“There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter.”

Last night wasn’t restful for me or for Maddie and Gracie. Miss Maddie howled several times or many only a few. I lost track. I called her and make the lip sound cats seem to like so she’d stop for a while before the next howl. Gracie rolled out of bed to the floor, and I have an old, high bed. I heard her fall so I jumped off the bed toward her. She was scrambling and couldn’t seem to stand on her back legs. I thought she had injured them or her spine. I tried to lift her onto the bed but she was too heavy. I then put her front legs on the bed and lifted her back legs onto the bed. She looked dazed. I was already wondering how I’d get her to the car to go the vet’s when she turned in a circle and laid down. This morning she was fine. I figure she was slipping on the floor as she tried to get up and was a bit panicked by the fall. This morning all is well except they are sleeping, and I’m tired.

Yesterday afternoon there was a strong wind and last night it rained. More and more branches are empty. Wet leaves cover the ground, the deck and the lawn. Today is cold. The high will be 50˚. It is mostly cloudy with a bit of blue here and there. The sun comes and goes, but even when it is shining, it does little. The wind is strong. Today is the backside of fall.

With the election tomorrow, I am back to watching MSNBC and every now and then CNN. I am curious about the projections in the swing states. Trump has laid claim to the Hispanic vote in Florida. He has also criticized the language Beyoncé and Jay-Z used at a Clinton rally. He said maybe they were singing or maybe they were just talking. He didn’t know.

Trump is choosing his cabinet. I like oak or pine.

What to do today? I could buy some dog food at Agway, but that just isn’t enough to get me up and out. Maybe it is a good day to sort Christmas presents or maybe not. I have a couple of new books, but if I start one, that’s it for the day. They’d be nothing else. Nothing trumps the joy of a good book.

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15 Comments on ““There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Thank goodness tomorrow is Election Day and hopefully we will have our first female president elect, I just read an article on the Huffington post website that started that moving to Canada is a privilege and not a consultation prize for electing a crazy Repuplican. 🙂

    Regardless everyone who is eligible to vote should exercise that right tomorrow.

  2. Hedley Says:

    I think its a known that we are a Chrysler Family. We drive American cars and specifically Jeeps.

    So on the eve of the election I salute Jeep for their rather lovely reflection on American life and the use of the song of Mr Cat Stevens. Free to Be – Jeep

    If you haven’t seen it, the commercial is below and so is the Cat tune


    • flyboybob Says:

      A great ad. Too bad Chrysler and Jeep are owned by Fiat. It’s just globalization.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      That is one of the best commercials I have ever seen. Their using Cat was a stroke of genius. It fits perfectly.

      • Hedley Says:

        I thought it was rather lovely. Our Jeeps are made here, HQ is just down the road and my son manages a large number of dealerships in a big city in Florida.

        I shared it because I am so sick and disgusted with the selling of hatred and exclusion pandering to the lowest instincts. Michigan is a battleground, I hope that we do not let you down.

        So ol Cat sang, Jeep thought about it and made me feel a little better.

  3. sprite Says:

    Are you optimistic about the outcome and our fellow citizens? I want to. I want to so very much. But the rhetoric and normalized speech this election just make me feel sick with worry.

    • katry Says:

      I was really optimistic until the FBI director violated the law by talking about new e-mails which turned out to be old e-mails already excluded. Clinton is up by 2 but she was up by close to 10 before. I can’t rid myself of a nagging fear that she might lose.

  4. Jay Bird Says:

    A black day for America, The country I have known for nearly 70 years will change dramatically. Clinton won the popular vote, but not enough states, Shame….

    • katry Says:

      So many people now believe they have been given permission to be racists and misogynists.

      I told my sisters that we have been diminished by our choice.

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