“It takes darkness to be aware of the light.”

As silly and as childish as it sounds, I want to shake Gracie and Maddie so they can’t sleep. They managed to keep waking me up last night. Gracie was snoring and Maddie was howling. Right now both of them are enjoying their morning naps. They are deeply asleep.  I’m tired.

The weather is consistent. Every day has been in the mid 40’s. Last night the wind howled, and, sure enough, my lawn is covered again. Today is still. It is as if the wind has worn itself out. Later in the week, it will get warmer, to the high 50’s, Indian summer weather.

I am finally getting tired of seeing the laundry bags by the cellar door. I add more wash every day so the bags are filled. It’s time to do the dreaded chore.

Some days I actually have the wherewithal to attack and complete the chore list, maybe because the list is small or maybe because I feel guilty about putting things off for so long. Nope, it isn’t guilt.

The dump is on our list for tomorrow. My trunk is getting filled and more trash bags are still to come. I have to clean the cat box  and add it to the trunk load. I’ll be very careful as last week the litter bag opened and the trunk was filled with the loose litter from the bag. My newspaper and catalogue recycle bags are heavy. Every day I get huge numbers of catalogues. I go through most of them in case something catches my eye though I haven’t much Christmas shopping left to do. I just like looking.

My deck is still open only because Skip, my factotum, hasn’t gotten here yet. I have called, but he hasn’t called me back even though his wife said she’d take of it. I’m thinking it is getting close to Christmas lights so he might as well do both at the same time. I always hate it when the deck is closed. It is the acknowledgement that summer and the warm days of fall have ended. The deck looks so deserted with most of the furniture and the two umbrellas covered. The Christmas lights, though, do brighten the deck and the yard. They keep me going until Little Christmas. That’s when the whole yard is winter: deserted, cold and dark.


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4 Comments on ““It takes darkness to be aware of the light.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Albin has a tendency to wait to go out for the last time of the day until I’ve put out the lights and are close to fall asleep, then he runs down the stairs and hits the bells 🙂 It feels impossible to fall asleep after that and I’m always tired now days 🙂

    I have done some of the laundry today but I’ll save the rest for tomorrow, I really don’t mind doing the laundry but most other things are funnier to do to be honest 🙂

    They only empty our trash once a month now days but for some resaon they gave us a new bin for food and that one they empty every second week. None of us throw away any food but if we don’t want that bin we’ll have to pay a higher price. I have no problems with the once a month thing but my neighbors have a small daughter so they fill their bin fast. I’ve said to them that they can fill up mine too since I still pay the same price no matter how much garbage I have in it.

    I’ll see if I turn on the lights this or next weekend.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      Gracie has rung her bells at night only once in a while so I know she really needs to go out, but that doesn’t stop me of grousing.

      Sadly I haven’t gotten to my laundry today. I have a beast of a headache and tried to nap, but Maddie threw up so I never did get a nap.

      The town has no trash service. You have to pay a private company or get a town dump sticker which I do. Usually, I go once a week.

      No call yet from Skip.

      Enjoy your evening!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My yard was all cleared of leaves and walnuts. The wind came up. It’s still clear on the side and in the back but my neighbor’s leaves have piled up against the walkway in the front. I stare at them hoping the wind will move them on down the street but they remain. There is something about my walkway that attracts undesirables. The coyote likes to sit in my front walkway sometimes.

    The laundry bag by the cellar door isn’t anywhere near full yet. I can ignore it. There are two seasons of clothes up here, though. I haven’t made the transition to winter yet. It isn’t cold enough to put away the short sleeved shirts.
    I did do the dishes. When the dishes start appearing above the rim of the sink I begin to feel apprehension. They seem to lurk there in the pantry like Dirk Gently’s refrigerator. I begin to wonder what’s going on under the pile. At that point I wash them just to relieve the tension. 🙂

    Today was cool and mostly sunny. There’s a beautiful sunset out there now.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      My yard is covered mostly with yellow leaves from the one tree in the front yard. I never have the back raked. That is Gracie’s province.

      My sister caught my mother’s neighbor raking his leaves from his lawn to my mother’s. She went out as he was doing it. He was totally embarrassed as well as he should have been and promised to clean up the leaves. He raked up the whole area.

      I never did get to that laundry. I mostly stayed on the couch watching The Hunt for Hitler on The History Channel. Season 2 is starting next week so I wanted to catch up. I do wonder when they filmed the various sections as in the LA part the two guys are always wearing the same shirts.

      Have a great evening!

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