“I love watermelon! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!”

Miss Fern had a follow-up visit at the vet’s today. It was hopeful. Her x-rays showed less water around her heart, her breathing is regular, and he thought she looked alert. The back  leg she was dragging is now just about 100%. She ate this morning and drank a lot of water. The vet will call later about her blood test.

Today is also beautiful but hotter than it has been. I still have a great breeze so I haven’t used the air conditioning. Today is errand day. I need animal food and groceries. I have no bread, nothing for dinner and I’m craving a Snickers bar. Yesterday I had cereal for lunch, Sugar Pops. I can’t remember the last time I ate Sugar Pops. It’s funny the associates we keep in our memory drawers. Sugar Pops reminded of watching The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok. His sponsor was Sugar Pops and the show opened with the cereal and Wild Bill. I haven’t eaten that cereal for years, but it didn’t matter. A slew of memories filled my mind’s eye, and I saw Wild Bill and Jingles.

With schools out, oil down and the weather perfect, I expect the Cape to start being inundated this weekend so I will start hunkering down. My frazzled nerves won’t tolerate traffic. I’d be arrested for public profanity.

I was never bored summers when I was kid. Every day was filled. We had the most wonderful places to explore. I remember the wild blueberries near the water tower. They were sweet and delicious. We always ate our fill. The town has blueberry patches where you can pick the fruit. They remind me of those blueberries near the water fountain.

I like cherries. I also liked when we had who can spit the pit the furthest contests. I never won. It seems I haven’t been blessed with the skill necessary to spit pits.

Watermelon in the summer is always the best. I used eat them with so much relish the juice ran down my arms. It was red and made lines as it ran. Now when I eat watermelon I cut it off the rind and eat it in pieces. I guess that’s a sign of adulthood.





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  1. Richard Says:

    Good to hear Fern’s responsive to treatment. She sounds spunky – or is it ‘feisty’ … ? I get so confused over the distinctions with those ones.

    Hot. Hotter. Hottest. Pick your superlative and it’s applicable here today. They tease us with talk about this thing they call ‘rain’ but none of us have seen it for so long now we assign it membership in the same club as the one with Santa and the Easter Bunny. ‘Rain.’ Ha.

    I bought some merchandise yesterday at Stein Mart after lunch with my daughter and Youngest Grandson. Brought it back today ’cos it wasn’t what I interpreted the packaging to say it was. They said I have to wait a week ’cos I paid with a check. Okay. Fine. When I come back, have the money ready.

    I like Bing cherries. There’s another, pricier, variety I see at Kroger and other markets, but I’m not willing to part with the excess of increase they desire in order for me to enjoy those ones. I have been able to spit cherry pits and watermelon seeds my whole life.

    There’s another skill I’ve mastered if anyone will indulge me when I ask them to ‘pull my finger’ … oh – you know that one? Never mind.

    Today’s Musical Presentation features a My-T-Fine group which goes by the name of ‘Over The Rhine.’ That, btw, is the name of their neighborhood in Cincinnati, OH, and a rather hardscrabble place it is.

    The singer, one Ms Karin Bergquist, is the featured performer on this particularly entrancing track that they have titled ‘Trouble’ … and now, to begin …

    • katry Says:

      Feisty is the better description. She is down here with me and not hiding. She is even cleaning herself, a good sign.

      It is 75˚ here which is considered hot for this time of year, but it gets cool at night. Even my bedroom was cool enough. Usually it holds the heat.

      I am heading to Ring Brother’s which is the high end store in Dennis. It has veggies the regular super market doesn’t carry. Inside the store are several small stores with counters. I can get fresh fish, meats, bakery good, already mead meals and pizza and Mexican food. I go for one thing and end up with many. That’s where I’m headed in a bit.

      I do know the pull the finger.

      She has a great voice. I was taken right away.

  2. sprite Says:

    So glad to hear Fern is responding well to treatment!

    I wish you good luck with the tourist inundation. Our trip up last week was perfect in terms of weather and of crowding, although the daily uptick in population was noticeable. It included a couple trips to see the wooden bat league play, several instances of ice cream cones, a family game of mini golf at the place we played at when we were kids, and two bouts of profanity after intentionally submerging myself in the ocean.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, sprite. The problem is she won’t eat the pill pockets with her heart meds. I am hoping to order a liquid instead but it will take a while. I am going to mix it in food and hope for the best.

      Each wicked the uptick in population is more and more noticeable. Nothing better than a Cape league game. We bring dinner and hide drinks in a thermos.

      I am not a fan of the ocean except for walking on the shore in three seasons more than summer. We used to go to the beach most Sundays when I was a kid. I mostly remember eating a lot of sand with my sandwich.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Great to hear those news about Fern! I do hope the tests show just the same thing!

