“The Truth Is Out There”

Okay, I have been balancing on the edge for days. Today I went over.

The morning started just fine. I sat out on the deck and read the papers. It is humid but cool enough that the humidity isn’t bothersome. When I finished reading and had done the crossword and the cryptogram, I came inside to grab another cup of coffee and read my e-mail. That’s when everything fell apart. My computer pulled a Hal. The view wobbled and disappeared. Random programs opened by themselves. The bookmarks refused my command to disappear. Bing opened instead of my homepage. I ran upstairs and got my iPad hoping for answers. It wasn’t a whole lot of help, but I did get my toolbar back. Bing, however, wouldn’t go away. I closed all the programs and decided to start again. When I opened Safari yet again, everything was as it should be. The view stopped moving and disappearing. Bookmarks were hidden. I have no idea where Bing went, but it’s gone. I checked my utilities and Bing wasn’t even there. During this computer fiasco, I was crazed. Added to that was Fern meowing and Gracie crying. I checked them both. Fern was happy with some treats. Gracie was crying at the empty bag she had stolen treats from the other day. I was flummoxed. I did the only thing I could and showed her the empty bag and said, “See!!” Strangely enough she walked away and got on the couch.

Today is a neither day: neither sunny nor rainy. Given my druthers, I’d choose rain. I had to water the deck flowers again today. The plants were wilted. I soaked them and they perked right up. I figure I have to water every other day now until it rains.

Last night I decided to watch Netflix and chose the pilot of The X-Files. Scully was the skeptic with a grin. Mulder, of course, believed the case revolved around alien abduction. I loved it. I admit to being a super fan of The X-Files, but I doubt that is a surprise to anyone. I have a few favorite episodes and another few which gave me pause. One of my favorites was Bad Blood where Mulder and Scully had totally different recollections of the same event. It was a comical episode in its own way. One episode which still gives me the crawlies was called Home. The Peacock brothers were the main characters. Mulder and Scully went to investigate the finding of a dead deformed baby which had been buried. The Peacock brothers were deformed in some of the same ways, indicators of in-breeding. But with whom?  The answer is one of the creepiest characters in any X-Files episode. I won’t be a spoiler in case you want to get the chills from watching it.  Leave the lights on. That’s my only advice.

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11 Comments on ““The Truth Is Out There””

  1. Hedley Says:

    And so our remaining guests from the wedding went in to Birmingham last night to have dinner at the Townhouse. They have a very nice patio and is doggie friendly. So while they are eating, in strolls JV,with his boxer, and plonks down at the next table. Always like this says I, very usual to be sitting with a future Hall of Famer. Interestingly everyone left him alone (except a few photos) and the world moved on

    This Friday we will be taking The Prince and his Mum down the Comerica for the opener against the Mets and, of course, JV will be pitching. I will be wearing my pitcher appropriate jersey and bombarding Facebook with the event.

    Meanwhile down in Kansas City, the Uncle of the Prince solidified his NFL career with a new contract at rather significant compensation. He is a great guy and I am really happy for him

    Does anyone really care that the Olympics begin on Friday ? I love my sports but I am more that a bit ambivalent for this one.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I am ever more impressed by JV in that he has the great taste to have a boxer. You do seem to be with the mazing!

      I will look forward to the pictures. I do like the Mets though I will be hoping your home team wins!

      Good for Eric! He deserves the new contract. I almost feel as if I know him!

      I lost interest when the advice to the swimmers was not to open their mouths. I admit though I do like opening ceremonies.

      • Hedley Says:


        Our Bengals are playing rather well right now, and are going in to a 3 game series with Chicago Sox before the arrival of the Mets. they are within striking distance of the wild card and 4 out of first.

        Both Justin Verlander and Matthew Stafford and their hounds are regulars at the Townhouse, so the sighting was not terribly unusual. My daughter’s Yorkie Brady (yup) had a good bark at Stafford’s dog but was well behaved last night.

        You have been with Eric before he went #1 in the draft – so you do know him. He is ready to begin his fourth year in Chief World.

      • katry Says:

        Your Bengals? Perhaps you are referring to your Tigers. The Sox are in the same position. They are in 3rd, 3 games out (though I didn’t count last night yet). They too are hoping for the wild card.

        I would have been quite pleased to see someone like Ortiz or Pedroia eating at the same restaurant I was. I’d have been a bit star struck.

        It’s true! I am always pulling for Eric!!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Rainy and quite cold today, it already looks like the end of summer. Biking in the rain isn’t fun so I skipped grocery shopping, we won’t starve.
    Sorry your computer is acting up again. I don’t know enough about Macs but my first thought when reading was check your keyboard, may be just a blocked key which fires up continuously. On second thought I’m probably wrong and aliens are to blame. No idea. Good luck!

    • katry Says:

      I want some of your rain! Today feels really damp, but no rain is in the forecast. I am having my groceries delivered tomorrow for which I am thrilled as I have very little in the house.

      I have a pad as a mouse so I don’t think that is the problem. Maybe it is Maddie’s fault. She walks on the keyboard all the time and strange pages pop up as a result.

      One amazing Twilight Zone program was called The Monsters Are Due on Main Street.


  3. Not a nice way to start the day. My guess would be the one Birgit mentions. Perhaps Maddie has pushed down a key on the keyboard. I once pushed down a button that locked the keyboard and it was pure luck that I found it 🙂

    Today I started to treat Nova with antibiotics and ear drops, poor girl I do hope she understand I do this to make her better! It has been a rather chilly but mostly sunny day here with a very strong wind, it is very much autumn in the air today.

    I do miss the X-Files! I didn’t miss a single episode back in the days and one of my favorites, disturbing as it really is, is the one You mention the Home! It is horrible and so good 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Maddie tends to stand on keys which make repetitive beeps or clicks. Maybe she did something. I still don’t know. All of a sudden everything was fine.

      Fern does well with her medicine except the one in her mouth. She hates that. The dog is easily. Maddie is a horror. I figure Nova does know!

      The Home still gives me the willies, and I only saw it once. Like you I never missed an episode. It is still on my favorites list.

      I hope Nova gets well quickly!

      Have a great evening!!

  4. Bob Says:

    Yet another very hot day without even one cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, the AC is still on the fritz and by morning the low temperature is 80 degrees. Now the management company is promising that they will begin working to get it running at 0600. Right now at 9PM it’s 93 degrees with 40% humidity.

    Can’t figure out what’s going on with your computer. Obviously a restart fixed the problem but that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

    • katry Says:

      I would be far less patient than you are with the AC. 93˚ is far too hot to be without relief.

      I blamed the weird computer action on the new operating system I downloaded. You just had to see the flashing pages and the programs opening themselves. It was strange and so frustrating.
      I don’t know why it is now behaving itself!

      • Bob Says:

        Ah, the dreaded system upgrade to an older computer. When I had my hard drive replaced at the Apple Store they installed Yosemite even though El Capitan was available. My iMac is a late 2010 iMac with four gig of RAM. They said that Yosemite was the newest system that would work well on that computer. And yes the App Store application keeps reminding me to upgrade which I dutifully ignore.

        Unfortunately, I don’t know how to go back to an earlier system version. You might want to call Apple Support.

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