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  1. Kathleen Ryan Says:

    Winston Churchill quote

    • Kathleen Ryan Says:

      I didn’t know anything about this. Everything I read said sharks seldom attack people. This belies all of that.

  2. Bob Says:

    Shooting fish in a pond with a shotgun beats sitting around with a pole and waiting for a fish to bite. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I knew a man who had a small lake in front of his house. In the evening he would go to the edge of the pond and call the fish to come for dinner. When they swam to where he was standing he would throw out pellets of fish food.

    • Kathleen Ryan Says:

      Actually, they were trying to shoot alligators which had eaten some people, including a little boy. Check out the link on minicapt’s comment for the really interesting story.

      Your fish coming when called reminded me of two things. First is the sacred croc pond in Ghana. They whistle and the crocs come out of the water. They expect a live chicken.

      Next is the movie Lake Placid where the old lady, Betty White, feeds the man eating croc who come when she calls.

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