    I had to check what sugar pops is, we have them too but they are sold with a few different names, we rarely had them when I grew up but I sure liked them 🙂

    I can’t remember being bored either but I must have been I think.Perhaps when the weather was bad and I had no books left to read at home and if it was a Sundy the library would be closed.

    I do like cherries but they aren’t especially popular here. I just can’t understand why?! I love to eat them while driving and then toss out the kernels, yes I am a lousy spitter and wouldn’t manage to spit the kernel out of my car 🙂 I always imagine how cherry trees will grow along the road later on 🙂 and we had blueberries everywhere when I grew up so it was just to eat whenever one fet like it. We have the kind that is blue-red inside and it colors everything, it was always easy to see if anyone had eaten blueberries 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • Caryn Says:

      Christer, if you manage to populate your area with free range cherry trees, we shall have to call you Christer Cherrystone.
      Like Johnny Appleseed. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I am glad she seems better. She is even walking so much better. I just worry about the liver meds not good with the hearts meds.

      Sugar Pops were a kid favorite of mine, but I can’t remember when last I ate them.

      Toward the end of the summer all the things I had done got repetitive and a bit of boredom set in. I was looking forward to school starting.

      Our blueberries do turn your tongue blue. It was fun to stick out our tongues at each other. I also like blackberries, but we never found any growing wild. Raspberries haven’t even been a favorite. I enjoy making mule berry desserts this time of year.

      Have a great weekend!

  4. im6 Says:

    Here’s something you can do on the deck. Just gather the neighborhood kids, look for the ones with a loose baby tooth and…

    • katry Says:

      That was really cool. it was such a neat idea. She’ll have the best story about losing that tooth.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Sugar Pops! I haven’t seen those since I was under 10 years old. I didn’t think they even made them anymore. They were my favorite and I remember Wild Bill Hickok. In my memory, though, I associated Sugar Pops with Sugarfoot. Logical, I guess.

    It’s great to see that Fern is not hiding at the moment and is responding well to her treatment. She probably was thinking that if you were looking so hard for her, it couldn’t be for any good reason. Cats are like that. So are small dogs. 🙂

    I pulled some muscles in my back the other day trying to get my favorite knife out from behind the stove. I can move the piano so I figured the stove would be a piece of cake. But I forgot that even though the stove CAN be moved, it hadn’t been moved since 1972. It didn’t move this time, either, so I’ve been hobbling about. It’s better today.

    Today was a lovely day. Warm in the sun, cool in the shade, mostly quiet until just now. The guy on the next street up is futzing with his motorcycle. Again. :/

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      When I was ordering from Peapod, I noticed then and decided to order. There was a sale on two cereals so I also ordered my childhood favorite, Rice Krispies. I have no memory of Sugarcoat and Sugar Pops thought I do get your connection.

      She was down today after coming back from the vets. That surprised me. I thought she’d hide. She ate and drank, and I managed to give her the meds. At least I know her hiding place.

      I feel your pain. My back has made itself known for years. Today is a bad back day. I was in the middle of the errands and thought I wouldn’t make it. Luckily Agway brought everything to the car, and I had a lot. It was the same at Ring’s. They brought stuff to my car. They have a delivery service. Considering how much I spend there that could be big trouble.

  6. Bob Says:

    Maybe Fen really does have nine lives….LOL This is my favorite time of the year for fruit. I love cherries, grapes, peaches, nectarines and water mellon. I especially like the seedless variety. When I was a kid southerners put salt on their water mellon. That never made any sense.

    My former employer owned a ranch near Ozark Arkansas. Every spring we would fly up to Ozark for the weekend and on the way back stop at the blueberry farm on the way to the airport. The blueberries were picked and packed into those plastic containers right there in the field. My boss would buy as many flats of blueberries as we could carry on the plane and he gave several baskets to each employee. They are wonderful eaten fresh from the field.

    Sugar Pops, according to the Wild Bill Hicock TV show, were shot from guns. My taste in cold cereal goes towards Rice Krispies. I don’t like the sugar stuff or the twigs and nuts cereals. Give me plain Corn Flakes any day.

    Today the temperature dropped down to the lower 90s with less humidity.

    • katry Says:

      The vet said the same thing about cats. He said they can bounce back or not very quickly.

      I am not a fan of peaches or nectarines. I never heard of putting salt on watermelons before. I’ll have to look up why they do.

      When the town has ripe blueberries, lots of people go and pick them. Until my bad back, I did too. Now I have to be content with buying them from local farm stands.

      Sugar Pops haven’t a sugar coating. It’s just part of the name. Rice Krispies is also my favorite cereal. I love that snap, crackle and pop. Corn Flakes need bananas

      • Bob Says:

        My favorite additive to cereal is strawberries. I’m not a fan of bananas which are probably the healthiest of the fruits.

      • katry Says:

        I like strawberries but not in my cereal. I’ll stick to my bananas.

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