“Where would we be without salt?”

Today I feel lazy. I woke up early but have done nothing of any substance unless you count reading 2 papers and drinking 3 cups of coffee. I’m counting them.

Yesterday I was busy. First was helping at the high school from 8-11. It was a practical exercise for the seniors to give them an idea of an adult’s budget, what salary each might make and what had to be deducted from that salary. I actually had to set my alarm to get up in time. In the early afternoon, I spent an hour and half with my neighbor. We are working to improve her English. After that was a quick trip to the lab then we went to the dump. I didn’t settle in at home until close to 4. I figure a busy day earns me a lazy day.

For the most part, I watched the debate last night. I chuckled a few times and groaned every time Donald sniffed. Had I been in college the sniffing would have prompted a great drinking game. Some of his comments were frightening.

Sometimes I have a craving for salt. That always reminds me of the Star Trek episode where Kirk, Bones and a doomed crew member beam down to a planet so Bones can give his former girl friend, Nancy, and her husband physicals. Nancy is really a shift-shaping monster who sucks salt from peoples’ bodies. Sometimes I totally understand that need, but most times Lay’s potato chips work for me. Today is a beautiful day. It is cooler than it has been, but that’s okay as it’s been far too hot for this time of year. My house is chilly. I had windows open all night. I’m wearing a sweatshirt and my feet are cold. I do hate cold feet.

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6 Comments on ““Where would we be without salt?””

  1. olof1 Says:

    More people should learn how to do a budget! I was so glad I knew how to do that when I had to close my gardencenter.

    In summer when it is so hat at work that we drink loads of water every day we all eat something really salty too. I love salty licorace or salted peanuts 🙂 One of my work friends put salt in his water but that’s just disgusting 🙂

    We had the same weather today as we had yesterday and the day before and the day before that, cloudy with misty rain. We’ll have the same weather for the rest of the week too 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      When I was in Africa, I had a budget for the first time. I had to pay for everything from my monthly salary. When I got home, I got paid every two weeks, and it was easier.

      I agree about salt water being disgusting. I also like salty peanuts. In Africa, I drank so much water every day so all I did was sweat!

      It is a really nice day today. I did have to shut the windows I had opened the last few days as it is a bit chillier than it’s been. I’m glad as it was too darn hot.

      Have a great evening!!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Today is World Sloth Day. Unfortunately I’m busy.

  3. Bob Says:

    When I was younger I never added salt at the table. If my food contained added salt I didn’t need to add more. Now I find myself adding a little salt to cooked veggies like corn, peas or asparagus. I guess as I age my taste buds are starting to lose their sensitivity. When I get the urge for something salty nothing is better than a crunchy or soft pretzel. I find that as I get older the parts of my body that don’t hurt don’t work. 🙂

    I skipped the debate to watch the Cubs even the division series at two games apiece. I couldn’t take another ninety minutes of Trump’s BS. The scariest thing he said was that he might not accept a loss on Election Day. He has alluded that his supporters should watch the polls while armed because he thinks the election is rigged. He also believes that the Emmy’s were rigged because his TV show the Apprentice didn’t win. I think Trump doesn’t care that much about governing but can’t stand the thought of losing the election. Armed Trump supporters intimidating voters on Election Day who they think might vote for Clinton is a very scary thought.

    Our idiot governor is going to investigate possible voter fraud in Ft.Worth. Republicans always bring up the specter of voter fraud when they want to make it difficult for minority and younger voters to exercise their franchise.

    It rained this morning briefly then the sun came out and the afternoon was beautiful with temperatures in the mid seventies. I drove home from work with my sun from open and enjoyed the weather.

    • katry Says:

      I don’t use salt except on what I mentioned. I figure most foods have enough salt. When I bake, most recipes call for salt to be added. I have friends who add so much salt I figure they really don’t taste the food.

      I couldn’t believe it when Trump made that comment. The aftermath has been deadly for him, and he deserves it. Other rats are leaving the ship. Some remain. I hope they have life savers.

      By law you can have to be so many feet from the polling place. That should prevent many Trump watch dogs from harassing voters. I saw the line in North Carolina, and no one was there just to watch. Maybe it was too hot a day.

      The statistic is 31 voter frauds per billion votes cast. That governor is living in his own world.

      We have gone from sun to clouds and back to sun again. The forecast is for rain.

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