“I like freedom. I wake up in the morning and say, ‘I don’t know, should I have a popsicle or a donut?’ You know, who knows?”

It has already been a full day for me. I am unused to having a list of must go places all in a single day. Usually I get to spread them around. I even went to one place twice. I got home from Agway and couldn’t find my bag so I drove back to Agway then I saw my bag on the back seat floor. I would never have looked there as my usual spot is on the other front seat, and I seldom deviated from the usual.

Today is a lovely day, in the low 80’s but with no humidity. I’ll be heading to the deck later with one of the books I just got from the library. I’m thinking cheese and crackers for lunch. I also have some Italian hard salami. It will be a wonderful sort of picnic except at a table and with no ants.

Sometimes I wish I were Samantha the witch. I’d just wiggle my nose. One of my gripes is the number of calls I get every day from unknown people and unfamiliar places. If I could, I’d send them back to the caller accompanied by an ear-splitting sound. I wonder how many calls they make to me before they give up as I don’t answer any of them. I’m beginning to think it is in the hundreds.

It is popsicle weather. Licking a cherry popsicle on a really hot day is a shortcut to nirvana, but you have to lick fast or popsicle drips go down your fingers to your hand. Having sticky fingers isn’t any fun. When I was older, I learned to lick from the bottom to the top.

Watermelon chunks are in my fridge. I bought the watermelon already that way. It is far easier to eat the chucks of fruit than watermelon off the rind. I consider watermelon the finest of summer fruit treats.


In winter I eat hearty food; in summer I eat random food, whatever appeals to me. It just has to be refreshing or quick to make. Most of my summer food comes out of the fridge ready to be eaten. Winter food generally needs to be cooked.

Okay, I’m hungry so I’m off to the deck with my book, a pseudo-picnic and a cold drink. I’m thinking it is a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon.

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8 Comments on ““I like freedom. I wake up in the morning and say, ‘I don’t know, should I have a popsicle or a donut?’ You know, who knows?””

  1. olof1 Says:

    It is annoying when that happens 🙂 I too always place the things on the other front seat but I’ve tried to change it to the seat behind the drivers seat because I normallly park my car too close to the hedge when I come home so it’s always troublesome to bring anything from the other front seat.

    First day at work after vacation and it was a bit slow but could have been much worse. Albin was very happy to see me coming back home again 🙂

    Really strong winds here today and lots of showers have passed by and this is the weather we’ll have for most of this week they say. I work so I don’t mind but it is sad for those still having their vacation.

    Yes lots of fruit during summer and water melons are becomming quite popular here now. I don’t think one can buy chunks of it though, that part we still have to doourselves 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I usually just reach over to get my bag so I was shocked to find it wasn’t there. I laughed at myself when I saw it in the backseat.

      The poor puppy was used to having you at home so it was a shock when you were gone all day. I’m sure he missed you a whole lot.

      One summer I swear it rained every weekend.That was the first summer there were fewer cars than on any other weekend. Another summer was cold until mid-July. I would have hated it if I had paid for a vacation.

      Even the big grocery stores carry already cut up fruits and vegetables. I find them a time and garbage saver. It is easier to pull something out for a snack.

      I’m glad going back to work wasn’t too bad.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Now I want a popsicle. It was gross when it melted down onto my hand and continued on to my wrist and arm. I think I stopped eating popsicles before I was old enough to figure out the bottom to top strategy.

    I’ve put my pocketbook in an unaccustomed place, too. Once I put it under the seat and forgot it there. When I couldn’t find it the next day I was frantically trying to think of all the places I had been the day before. When I went out to the jeep to retrace, I remembered where my bag was. It was still there.

    If I have watermelon, I have to share it with the dogs. Rocky is the one who demanded watermelon some years ago. He was watching me eat it with such an intense stare and an occasional foot stamp, I knew it had to be that he wanted some. Sure enough. He loves his watermelon. Piki Dog eats it because Rocky eats it and Rocky must not have anything Piki Dog doesn’t have but I think he doesn’t really like it as much. It’s kind of nice sharing my watermelon with them. It’s like having all the family at the dinner table. 🙂

    Today was another nice day. No AC, windows open, all the fans running but comfortable inside. Outside the sun was hot but in the shade the breeze was cool.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      My posting got me to want a popsicle as well, but I was already home for the day. I have to go out again tomorrow so I may just stop and get myself a package of popsicles. I had watermelon as a snack today, and now I need more, another reason to hit the store.

      Fern is hiding again. I was upstairs and then heard a commotion downstairs. I went down and couldn’t find either cat so they may have had a to do. I did find Fern under the guest room bed so I left her some treats. I went up to see if she ate them and found Maddie eating them. Fern was under the back part of the same bed hiding. I just went up, and she’s not there.

      When I got home, I was hot. The house was 74˚ so I put the air on. Upstairs is always much hotter it being a third floor. I am comfortable not but will probably turn the air off shortly.

      Have a great evening!

  3. Bob Says:

    A Popsicle or a snow cone would be excellent on a triple digit afternoon. When I was a kid we were at the pool so having the Popsicle drip down our arm didn’t matter because we would jump in the water as soon as the stick went into the trash.

    Another clear hot day.

    • Kathleen Ryan Says:

      I have to go out later so I may just buy some popsicles. I’m thinking they’d taste wonderful in the heat.

      At our town pool they didn’t sell food though people outside the pool did, and one of them sold popsicles. By them I was old enough to counter the drips.

  4. Rick Oztown Says:

    Really good to have an 80s day. We are lined up for 100 until we have some chance of a shower next week. After 39 years (don’t ask), I got an A/C unit into the wall of my electronics shop in my back yard. What a bonus! It was closely akin to when we got a mini-split heat pump into the wall of the upstairs bedroom. Ah-h-h-h.

    Haven’t eat Popsicle brand ice sticks for decades. However, I think I have eaten the Tupperware equivalent. They are smaller, and you can make them out of whatever fruit juice you want, which I find superior.

    We’ve already had several watermelon feasts. P cuts them into about 1.5″ cubes for easy finger food. I ate a ripe mango yesterday. There is hardly anything an adult can do that is equivalent. You sorta have to DIVE IN and eat your way to the seed!

    Enjoy your summer, Kat, et al.

    • Kathleen Ryan Says:

      I guess I have to think of perspective. Around here the 80’s is as hot as we get on the Cape. Boston does have 90˚+ days.

      When I go out to do errands, and, even though the car has AC, I love walking into the cold house.

      I couldn’t find popsicles today but I did find pops made with 100% fruit juice, sounds a little like your Tupperware mold. (I remember that mold as I used to have one.)

      I bought another big container of watermelon chucks today. It’s been a while since I’ve had a mango. I’ll have to remedy that!

      Halva a wonderful evening!!

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