“Grilling, broiling, barbecuing – whatever you want to call it – is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice to the gods of the stomach.”

The doors and windows are open just to change the air. It is already hot, and the house is up to 73˚. When it hits 74˚, the air conditioner will be back on to keep the house cool. Nothing is stirring not even a leaf. It is a quiet Saturday morning. I do hear bird calls but no cars and no kids.

In a bit I have to start getting ready for movie night. I have to bring up the projector, the table and the screen. They are in the cellar but will be stored under the dining room table for the season. Already, on the counter, are some ingredients I need for dinner. I’m using my lazy Susan for the condiments. I’ll cook the peppers and onions ahead of time then reheat them for dinner. There are three different kinds of sausages. There’s also cole slaw as a side. I do have to go out for a single errand. I need blue curacao for tonight’s signature drink. It’s a new one. I was drawn by the glasses rimmed in coconut.

The barbecues we had as kids were always hot dogs and hamburgers or cheeseburgers. There was always a bowl of potato chips. My father, like every other man in the neighborhood, was the cook. He always had a charcoal grill. He always used the fluid to start the coals. We used to hear the whoosh of the fire from the lit fuel. We also sometimes heard my dad putting out the flame on his shoes or the cuffs of his pants. Mishaps aside, my dad always cooked the food perfectly. When we were older, the menu took a decided turn. The meat changed. My mother bought chicken, sausages, steak tips, ribs or pork. The potato chips disappeared and were replaced by my mother’s potato salad. My father still cooked, but he used a hibachi because his grill had bitten the dust, had rotted away, but it didn’t matter. He still cooked dinner to perfection.

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14 Comments on ““Grilling, broiling, barbecuing – whatever you want to call it – is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice to the gods of the stomach.””

  1. Bob Says:

    My parents bought their house in 1955. My father immediately got into barbecuing. He literally went “whole hog” into smoking meat. He bought a high end smoker where the coals were separated from the meat. He marinated everything with a mixture of brown sugar and soy sauce. He started the fire with newspaper strips instead of lighter fluid which left an odor on the coals. He had to constantly adjust the dampers to maintain a constant temperature because it took several hours to smoke a brisket or several racks of ribs. He also added various kinds of wood chips like hickory or mesquite.

    When he sold the house after my mother died he moved the smoker from one apartment to another. He would smoke meat on the apartment back terrace and the smoke attracted lots of neighbors. He had a lifelong affair with smoking and later with baking. When I sold his condo after his death the buyer kept the smoker. I hope the new owners enjoyed it as much as he did.

    • katry Says:

      My broth-in-law is the smoking king. He smokes all of their meat as well as pizza and so many other things I don’t remember. He keeps it on his upper porch so he has easy access and can use it all winter.

      I never used briquets when I had a charcoal grill. I always used wood charcoal. It smell great and there was no chemical taste.

  2. We reached 89,8F for a very short while here today. It could have been awful if the humidity had been high but instead it was just the opposite. I wouldn’t have mind some wind though. One good thing was that it also was too hot for the flies when we were outside 🙂 We’ll most likely getn the same temperatures tomorrow and if we actually get the predicted thunder it will be magnificent 🙂

    We did actually manage to take three walks today despite the hot weather, We can’t of course not walk for long with a puppy but the longest one were early in the morning when it was around 50F, the other two walks were very short and after the temperature had dropped down to 77F. I even let Albin walk totally unleashed for a while, the grass is so high and dense that he couldn’t break through 🙂

    I can’t remember hamburgers when we grilled but lots of different sausages and of course the potato salad, it was usually one of my aunts who had made it or store bought, I don’t think anyone would have dared eating it if my mother had made a try 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I wish I could pop over for the movie night 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      That is even higher than we have gotten. We. however, then to have humidity. I lasted as long as I could without the AC. The only insects I see are those moths still hanging around.

      Your new baby is beautiful He has such a cute face. I’m glad he stayed with you on the walk.

      Good luck!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Have fun and make America great again! Oops, I shouldn’t quote this guy but I’m sure your movie nights will be great again. Especially with blue curacao 🙂

    • flyboybob Says:

      America has been great for a long time especially since 2009. Otherwise why would all those Mexicans want to risk their lives to cross the border illegally. To all those rapists our woman aren’t that much better than Mexican woman to risk an illegal crossing. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Trump has labeled an entire country’s population.

      • Birgit Says:

        Bob, I know, it was just a bad joke. We follow US politics and presidential elections here and hope for the best. Or at least for the not-so-bad.

    • katry Says:

      That guy burns me. He has totally ignored everything the Obama administration has done and also ignores his own failures and bankruptcy.

    • Hedley Says:


      Rene Russo – slinking out of a slinky dress…now that is great cinema

      Yours in Pop (Iggy)

  4. Coleen Says:

    What time should I show up at your house?

    (Just kidding…for now. Maybe next year we can plan a meet-up. Never been to the Cape.)

    Safely in the central air and waving,


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