“Feet that run on willing errands!”

Yesterday was perfection. It was sunny, cool and dry. Today is August weather, humid and hot. The sun comes and goes. It hides behind the clouds, but the clouds have no rain. They just obscure the sun. The weather report says maybe tomorrow for the rain. I am skeptical.

Yesterday I went to Hyannis. I couldn’t believe the bumper to bumper traffic heading to Main Street. Why weren’t those people on the beach?

I actually got a few things done yesterday. I had a doctor’s appointment, got my hair cut, changed the bed and watered the plants. That’s the most I’ve done in a single day for a long while. It was all because I had read an article which said that you should have only five or fewer things on your to-do list. You prioritize the items, start from the top and what you don’t finish goes on the list the next day and you only add an item if you have fewer than the five. Having this list requires you to single task, to focus. The whole story is here: https://getpocket.com/a/read/1389934087

It is time to Peapod. The larder is empty. I don’t think I can have eggs one more night even with bacon.

I am so very late today as I made my bed, did an errand, called and spoke to my sister as it is her birthday, tried to fix a couple of lamps and started my laundry. Lee, one half of my cleaning couple, came and he fixed both lamps for me as I couldn’t. Come to find out I can fix a split infinitive or a dangling participle but not a lamp.

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4 Comments on ““Feet that run on willing errands!””

  1. Bob Says:

    I have trouble with even five items on my list. If I followed that advice the items I didn’t get done would roll over to the next day and the list would grow impossibly long by week’s end.

    Another sunny day but the temperature has risen to the mid nineties. Another chance of rain over the weekend.

    • katry Says:

      I tend to get two or three items done as I never use a list until I have a bit of ambition to get something done.

      Maybe rain tomorrow-heat for certain.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Hot and windy here with s strong wind so its isn’t that nice outside. Thankfully I stop working at noon on Fridays so at least I didn’t have to be in the factory for especially long today.

    Every morning before going to work I look at something called “Once upon a time”. It is on a channel I realy shouldn’t haver but I can see it anyway but without any sound 🙂 It is about a town in Main where all the fairy tale chracters live in a in between world. I did think it was rather confusing at the beginning but now I’m stuck 🙂 I have no ida how they sound so I have now ordered the first season on dvd 🙂 Have You seen it and is it just as confusing with sound? 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It is hot here and humid. I shut off the air but the house started to get hot quickly so it went back on.

      Once Upon a Time was or maybe is on here. I watched for a while then lost track. It is confusing which is probably the reason I stopped watching. That’s not to say you won’t enjoy it!!

      Have a great day!!

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