have already been on regular TV. If I had my druthers, I’d have a free channel devoted to B science fiction movies, the old black and white ones. I’d totally binge on those. Luckily, though, I don’t really need movies. I have books from the library, a couch and an afghan. I might even make popcorn.

The plastic dog door fell off again so I had to shut the back door because of the cold. It’s a good thing this is Gracie’s nap time or I’d be standing at the back door waiting for her to come inside. Later, I’ll try yet again to attach the new plastic door piece to the dog door frame. Because I did it once on the old plastic, I am determined to do it again.

My mother used to start calling around this time. She’d say, “Guess what I bought you this weekend,” and then she’d chuckle. I’d guess a few things, but I wasn’t ever right. On another call she’d tell me I was going to love what she had just bought me. Teasing me part of the fun of Christmas. My mother loved these days leading to Christmas with all the decorating and the baking. We’d discuss what each of us was making. I always made date-nut bread, coffee cake for Christmas morning, fudge for my sister and my dad, orange cookies for my mother and English toffee. My mother made sugar cookies, chocolate chip sometimes, biscotti one year and cookies press cookies another year. She’d also make a pie or two. The dining room table always had trays of goodies. My dad used to make several trips each night. He always drank milk with his cookies.

Every week I keep track of the number of miles I drive. Why I do that, I have no idea, especially now. I don’t go out every day. Tomorrow is my only must go out to do something day as Gracie has a vet appointment. Maybe on some other day, I’ll get a sudden urge to hit the road, if only for a ride, but then again, my house is warm and cozy and, best of all, I love being at home.


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  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    When my brothers and I were kids we’d try to find where the stash was hidden. It was usually in my parents’ bedroom closet or under their bed. One year she hid them on the shelf in my bedroom closet. I found them, of course. I didn’t peek or tell my brothers. But I wondered if she was testing my honor or figured that we would never think to look there.

    My mother didn’t much like the run up to Christmas. Like me she hated Xmas shopping and gift wrapping. My father was the Christmas fan. He loved to shop for presents and wrap gifts. He enjoyed decorating the tree and sharing memories of how his mother used to decorate. Then he and I would argue about where to place the tree lights and how to hang the tinsel. It was tradition. 🙂

    Today was sunny, breezy and cool. We’ve been for a couple of walks outside and it was warm in the sun but not so warm in the shade.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      My mother hid some of ours in the attic, but there wasn’t an easy to get up there, and the attic was just boards across with fiberglass in between and the ladder was a pull-down. I did find a few once in a downstairs closet. Her best hiding place was at the next door neighbor’s house.

      My father put on the lights, but he never really took care so we’d have to rearrange them before we decorated. He did do wrapping quite willingly. We all knew which ones he’d wrapped, and it was a bit of a family joke. He actually enjoyed doing it. He was also the best taster of all the goodies.

      We had a little sun today, but it was chilly. I think it is supposed to get warmer toward the middle of the week.

      Have a great afternoon!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Short TV alternative with cookies:

  3. im6 Says:

    Perhaps you have this site bookmarked, but if you don’t, maybe you can find some movies that meet your criteria. You’ll probably have to watch on your iPad, but that’s better than nothing. New movies go up on this site on Fridays.

    • katry Says:

      I think at some point or other I knew about this site but not in a long while. Now I get Friday Night at the movies!!


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