“Even though it’s dark and cold there is always a shade of light.”

The turkeys know they are free to come out of hiding. Yesterday I saw 14 of them taking their time strolling across a lawn, stopping to scratch for food or just standing there looking majestic which is quite a feat for turkeys to pull off. I got out of the car and used my phone for pictures wishing I had my camera with me. They began moving away one by one from me while still looking for food. I watched as the stragglers caught up with the rest of the rafter then I drove away.

It rained on and off as I shopped yesterday. I didn’t go to many stores, but I still managed to spend a bit of money. My last stop was for a few groceries and lunch. I treated myself to a quesadilla, a pulled pork quesadilla with a side of guacamole. I bought Gracie a special biscuit. I bought all the ingredients for a chocolate cream pie for game night tonight, but we’re not having a game night. I don’t dare to make the pie anyway as I’d eat it all.

Today is a lovely day, sunny and seasonally warm. My dance card has only a single item, the dump. I’ve already filled most of the trunk and have only a couple of bundles sitting by the front door waiting to be put into the car. Gracie will go crazy when she sees me going outside. She’ll know it is dump day.

I put a new plastic on the dog door. The old one was disgusting. Gracie now stands on the deck and looks through the clear plastic to the kitchen. I have no idea what she is looking for, but whatever it is makes no never mind. She comes in when she sees me. This morning the plastic was on the ground. The four screws didn’t seem to hold it. Two of the holes were bigger than the screws, but they were the same as on the old plastic which held for years. I must have forgotten the trick of making the screws stay in the holes. I tried again this morning and screwed them back into the plastic. I have high hopes.

Some of my neighbors have their houses lit for Christmas. It makes me anxious to have my house and deck lit. I love the way the colored lights in the front and the bright white star on the gate shine through the darkest of nights. I sometimes sit in my car just looking at my house and yard.


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8 Comments on ““Even though it’s dark and cold there is always a shade of light.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Well the first of the winter solstice celebrations is over and let the shopping continue as the leftovers disappear from the fridge. The stock market is booming which will help my 401k.

    Here in Texas I have never seen a free wild turkey much less a flock. The myth is that Ben Franklin wanted the wild turkey to be our national bird but cooler heads choose the bald eagle. This is the time of the year I’m reminded of the saying, “How do you expect to soar with Eagles when you work with turkeys.”:-)

    Today the cloud cover has thickened and the temperature has decreased as rain is forecast for the morning drive to work.

    • katry Says:

      There weren’t as many people shopping either on Friday or Saturday compared to other years. On-line sales have boomed as the discounts were also given on stores’ web pages. In many cases shipping was free.

      I looked it up and they are a rafter of turkeys, not a flock. Around here wild turkeys are not all that rare, and they travel in large rafters. There was a number of them which used to roost in the trees surrounding the pond at the end of my street, and they often walked on the street and through the yards. There is no hunting season for wild turkeys.

      The dampness of the afternoon has made it quite chilly.

      • Bob Says:

        Online shopping is very convenient and we buy a lot of things over the Internet.

        Sorry, I should have used rafter as you did. I just thought you had made an error. A flock is for what, ducks and geese?

        In January I was in Toronto waiting for the light to change at a major intersection when I saw a lone Canadian Goose walking around in the intersection. It was drizzling and he seemed oblivious to the drivers who were making left turns through the intersection. When the light changed I made sure not to run him over.

      • katry Says:

        I had to look up a group of turkeys as I didn’t know. As for geese-it is a strange one. On the ground, it is a gaggle of geese which I knew but in flight, they are called a skein which I didn’t know. A group of ducks is a flock while they are in flight. They are more often referred to as a raft, team or paddling while the group is on water, but I figure flock works just fine.

        I’m sure the goose was glad you watched out. I’m amazed it wasn’t scared by the cars in the intersection.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Today I heard J.S. Bach’s Christmas oratorio because my friend was singing. It was a great concert but I’m not in Christmas mood yet, Dec 24th is early enough. Advent in November is crazy and Christmas market downtown since early November is even crazier. Some commercial Christmas lights outside but only a few private homes are decorated yet.
    Btw, I usually take a wooden match or parts of it when a screw hole is too big.

    • katry Says:

      I get in the mood when I decorate the house and the outside lights are lit. I don’t even mind the wrapping of all those gifts.

      Lots of houses are lit. I have been surprised at how many so early after Thanksgiving.

      The hole is in the plastic which is then screwed to the door so the match trick won’t work. I tried pulling the plastic down so the screw was at the top, but that didn’t work either.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Sunny and cold all day today and I did get to see and feel it since I worked in the neighbor factory. I didn’t have any ice on the car this morning even if it was way below 32F, I guess it was the wind that stopped it. I won’t be that lucky tomorrow though, no wing at all and a star bright sky 🙂

    I just saw a meteor fall down the sky, at first I thought it was a private plane that had started to burn. It was rather amazing even if it wasn’t especially big. It locked as if it died out just above the mountain but I guess it was way much higher up.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I don’t want to scrape my car. When I worked, I hated having to go out early to clean off the car. I used to leave for work by 6:20 so the sun never hit my windows.

      Wow, I love seeing meteors. The last few summers it was too cloudy during the August meteor shower. I was so disappointed.

      Have a great day and stay warm!

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