“Wisely and slowly; they stumble that run fast.”

hinesThe morning again came early. I was awake at 4:30 but stayed in bed until 5 hoping to fall asleep again. That didn’t work. I brewed coffee, checked my e-mail and watched the TV news. When I went outside to get the paper, the air had a bit of the ocean about it. Most of the houses were still dark. My neighbors across the street still had their shades down. It was quiet. I miss the hubbub of Bolgatanga’s mornings. I even miss that rooster.

Getting back to the usual takes time.

Ghana wasn’t my last trip. My wanderlust has only been sated, not eliminated. I figure in three years or so I’ll have enough for a trip somewhere. I’m thinking the Dominican Republic.

The last couple of days have been delights. The temperature has been in the 60’s. The sun shines and the sky is a lovely pale blue. Today a few clouds are hanging around to legitimize the possibility of rain predicted on the early weather.

Fern, Maddie and Gracie survived quite nicely. The housesitter favored Gracie, and all the dog’s treats were gone. The home health aid, the person I paid to come every day to give Fern her medicine, did a great job. Fern looks good though a bit skinny. She has been eating up a storm including lots of cat treats. I suspect the cats missed me. Cats are like that. Either they will eat everything or very little when upset. There were too many unopened cans. They are now making up for lost time.

My dance card is empty for today. I could do a second wash, and I need to water my plants, but all in good time is my current view of life. I had to go to Hyannis yesterday and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. That is far too much excitement.

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9 Comments on ““Wisely and slowly; they stumble that run fast.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    It’s Bob

    Svetlanla Alexevich, Patrick Modiano, Alice Munro, Mo Yan and Tomes Transtomer – Are the last five winners and I have absolutely no idea who they are or what they wrote. My only previous proximity was my Tutor at the LSE receiving the prize for Economics. He was a good guy and generous to me with his time and direction.

    In our digital world Bob’s recognition allows any number of wannabes to pontificate and criticize – whatever.

    It’s Bob.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Music is poetry. It transcends. Bob does that for me. He writes songs which we all feel. They are all of us.

      It’s Bob!

  2. olof1 Says:

    You have my morning hours now 🙂 I always wake up at that time and during summer it’s quite ok since we have daylight all the time. Now during autumn and winter it’s kind of boring since it is pitch black outside.

    Cloudy and rathger chilly here and it will stay that way during the weekend they say. I don’t mind the chilly part, keeps the moose flies calm but it would have been nice with some sunshine but then again without the clouds we would have had lots of frosty nights here.

    I was a bit surprised to hear he had wond the prize 🙂 I thought the winner had to write at least one book but since music lyrics are like any poetry I guess that’s the same thing. Good for him but not my kind of music.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It is totally dark when I wake up. My paper isn’t here yet so I check out the headlines on the computer. I make coffee and wait for the morning to start. It takes a while.

      It gets cold at night but still not cold enough for a frost. The days have been in the 60’s though I do need to put in the storm door as the nights get colder.

      I think his lyrics can stand on their own. That’s probably why he won. I am and have always been a Dylan fan.

      Have a great night.

    • Hedley Says:


      Do try Bob Dylan “Chronicles Volume 1” , don’t know we will ever see Volumes 2 or 3 but that’s ok

      Wasn’t Alexevich’s work recognized last year an oral work ?

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I was surprised to read that Dylan won a Nobel for literature but I think he rates it. The rationale was that his lyrics were poetry that could stand on their own merit. I agree.

    My morning usually start around 4:30. It’s a lifelong habit and retirement has not broken me of it. I lie in bed in the dark because if I turn on the lights, the dogs think the day has begun and they must go out immediately. I like to postpone that trip out the door until there is some daylight. So I play games on my tablet until the digital Washington Post updates at 5:30 at which time, I read it until the sun comes up. Today, though, I gave up and turned on the lights at 6AM.

    It was cloudy and warm today. The sun poked through now and then but only for a short while.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I also agree about his lyrics being poetic. I love that the board also saw the same thing we did.

      I try to go back to sleep, but I haven’t been able to so I turn on the light and Gracie and Fern rouse themselves. My paper isn’t here so I do e-mail and the front page of the Globe until the real paper comes.

      It was cloudy all day here. I have no idea what the outside was like as I just hung around all day. Tomorrow is a busy one so I figured I was resting.

      Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Bob Says:

    As we head towards the fall classic, I can’t decide who to root for tonight. Tomorrow night the Indians and the Jays begin the American League championship series in Cleveland. I’m rooting for the Jays and the Cubs but that matchup is still a long ways off in the future.

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