“Our pets are our family.”

The den is my refuge from the summer heat. The windows face north and west so no sun hits the room until late afternoon. Until then, the room stays relatively cool. Today, though, the room was cold. It needed a bit of the sun. I had left the windows open, and the cold night air had lingered. My arms were cold so I put on my sweatshirt. I love needing a sweatshirt.

I have no obligations today, no chores and no lists. For the sake of hygiene, I will take a shower. I might even change my bed, but that may be going a bit overboard.

Yesterday was sit on the couch and watch sports day. First were the Red Sox who beat Toronto to go up 2 games. David Ortiz hit another crucial home run. I clapped and cheered. It’s a good think I have no neighbors. The Patriots were without Brady and were not favored to win. They did win 23-21, a squeaker. It was a good day for Boston sports.

I saw vultures in Ghana. They were big, and they were ugly birds. They used to walk around the open courtyard of the family compound. Nobody seemed to care so I didn’t. Once there were two of them. Toddlers walked around them and were totally unafraid. If I had gone near those toddlers, they would have screamed. They would have been totally afraid of my white skin. It gave me pause.

My pets are old. Fern and Maddie are almost 18, and Gracie is almost 12. They sleep a lot. The cats sleep the most as cats are wont to do. Gracie is the most active. She goes out her dog door, does her business then runs around the yard. She comes back with spit on her muzzle from opening her mouth when she runs. That sounds gross, but it isn’t or maybe it isn’t because Gracie is my dog. Boxers drool when food is around. Gracie makes bubbles. That takes talent.

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10 Comments on ““Our pets are our family.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    The Detroit Lions won on the road at Indi despite making every effort to give the game away. Prater contrived to miss an extra point but redeemed himself with a 43 yarder with 4 seconds on the clock. The Dolts threw the ball around for a while in the remaining 4 seconds and generously gave us a safety for an illegal pass in the end zone and so the game ended.

    Meanwhile in front of my rather spectacular new Samsung UHD TV (thank you Mrs MDH) I also watched Tottenham win on the road 4-0 and Central Michigan University beat 22 ranked Oklahoma State with a brill finish.

    New TV, brand new football season – honestly it just doesn’t get much better.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I thought I was quite the fan but you outdid me.

      Your new TV has made me jealous. My current is a 32″ Sony HD which is 13 years old. It was the first in the neighborhood by far. When it dies, I will upgrade but not until then.

      Watching the Pats win was the best part of the day though David’s home run was a close second.

      We are trying to find a hotel or inn in Bolga which has wifi so we can watch the Sox, the Pats and last, but not least, the debate.

      Did you tell Mrs. MDH she missed my birthday?

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat – it actually got “worse” – we red zoned until Uncle Eric’s Chiefs had completed their comeback against the Chargers and I was slumped on the sofa for the first half of the Brady Free Pats.

        The debate ? Not sure if Mrs Clinton will be in a position to cough her way through it. She is making an extraordinary effort to lose this thing.

      • katry Says:

        I thought I was quite the fan watching two games. You are amazing.

        Mrs. Clinton needs to step right out and reveal everything, including records from her pediatrician.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Still sunny and hot here, up to ~90°F, unusual in September but appreciated. We’ve had a lot of rain in early summer so statistically it’s okay and we deserved it 🙂
    Watching free open air concerts downtown in the evening this weekend (after hours of chorus rehearsals) wasn’t bad either. Who needs sleep when music is around.
    Great picture!

    • katry Says:

      We are getting into perfect weather. Today was crystal clear with no humidity. It was 73˚. The next few days should be the same with cool, even cold, night for sleeping.

      Gracie sometimes looks exactly like that picture!

  3. Bob Says:

    The Cowboys lost a close one to the Giants in Jerry Jones’ football palace. Too bad they don’t play as spectacular as their new Practice facility and headquarters in Frisco called the Star. Of course it’s part of a huge real estate development which Jones is a major player.

    I’m still watching on a 48 inch flat screen TV that’s a couple of years old. It has 3D capability which we never used nor is there any media.

    I want to see the movie Scully to find out how badly they portrayed the NTSB investigators to get their panties all knotted up. It’s not a documentary but a biopic from the perspective of captain Sully. The technical aspects are supposed to be spot on accurate and everyone knows the happy ending.

    A beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the low 90s now but in the upper 60s this morning. I drove to work with my sunroof open.

    • katry Says:

      One of my friends saw the movie and liked it, but she wouldn’t be looking at the same things you would.

      No one had an HD set when I bought mine. It predates Gracie who is almost 12. It still has a bright, beautiful picture. It replaced a TV which lasted 16 years before the sound went.

      The Bruins have a brand spanking new practice arena. The Patriots have had one for a long while. Mr. Kraft built an amazing complex without state money. Every game is always sold out.

      It is getting chilly now, but it was a lovely day.

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    The Pats were without Brady and Gronkowski and one other important guy whose name I forget. And they won. Even I got a lot of satisfaction in that particular win and I am really not a football fan.

    I have not had to wear a sweatshirt since last March though there have been a few nights when a blanket was needed. I considered a sweatshirt for a couple of seconds the other day but took the dogs for a walk instead. It warmed me up way too much. When we got back I had to sit in front of the fan for awhile. It may have been cool outside but still too humid for comfort.

    Today was beautiful. We went for a couple of longish walks into neighborhoods we don’t usually visit. The dogs were ecstatic. New smells! The rest of they day the slept, just like your girls. They did rouse themselves long enough to greet the mail carrier through the glass porch door and sing him the song of their tribe. It’s a lovely barking howling duet in two part harmony. I let it go for a few seconds and then yell, “OH KAAAAY!”. They shut up and go back to the couch to continue napping.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I was talking to my friend today and made the same comment including the one guy I didn’t remember either.

      My house was only 68˚ when I woke up. I shut the two windows here in the den, but I was too late. It never did get warm. My house right now is 70˚.

      Gracie barks if anyone, human or human with a dog, dares walk on her street. Telling her to quiet down does nothing. She probably can’t hear me for the barking.

      It was a lovely day here as well. It was so wonderfully dry. That was the best part of it.

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